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I agree generally with Cherlyn Crawford’s April, 17, 2013 letter to the editor concerning the Brainard brouhaha, but I would have added more.
When I was a kid, parents drilled into boys’ heads that “boys just don’t hit girls”, period. So this obviously isn’t a defense of boys/men hitting girls/women. Nor do I know Brainard from the man in the moon. Having said that, and as a men’s rights advocate — there are far fewer of us than there are misandristic gender feminists (women have learned to network, men haven’t) — I would say this particular soap opera circus is a joke.
If I were a woman, I would not stay for one second with a violent man. And as a man I would boot any woman out of my house who would complain to government authorities about a domestic argument that got a little out of hand. That’s too much like a modern kid calling the government because s/he got a few swats on the bottom. They do it because they can.
So, is the woman still living with Brainard? If so, both he and she are disordered, codependent jokes.
Letter writer Don Pettygrove has a valid-but-naive point about due process and presumption of innocence. Problem is, America has become a full-blown police state where the U.S Constitution and rule of law are dead. Everything is political manipulation. All the misandristic gender feminists come out from under their rocks to bemoan one man slapping one woman during a domestic argument, but nobody cares that we have a blatantly constitutionally ineligible usurper in the office of President who used forged documents to get there — all because he was elected twice don’tcha know. Using that same beyond-stupid “reasoning”, Brainard won his election don’tcha know— so what’s the problem?
And where is all the concern over the fact that, thanks to “affirmative action” and “diversity”, we have militant misandristic gender feminists sitting on family court benches? Where is all the concern over the fact that it is federal policy that fathers have no due process rights when it comes to child-support enforcement? Hmmm? Why is there no concern over the fact that fathers routinely get screwed over because local communities get substantially matching Soc Sec funds for all the money they can illegally squeeze out of “deadbeat” dads?
Last, but not least, let’s not forget local political realities. If the identical accusation had been made against such as Jay Seaton or Tim Foster, you can bet your sweet bippy (and last dollar) that the story would never had made the Sentinel.
Ain’t life wunnerful?!

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