Email letters, August 8, 2011

Recognition due to festival organizers

We enjoyed and appreciated The Daily Sentinel’s coverage of the Grand Valley Performing Arts Festival. However, two key people that did an enormous amount of work not only for their portions of the festival, but for the event overall, weren’t mentioned. Dana Lynn Schmidt-Clingman and Joy Potter with Creative Avenues coordinated the youth theater components of the festival, and produced and directed Sunday afternoon’s amazing Seussical show.

These two women are the backbone of community theater in the valley, along with many other colleagues and volunteers. While we know they aren’t interested in the credit, in this case we are compelled to give them a shout out of gratitude for all they do to offer these incredible opportunities to our young (and not so young) people interested in theater.

Grand Junction

Cartoons are not appropriate for children

How long do we have to put up with this obnoxious so-called comic “Pearls Before Swine”?  In a family newspaper on the page most often reviewed by our youngsters, referring to the Aug. 6th panel, we have a so called cartoonist who uses the symbols for vulgarity and profanity to describe Christmas.

This is not the first example of the mentality of this so-called cartoonist. Having Dennis the Menace using vulgarity/profanity and violence to sell his   (cartoonist) product?  And people think Doonesbury is bad.
I know, I know, I do not have to read it but what concerns me is the “dumbing down” of our youth. Just another example of the so-called “freedom of speech”. Perhaps the editorial staff should review the content of this page a little closer.

Another example of often profanity/vulgarity is “Get Fuzzy.” Does your family newspaper have to stoop to the low of this type of “humor” to sell its product?  Put the question to your readers.

After all, are they not the ones that pay your bills?  If this is what the majority want, then I will back off, otherwise, I rest my case.


Obama needs to face facts about spending

President Barack Obama and the Democrats are still in denial and cannot face the fact that that we must cut spending across the board. They still have the mindset that they can just spend their way out of our debt problem.

When S&P downgraded our credit rating, instead of taking responsibility, they attacked S&P. They then blamed the tea party and Republicans for the problem. The House Republicans passed two bills that would have made a great start in resolving the debt problem but the democratic senate leadership would not even let them come to a vote.

Both of those bills would have cut spending enough to forestall the credit downgrade. I just hope that the American people come to their senses and vote in people who will actually solve the problem rather then blaming everyone else.

Grand Junction

Ballots should be in English only
This evening’s local news reported that more and more counties in Colorado are required to print ballots for voting in Spanish. What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with our politicians to allow this to happen?

Before anyone gets all huffy about what I just asked, readers all should know that America is my adopted country. I was born and raised in Germany, came to the United States in 1959 and could not speak, read or write English. So I taught myself, the hard way, but I did it. I still speak with a German accent and people say it sounds charming. Whatever.

When I became an American Citizen in 1970, I had to be able to speak, read and write English in order to become a citizen and that is only right. After all, in Rome do as the Romans do.

Trust me, nobody translated anything into German or any other language. When you come to the United States to live and stay, learn the language.

All the immigrants before me learned English and most of them became very good and productive American citizens. Nothing was handed to them just like nothing was handed to me, but we did not expect it.

That is the difference.

Our great country is going to hell in a hand basket, it is broke, it cannot meet the financial obligations to its own legal citizen, yet the government keeps on catering to the illegals (and I am not singling out Mexicans, there are enough other illegals here, coming through Mexico illegally here, from countries all over the world, including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan) and that should scare the daylight out of all of us.

The government provides subsidize housing for them, they are eligible to get a Social Security card, don’t have to pay taxes, get free health care, get welfare and God knows what else, at our expense and we are broke and cannot feed our own. We have homeless people by the thousands. Now you tell me if that makes any sense.

I am sorry, it doesn’t to me. I had to wait 27 months before I received my immigration papers in Germany and was allowed to come here. 27 months. And I would have waited as long as it would have taken to come here legally. I love this country, this is my home and the Politicians are ruining it for the American People by catering to all Illegals.

If you agree with me and want to see real “change,” let’s get our heads together.

Let’s bombard the people we elected to represent us in Washington and tell them no ballots in Spanish.

We can only come to one conclusion, if this does pass, that the government, including Mr. Obama in the White House, sanction the illegals and allow them to vote without being American Citizen. We cannot let this happen. God help us all.

Grand Junction

K-12 education is worth the money

After reading Josh Penry’s column of Aug. 5, I did some quick math. If Amendment 25 raises state income tax rate from 4.63 percent to 5 percent a person grossing $1,000 a week would see a $3.70 a week tax hike. If this $3.70 a week puts teachers in classrooms and kids back on busses I’m all for it.

My parents were part of the Great Generation. They understood the worth of K-12 because it is all they had. They sacrificed so my generation would have quality K-12. We did the same for our children’s generation — Mr. Penry’s generation. Now it appears Mr. Penry would like to pull the plug on K-12.

Lastly, for Mr. Penry to refer to some nameless economic study is shameless. There is no way a $3.70 tax hike is going to cost 119,000 jobs. If anything it would put teachers and bus drivers back to work. You see, any time Mr. Penry doesn’t like something he calls it a job-killer. Even when it’s obvious it is the opposite.

Grand Junction

Where is the pride in CMU?

Where is all the local pride for Mesa State/Colorado Mesa University athletics? Every year I go into area stores and see all kinds apparel and knick-knacky souvenirs for CU and CSU — two schools on the Front Range, as well as the local high school sports teams, but not our local college/university.

Mesa State/CMU athletics are poorly attended by the community, even though many of the players are local boys and girls. Why? Where is the pride and community school spirit? I understand Mesa State/CMU is only a Division 2 institution, and as such does not carry the national prestige of Division 1, but so what, that’s all the more reason to support Mesa State/CMU.

This is our local school. It is a part of our local economy. This is our local kids’ university. So go to the games. Cheer on our athletes. Be a part of the action. Go Mavericks!

Grand Junction

Unions are good for the country

Speaker John Boehner told Democrats the House Republicans would fund the FAA without subsidy cuts in exchange for changing labor rules to make it harder for airline workers to unionize. Why is it that the GOP hates unions? I can’t explain that it makes no sense.

Unless they are really scared that power in numbers for the common working people is a way to have a real voice in government, after all they have already divided us and the old adage of war “divide and conquer” has worked.

Unions are what made the Americas middle class. It bridged the gap between the very rich and the poor. I was in the manufacturing district back east working with the UAW and the IAM until our government gave corporations subsidies to build plants overseas. Just think, our tax dollars being given to corporate to take our jobs away.

Unions gave the working class the power in numbers to better their lifestyle. Maybe there was corruption at some of the higher levels of the some of the union officials, but there has also been corruption at the highest levels of government, corporate, as well as banking and no one seems to want to do much about that. Only the unions were separated out to be the whipping boy of what was wrong with the U.S. economy.

The corporations couldn’t break the unions so they took our tax money and built factories in countries that had no labor laws. After all, the bottom line is all corporations consider important. Ever since the first major corporation moved its headquarters away from the community that supported it, they had no more community responsibility, just the bottom line management to benefit the shareholders. Who creates the product that make all the money for the shareholders? The labor force that is always considered overhead instead of assets.  What provides a living wage for the worker better than the power in numbers? Unions.


It’s no time for stringent EPA regs

Housing construction, housing prices, how long houses are on the market, how many people are coming into or moving away from our state and community — these are all good indicators of the health of an economy.

But you don’t have to be a banker or a real estate agent to know that things have been bad lately and that recovery is not right around the corner. Things are likely to get worse before they get better. If the Environmental Protection Agency is allowed to proceed with its plans to implement more stringent air quality standards, things are likely to get a lot worse — and stay that way.

Colorado and the rest of the country have been suffering from a depressed economy for two years now. With the nation’s unemployment rate at a historic high, this is no time to be adding regulatory burdens that will increase the cost of doing business and precipitate more layoffs.

Grand Junction

Parks and trails should not be given up to homeless

Thank you moms and residents near parks for turning out recently at the City Council meeting.
We rented the gazebo at Hawthorne Park and were told it may be difficult if people were using it: put up the sign and if people don’t move, call the police and they will ask them to move. I used to meet women to walk on the Riverfront Trail.  Now the tents are closer and more numerous along the trail. We quit using the trail system.
The homeless/transient population now has some good advocates in our police officers and in the private sector. We need more advocates for the citizens who wish to use public parks and Riverfront Trails. Or, should we continue considering it the norm to give up use of part or all of these public facilities? When the trail systems were initiated, this concern was discussed. We were strongly assured that there would be policing of the trails and no camping would be allowed.

Now camping on private property is occurring in residential neighborhoods where fire and break-ins are a concern.
Grand Junction

Where’s the quick fix? Sorry, the first step is to realize there isn’t a quick fix. Soon after President Obama took office I said it takes suffering through one far left President in each generation in order to realize how harmful they can be to our economy. This time is going to be even more painful because he followed a spendthrift Republican President.

Soaring debt and unemployment are only the tip of the iceberg. ObamaCare is going to cost twice what the President assured us it would cost.  The EPA has its thousands of bureaucrats laboring day and night weaving heavy wet blankets to kill any growth in development of our domestic energy production. Financial reform did nothing to protect us from those monsters too big to fail, like Fanny & Freddie, but throws a wet blanket on smaller financial institutions and small businesses can’t get loans.  Add to that what the Labor Relations Board is doing to kill business expansion. Can you see the iceberg?

The liberal contempt for our tried and true way of creating wealth is undeniable. The good news is our back bone of capitalism is not broken and as soon as those wet blankets are removed we will grow and prosper again. I trust Americans to take back America.

Dave Kearsley



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