Email letters, May 22, 2013

Is Obama just a necessary figurehead?

I’m finally becoming a believer.

In view of President Obama’s increasingly convincing argument that he knows nothing about anything, the question arises why is he there at all and why are we even paying him?

Just the necessary figurehead, apparently, while the unelected West Wing cabal of McDonough, Ruemmler, Lew, Holder, Carney, Jarrett and others actually run the country. 

And to whom are they answering?

Grand Junction

Various officials exhibit foggy memories

I am more and more confused each week in trying to determine the Obama administration’s management style, or styles.  Neither Obama nor Holder seems to ever know about upcoming or occurring bad happenings.  And, they both seem to exhibit Sgt. Schultz’s (of the Hogan’s Heroes TV show) response to everything: “I know nothing, nothing!”

Executives I used to work for said “Don’t blindside me.”  The best way to do this is to give the boss a “heads up” when something is in the wind.  Apparently we (collectively) elected an incompetent chief executive who never wants to know bad things, and he hired an attorney general of the same stripe.  One guess is that Obama and Holder both seem to think this is “plausible deniability.”  Unfortunately, the current “I didn’t know” (IRS) or I don’t know” (AP reporter flap) are just not plausible. 

Perhaps, though, they each have staff members who are afraid to tell the boss upsetting things.  Maybe for good reason: fear of the boss’ reaction because the boss hates bad news.  This explains the White House deputy chief of staff’s failure to tell Obama about the IRS issues and Holder’s “didn’t know” of the AP reporters flap.

And, all the various agency managers seem to exhibit very foggy memories or lack of detail when questioned in the current hearings.  Maybe all the above is just due to incompetent underlings who shall remain unknown and un-fired, except for the acting IRS head who was already leaving anyway.


Grand Junction

Grand Canyon Watershed too vast to be considered a monument

The Grand Canyon Watershed should be a national monument? Are you kidding?

The Grand Canyon Watershed is essentially the Colorado River Watershed and as such includes among many others — the Gunnison, Taylor, Uncompahgre, Dolores, San Miguel, Green, White, San Rafael and the San Juan rivers, to name just a few, plus all the smaller streams that are tributaries. This list just covers the western side of Colorado and eastern side of Utah. 

Let’s start thinking seriously about what we propose. We are already being swamped by wilderness and roadless areas. We don’t need to put half of two states plus parts of Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona into a national monument.


Make entire nation a national monument

In his letter of May 21, Wayne Flick is correct, but he hasn’t gone far enough. Why stop with the Grand Canyon watershed? Let’s make the entire country a national monument.

As he’s written, “it is a magnificent area,” “one-of-a-kind,” “home to many rare plants and animals, as well as a wealth of recreational opportunities.” And think of all the revenues to be generated. Everyone would have to pay $10 every single day, just to back out of his or her driveway (unless he or she bought an annual pass). Clearly, we need to do more.

Too, given Flick’s expertise on uranium, surely he knows that the Colorado River watershed, from Wyoming to California, cuts through several hundred uranium deposits that occur in several stratigraphic horizons scattered throughout the Colorado Plateau and beyond.

In other words, even if the fearful uranium deposits he’s referred to are in fact within the Glen Canyon watershed, their exposure to the surface environment through mining would add less than 0.001 percent to what is already there. (In a similar vein, the removal of the Atlas tailings in Moab was completely unnecessary and achieved nothing other than a result diametrically opposite to that intended. In other words, it brought back into the surface environment uranium and related radioactive elements that were securely sequestered).

People worried about radiation should move to New Jersey. The entire Western Slope and beyond is bombarded with radiation daily, both from below and from above (given the elevation).

Grand Junction

In wake of Oklahoma tornado, Gessler offers good advice on giving

I truly appreciate the good information Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler provided online regarding charitable giving, whether it be for immediate disasters or ongoing situations that warrant aid and support. His guidelines deserve wider publicity, and I would suggest they be included in newspaper editorials across the state.

Grand Junction

Officials’ vague responses to questions over scandals show lack of transparency

It has been entertaining now for quite some time listening to the responses of key members of the Obama administration, State Dept., IRS, and office of the attorney general regarding the recent scandals including Benghazi, the unlawful IRS audits of conservative and Christian groups and the illegal spying on members of the Associated Press and Fox News.

There have been many memorable statements in testimony before Congress, press releases, Sunday talk shows, etc. whereby the American people have been subjected over and over to such precise, straightforward and honest statements such as “it was a response to an anti-Muslim video,” I don’t know,” I can’t remember,” I’m not sure,” “I can’t recall,” “I recues myself,” “I plead the 5th Amendment,” “what does it matter how the attack took place,” “we only made one minor stylistic change to the talking points,” “I can’t comment on that while there is an ongoing investigation,” etc., and all by members of the most transparent and honest administration in America’s history.

Truly our younger generation must all be inspired by the high level of honesty and integrity on display by key members of the current administration.

Grand Junction

IRS an example of a rogue, out-of-control government

Kudos to the Sentinel for covering the IRS protest Tuesday. Citizens protested the IRS’ coercive tax targeting. Fine moments like these show the true American spirit of independent political activism.

I am one of the many people tired of an out-of-control, rogue government. Unfortunately, like the other 99 percent of Colorado that is busy trying to support themselves, I had to work and couldn’t attend the rally. But now that I have 30 seconds, I’m going to try and generate some excitement for those who made it their priority and took the time to protest such an obviously evil organization. Thank you and good work.

I was happy that Freedom!Colorado and many others came together to bring attention to the hated IRS, recognition long overdue. Our president, Kevin McCarney, addressed the group to recognize the seriousness of these attacks. We are fighting an out-of-control system of taxation. The IRS is tasked with facilitating and enforcing the second tier of the Communist manifesto.

The so-called “progressive” income tax has dire social and economic implications; it is a fundamental attack on property rights and freedom of speech. By targeting patriot groups, they are silencing dissent. Why are we suffering from economic malaise? The income tax crushes individual production and crushes prosperity. It ensures that economic security eludes us. The plan’s political design and explicit expectation of classes of payers, and recipients, guarantees most definitively, favored classes and a bought electorate, to which none of us are held harmless. It’s designed this way.

Who is one of the biggest beneficiaries? GE is generating $14 billion in profits and receiving $3.2 billion in tax rebates, a tidy sum.  President Obama said of GE’s president, Jeffrey Immelt, “He understands what it takes for America to compete in the global economy.” I guess political theft is a competitive parameter he associates with the “free” market.



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