Email letters, September 27, 2013

South Carolina bowhunters
don’t all use poison arrows

I recently returned from my annual elk hunt in Colorado. I and a couple friends, all from South Carolina, bowhunt in Gunnison National Forest every year. Some years we harvest an elk and some years we are content to enjoy the awesome scenery and cool weather that Colorado offers.

This year a friend showed me the article in your paper regarding the four men from South Carolina who were arrested for using arrows tipped with a “poison pod” and for various other illegal hunting methods. The most troubling thing about the article, not to diminish the seriousness of the charges, was the statement by one of the men, Cole, who said, “Back in South Carolina everybody hunts with (poison arrows).”

Well, I have got to tell you that not everyone in South Carolina hunts with poison pods on the end of their arrows. As a matter of fact, I have been bowhunting for about 15 years and I know of no one who does. None of my other bowhunting buddies knows of anyone who does either. Several years ago I heard of the practice, but that’s it. If it is a method of bowhunting in South Carolina, it is a very well kept secret.

I hate that Cole painted all South Carolina bowhunters with this very untrue picture. He and his buddies are a very, very small minority.
In addition to writing this letter to the editor of your paper, I have advised a reporter of The State, central South Carolina’s major newspaper, of your story and they have indicated they will run an article on it here in South Carolina.

For all of you Colorado bowhunters and citizens, please don’t write off all bowhunters from South Carolina as a bunch of crazies who will turn to any means of harvesting a wild animal. The overwhelming majority of us are law abiding, ethical hunters who abide by the game laws of this and any other state in which we hunt.

Kershaw County
South Carolina

Citizens forum is helping
to clear the air locally

Did you get to the wonderful public forum Citizens for Clean Air, The League of Women Voters and Alpine Bank sponsored Monday night—“What’s in the Air?” We had experts in measuring Air Quality, in asthma and allergy, in agricultural effects of ozone for Mesa County, in research in Garfield County, as well as Teresa Coons, our Western Slope representative on the state health department’s Air Quality Committee.

We didn’t give them much time to speak and we had plenty of questions for them because their facts and ours are plain: Add to the ugly smog of our winter inversions and see these effects on health — acute eye irritation, chest congestion, nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Children are especially vulnerable to asthma because their lungs are still developing, but the elderly, people who work routinely outdoors, and cardiopulmonary sufferers are also at increased
risk from the pollution of Grand Valley air.

We have not quite reached the level of “non-attainment” of health
standards that brings federal requirements like checks on automobile
emissions, and technology exists that can dramatically reduce pollution from oil and gas wells — which saves money lost and product wasted in polluting our air. This means we are all “stakeholders” in the new rules the AQCC is currently in the process of drafting.

We are all breathing, or trying to breathe on bad days Grand Valley air. We need to become active citizens and take part in this rule making. It is imperative that the state pass strong rules to protect our air. We cannot afford to mess this rule up, the health of our children, elderly and our valley depends on it.

Grand Junction

Editorial failed to include
key info on air polluition

It my understanding that greenhouse gases are one of the major factors in creating a warming climate. There are several facts that dispute what was stated in The Daily Sentinel editorial regarding methane gas.

The University of Texas study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, involved taking direct measurements of actual methane emissions – as opposed to estimating emissions through indirect methods such as engineering formulas, as has often been the case in earlier studies.

According to data in the University of Texas study, operators in the Rockies may be releasing up to 2.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas annually into the atmosphere through fugitive emissions – i.e., leaky equipment – instead of getting it into a sales line.

From a greenhouse gas perspective, that is the equivalent of pollution from almost 560,000 passenger vehicles. And at $3.00
per MCF of natural gas, it represents an economic waste of more than $75 million per year.

Regarding air quality, the University Texas study did NOT focus on VOCs whatsoever, and it has been documented in NOAA (2012) and APCD (2010) studies that oil and gas production in Colorado is far and away the leading source of ozone-causing pollutants.

What we as Colorado needs to do is require that gas and oil drillers
practice methane control. Studies show this is possible and has major
benefits when practiced in the correct fashion. All this points to why the state Air Quality Control Commission’s upcoming rule making is a big opportunity for Colorado to protect us from further pollution problems.

Colorado has the chance to set a new bar on methane and air pollution
safeguards. Let’s work together to make this a reality.

Grand Junction

GOP should offer health plan,
not just try to kill Obamacare

Why are the Republicans and other conservatives complaining about and trying to undo Obamacare? For years, they presented nothing in the way of a health care plan but instead allowed the health insurance companies to hike rates, raise deductibles, deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and offer less and less coverage to people who had a health care plan.

As a result, the Democrats stepped in to correct these problems because the GOP continued to allow the health insurance companies to reap huge profits as the GOP continues its master plan of making sure it takes care of the huge corporations and the rich before it takes care of the poor and the middle class. So the Dems came up with an attempt called the Affordable Health Care Act.

Sure, Obamacare is not perfect. But just the requirement not to deny health care to anyone with a pre-existing condition makes it a reason to give it a chance. That requirement alone is going to make it popular with a lot of people, no matter what the polls say.

Why don’t people like Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas make health care a
priority in this country and come up with a health plan of their own? Instead, they try to convince the very people whom the health insurance companies are denying coverage to.

As a matter of fact, Obamacare does not go far enough. It still is not going to be anywhere close to affordable for many people. Health care should be free to everyone. I don’t hear the British or the French or the Canadians wanting to give up their free health care. They just shake their heads when they hear us talking about how expensive and limiting health care is in this country.

Grand Junction

Support the Dominguez-Escalante
National Conservation Area Plan

As stewards of our public lands, we’ve all been asked to provide comments and input on open BLM land as guidance in how to best manage these lands for both public use and preservation. I feel that it is increasingly more important that areas of critical concern be judiciously protected when surrounded by off-road vehicle access.

Therefore, I strongly urge BLM to protect such places as Gibbler Mountain and its slopes, a place known for rare plants and interesting evidence of dinosaurs, in the Dominguez-Escalante
National Conservation Area plan.

As part of a hiking group, I believe it is important that we be able to have access to off-trail, hiking especially since it is becoming rarer to find such areas. I especially support protecting undeveloped areas for off-trail hiking as well as maintaining minimally developed trails for their opportunities to explore and travel regions that are nearly free of human impact.
I believe it is critical to provide protection at the onset and that it is easier to protect first than it would be to delay protection only to discover that it’s a mistake later.

I encourage BLM in its efforts to promote Dominguez-Escalante as a National Conservation Area where conservation is the emphasis, rather than just recreation.


Letter writer displays liberals’
patronizing effort to control lives

Frequent Daily Sentinel contributor and unofficial liberal apologist Bill Hugenberg loves to pontificate on the differences between liberals and conservatives.

Bill does a great service for the conservative community because, in the midst of his condescension, he occasionally drops in a kernel of truth. He did so in his attack on Ted Cruz.

Bill says, “Thus, as ‘Cruz carnival’ cleverly suggests, the most
dangerously metastasizing “cancer” is “Tea Party”/Republican refusal
to responsibly govern.”

Thank you Bill! You have just laid out the principal difference between you and your ilk and constitutional conservatives — namely, who’s in charge.

In liberal world, the people cannot make their own decisions. They are sheep who are too mindless and perhaps even too stupid to govern themselves, thus the reason Dems and Libs have to ride to the rescue and “responsibly govern” them.

The first three words of the Constitution are, “We the People.” Not
“We the all-knowing, all wise Democratic Party,” or even, “We the
all-knowing, patronizing pseudo intellectuals.”

We the people. It means we get to govern ourselves. We don’t need rulers to tell us what to buy and when. We don’t need to be “protected” against 32 ounce sodas and 50 grams of fat. We can make our own decisions.

Hugenberg displays the “cancer” in his own thinking. He truly believes that he, based solely on his idealogical stance, knows better than you how to raise your children, how to provide for your family, how to build your business, how to take care of your medical needs.

And that is why we must defeat the Obamacare leviathan. Because we the people hate it and want it out of our lives.

Grand Junction


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Thanks to Steve Henderson for relieving me of the obligation to “pontificate on the differences between liberals and conservatives”—by clarifying that divide himself.

As typical of fake “conservatives”, Henderson conveniently operates in a fact-free version of reality and therefore manufactures fictional “straw men” (i.e., “control lives”,  the ObamaCare “leviathan”) against which to rant.

However, Steve does a “great service” to responsible readers by – “in the midst of his” dementia – exposing a “kernel of truth” about his dubious “conservative values” while apparently defending the self-promoting antics of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

As the Daily Sentinel’s editorial (“Cruz carnival”) aptly implied, Cruz spent 21 hours demagoguing the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) – repeating a litany of demonstrable falsehoods about “ObamaCare” – in order to raise money from gullible lemmings like Henderson for his 2016 presidential run.

While Henderson claims to be a “constitutional conservative”, he, Cruz, and his fellow “Tea Partiers” actually subvert orderly constitutional governance – by insisting that a minority caucus of a minority party can legitimately rely on outright extortion (not votes) to overturn the will of the majority.  What would the Founders have thought about that? 

Only by denying what “ObamaCare” is (a long-overdue market-driven reform of health insurance originally proposed by real “conservatives” and successfully implemented by Massachusetts’ Republican governor Mitt Romney), and demonizing it as something it is not, can “Tea Partiers” like Henderson, Cruz, Tipton, etc. justify closing down the federal government and/or threatening the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. – in order to deny millions of Americans access to affordable health care.

Henderson’s “cancerous” rendition of “conservative values” is not about “32 ounces of sodas and 50 grams of fat”, raising children, making a living, building a business, and/or “taking care of your medical needs” – it is about political hypocrisy and moral evil.

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