E-mail letters, March 18, 2010

There’s growing support
for banning marijuana
My precinct caucus voted positive on a resolution to go forward to our county assembly that delegates to the state assemblies be directed to push for legislation that the state of Colorado follow the law of the United States prohibiting the use of marijuana.
I understand that other precincts voted on a similar resolution.
I urge all delegates to their respective county assemblies to join together to abolish this drug. One only needs to read in The Daily Sentinel about the growing problems in just our local community, much less our state.
Bill Pitts
Grand Junction
Census workers make
mountain from molehill
Talking about making a mountain out of a molehill. The local census office takes
the cake.
Take liberal time off, see your doctor, and start your worker’s comp claim right away because you smelled a foul order. And wear this N95 mask so no one will see you laughing all the way to the bank.
Tom Dodd

Job Corps centers
are all going green
In Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers, there is rare alignment of real-life solutions to the challenges of youth unemployment, an uncertain economy and the nation’s need for a greener, energy-efficient future. Like nothing else, Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers work for young people and for America. The Collbran Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center serves 220 students in a residential campus.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Forest Service runs the nation’s Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers. Like all Job Corps Centers, the Civilian Conservation Centers train economically-challenged young people for meaningful careers.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the Civilian Conservation Centers will place a new emphasis on green jobs, such as natural-resources work, and the greening of traditional trades, such as construction and electrical work.
Job Corps-trained young people will revitalize local economies, especially in rural communities across America. They will provide a youthful boost to the nation’s goals of energy independence and conservation.
Today’s Civilian Conservation Centers are preparing more than 6,000 young people in 28 centers around the country for their own new direction, a place in America’s growing green-collar economy and a path out of poverty.
During my recent visit to a Civilian Conservation Center, a businessman told me Job Corps is the real deal, a solid source for skilled workers. I know what I saw last week, and I am convinced all of us will benefit from the entry of thousands of skilled young people into an economy that needs to re-adjust its relationship to the environment and grow in a green direction. The success of Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers’ new direction should encourage us all.
The Forest Service operates 28 Job Corps centers in 18 states with a capacity of 6,200 students. For more information, visit: http://recruiting.jobcorps.gov/en/home.aspx
Harris Sherman
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C.

Fruita man deserves
to serve us in Congress
So we want to take back our country. Then we must send someone who will do that
and Jake Segrest is that man.
Certainly we cannot take it back by sending the Republicans, who led us so badly while they were in charge. And we have seen that the Democrats cannot or will not lead.
Jake is the one for the job. He is an independent candidate for the 3rd Congressional district. We need Jake in Washington without the baggage of the two parties to get things done. Check him out at http://www.coloradovoters.org or call him at 970-260-9470. Then help elect Jake to work for only the people not special interests groups.
Jake served his country and then settled in Fruita 34 years ago and has owned and operated three successful business with his wife A.J. and business partner, brother Kinley. They purchased and continue to operate the Service Center where they are now adding a new 5,000 square foot tire center.
Ten years ago they started Stateline Trucking and Stateline Services with three employees. Those fast-growing businesses now employ 32. This track record of success shows to the abilities of Jake to excel in whatever he undertakes.
As for me, I am just a longtime friend and admirer of Jake who wants to hire Jake to work for me in Washington. I know he will be up front, fair and honest with us all while putting our country back on the right track.
O. Bruce Jones

Billboard’s sponsor should
show courage of convictions
  There’s a new billboard on Highway 50 near the intersection of Grand Avenue, Broadway and First Street. It features a picture of Jimmy Carter saying something to the effect that he will no longer be considered the worst president. The intended message is clear and it is one of the many Republican “talking points.”
It is an example of free speech in action. It is signed by a “small businessman.” Obviously the sponsor of the billboard is afraid of offending some people so he has protected his identity. It is a classic example of utilizing free speech but not having the guts to take responsibility for his or her ideas that he can express so freely. It is also a reprehensible example of putting commercial interests ahead of personal responsibility.
Yes, I was offended by the message and, yes, I wouldn’t give the sponsor of the billboard my business in the future if I knew who it was. The gutless wonder wants it both ways. He or she wants my business but is not able to acknowledge that he has strong opinions that are purely partisan and wants the public to overlook those facts in the name of not harming business.
Some may appreciate the billboard. Most will realize his or her opinions are worth as much as the strength of his or her convictions to put commerce and profits ahead of his identification with his beliefs. This letter is signed. Why not let the world know of your identity beyond, “small business man”? How can you be proud of yourself as an anonymous “small businessman” with throwaway nonsensical “opinions”?
John Borgen
Grand Junction

Not flying flag in Haiti
an insult to our military
I find it very upsetting and distressful to learn that our government has ordered our military in Haiti not to fly the Stars and Stripe over its base.
It was said to give the impression that our troops are an “occupying force” rather than a unit to aid those in need of our help. What an insult this is to all our veterans and current military personnel.
But, in this day and age, nothing of this nature should surprise anyone. As a Catholic, I recall the priest locally who insulted and degraded the flag of the United States. I’m still waiting for and answer from the church on that one.
Will Eidson

Police problems provoke
fear for some residents
My family and other families we have spoken with all have concerns regarding the red-light incident, as well as The Timber Motel shooting.
In the red-light situation, the officer should have cleared the intersection properly before beginning a high speed pursuit.  Any innocent citizen could have been killed in that situation.
In the motel incident, no one faults the two officers for defending themselves.  However, someone is responsible for sending those two officers into that man’s residence, knowing ahead of time that he was already intoxicated and angry.
Everyone, including the Grand Junction Police Department, knows domestic disputes are the most volatile situations for all involved.  We contend that when a man is surprised in his residence while intoxicated and angry (for the second time ) he will respond in an angry/violent manner nine times out of 10.
We feel that this situation was incited by the police department, resulting in a man losing his life unnecessarily. 
Everyone has some fault in this matter, but we feel the majority of the blame lies on whoever made the call to enter the motel room rather than find a safe way to handle this matter.
We also have a major concern that excessive force was used in attempting to arrest Mr. Ingram. Two shots to the chest from a police revolver is one shot too many. The law only protects anyone who is defending himself using reasonable force, not excessive force.
We ask the district attorney’s office to take a look at these situations and decide if the Grand Junction Police Department is operating within the parameters of the law.
From these two instances alone, we come to the conclusion the police department has an “act first, think later” mentality.
We do not know anyone in the Grand Junction Police Department or Mr. Ingram’s family. We are speaking as concerned citizens who are fearful of our safety in any situation concerning the police department. This is not how we want to live and we would like to be heard.
Kevin Dunlow
Grand Junction

Clifton-Fruitvale residents
anything but ambivalent
County Commissioner Janet Rowland is assuredly NOT listening to the people.
For her to say that the people were ambivalent about the proposed annexation
shows her lack of understanding.
When 82 percent of the landowners didn’t opt for the annexation and 69 percent of the eligible parcels felt likewise, that is far from being ambivalent.
Vivian Touve
Grand Junction

Some members of Congress
recognize threat to Israel
While Clinton, Biden and Obama condemned Israel on its plans to build housing for its citizens, there was no condemnation from them of the Palestinian government dedicating a public square to the memory of a brutal murderer who, in 1979, led the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history, slaughtering 37 innocent civilians, including children, nor the decision to follow up with a public study day in her memory two days later.
On March 17, ten members of Congress told the president, “While your ddministration clamors over the announcement of a proposed residential development years away from completion, Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons capability and Hamas and Hezbollah rearm and reenergize. Remarks made by your Cabinet and advisors embolden Israel’s enemies — who are wholly committed to destroying the Jewish State — and undermine the critical relationship we have with our strongest ally for democracy and peace in the Middle East.”
We should be reporting on these outspoken, intelligent congressmen.
Grand Junction


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