Email letters, December 6,  2013

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The Publisher and editors of the Daily Sentinel should be ashamed of themselves for titling Rick Coleman’s childish on-line letter:  “President’s misstatements show grade-school level intelligence”.

Thus, a comparison of President Obama’s educational resume with Coleman’s would likely suggest that Rick suffers from acute penis envy.  Of course, what the series of gaffes actually illustrates is the stress of continuous public appearances and the dangers of reading speeches from teleprompters without previewing them for pronunciations.

Moreover, Coleman’s litany of malapropisms – coupled with President Obama’s extemporaneous interview on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” on Wednesday – illustrate how far (in contrast to Coleman) the President has come since the fifth grade. 

Nevertheless, on May 9, 2008, a fatigued Senator Obama – campaigning in Oregon – referred to “57 states” when he obviously (in context) meant “47”.

On April 4, 2009, President Obama responded to an Austrian journalist regarding the term for “wheeling and dealing” in “Austrian”, when “Austria” would have sufficed.

On May 4, 2009, President Obama opened a “Cinco de Mayo” event (held a day early and attended by the Mexican Ambassador) by saying “Cinco de Cuatro” instead of “Cuatro de Mayo”– but then correctly said “Cinco de Mayo” seven time in his speech. 

On February 4, 2010, the President twice misread his teleprompter in honoring Navy “corpsmen” – wrongly pronouncing the “p” (which, like Coleman, should be silent).

On February 16 and September 22, 2011, the President misspoke of the “intercontinental” instead of the “transcontinental” railroad – suggesting that his staff failed to correct him the first time and/or to fact-check The New York Times, which made the same mistake four times in 2009-2011.

Apparently, Coleman also forgets why such gaffes are now referred to as “Bushisms”.

And, in contrast to Bush-Cheney and Iraq’s WMD, President Obama did not “lie” about either Benghazi or health care.


Thanks for responding.  As for my “insults” of Repugnicans in general and “cheap shots” at Scott Tipton in particular, please Google:
“Tipton: “I Never Voted To Shut Down Government”, which reports and records how I caught Tipton publicly lying to constituents about having not voted for the government shutdown.  Merry Christmas.


Rolling on floor laughing. Tipton, cheap shots? None of which were even mentioned in this article. You must be hoping that others keep track of your rant. I took particular note of your evasion concerning your “penis envy complex?” Please, in the future, try to stay on subject. Politicians are adept at smoke, mirrors and diversion. Indeed, MERRY CHRISTMAS. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Apparently, in your mirth, your memory fails you.  On December 5, you accused me of taking cheap shots at Tipton—promising to take 50 such shots at Senator Udall.  Due to space limitations, I was not able to demonstrate why Tipton deserves them and Udall does not. Thus, you should “hold your fire” until you review the article I referred you to.  And, since I have an educational background similar to President Obama’s, I admire his success, not his penis.


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