E-mail letters, July 2, 2010

Electric rate proposal is wealth redistribution

I have read both articles regarding the new price structure initiated by Excel Energy: “Income Redistribution” by Rick Wagner, columnist for The Daily Sentinel and “Tiered Rates,” by Karen Hyde, vice president at Excel Energy. To me the wording in both articles seem to be contextually the same, the break point is 500 kilowatt hours of electrical power used in a month. Usage over 500 kwh will be charged (penalized) at twice the “normal” rate.

So, if a family lives in and can afford a home that requires more energy, for whatever purpose, it stands to reason they can afford to pay a lot more for energy, right?  Sounds like redistribution of wealth to me.



Sotomayor ruled on guns differently than she said

Anyone following the confirmation process on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan should be reminded of the apparent recent perjury by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who under oath affirmed that she supported the individual’s right to bear arms in our country. Her dissent in McDonald v. Chicago is reason enough to have her impeached.

Apparently, Sotomayor thinks that perjury is acceptable if you are seeking a position on our highest court. People should contact Congressman John Salazar and demand that he initiate and support proceedings to remove her from office.  It is a disgrace to have such a justice, who apparently lied to get the appointment, remain seated.  DALE PARKER Cedaredge

Complacency and indifference are destroying our country

At some future time, a history course may be taught about the “Late Great United States.” This was the greatest nation that ever existed, it flourished and died from apathy and extremism.

This country was a land of freedom and opportunity founded and paid for with the blood of patriotic citizens who preferred death over dishonor, servitude or the destruction of their way of life. Freedom, democracy and opportunity for individuals to chart their own course in life resulted in the greatest society in history.

But complacency, indifference and the misguided belief that everyone deserves an equal share of the benefits and wealth generated, regardless of their efforts or contributions to society is destroying the free market system. We are becoming a socialistic society where it is acceptable to live off someone else’s efforts. We are becoming a society that expects the government to provide for all our needs. A government that can give you everything, can also take everything.

The elimination of individualism is proceeding at a rapid pace. Children competing in sports all receive medals or ribbons or they don’t keep score as they don’t want anyone to feel bad or different. Why work, educate yourself or strive to succeed, if you receive the same reward for failure or little or no effort?

This not the American way. This is not the spirit that built this great nation. We remember and learn from our failures. The founding fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They understood human nature and oppressive governments and how well meaning people will try to dominate the population, “for their own good of course.”



We need a new path for energy development

They say history repeats itself.  They also say the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action and expect different results.  It appears that our current administration does not study history and must be insane.

California eliminates the creation and expansion of jobs by not permitting any type of energy production either in their state or off shore. California is now all but bankrupt, with no plan to solve their problem.

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter follows California’s lead and turns Colorado’s oil, gas and coal industry upside down, costing an untold number of jobs, drastic cuts in education and creating a budget deficit as if he were in competition with California.

Now, I guess, our federal government wants to follow both California and Colorado’s lead and restrict oil production in the Gulf Region. The estimates as to this cost and job loss are staggering. We do need to improve drilling safety and do our best ensure that there are no future accidents but, we need to do this in a responsible way. All I have heard is, “We will make them pay.” After 70 plus days I have yet to hear “this is our solution”.

We need leadership to solve problems, not point fingers. We need leadership to develop a team of leaders, not a group of sheep.  We need a change in direction, before it’s too late.

When you go to the polls this year remember who points fingers, and who are the sheep voting a straight party line without thought to the people represented.



Jahani family was a blessing to Montrose

When Sam and Christine Jahani moved to Montrose with their six children, they did so not with their hands out, but with their arms open. This community benefited from the love and generosity of the Jahani family — the times they hosted Dennis Jernigan to bless us by his ministry, the small groups of people that were ministered to by them in Bible studies, ladies retreats and individual counsel. Are they perfect? Not anymore so than the rest of humanity.  Who among us is without sin and can cast the first stone?

Those hard-to-treat patients that he is now under fire for taking care of, the people who suffer with chronic pain for whatever reason, were often referred to him by other doctors who did not want to deal with them. They are difficult patients, many terminal patients at the end of their lives. They are incredibly ill, injured or disabled people who need care in ways that I hope I never experience, but ways that we mortal beings are all likely to. Jahani never turned his back on one of them, certainly not the way we have turned our backs on him.


The jealousy and greed that have destroyed his practice have not only affected the Jahani family, but the patients and friends that know them for who they are. We have destroyed his practice, taken his home and ripped apart his family. Aren’t there those among us who can stand up and say that’s enough? Well, I can.


I am proud to say that I love them, that I was cared for and ministered to by them. They were a blessing to me and I am a better human being because of their influence in my life.



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