GOP to Wright: Address questions

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I know Rusty personally.  I know that he has what it takes to be elected.  If Wright really believes in the Republican party he will step aside and let Rusty Price do the job..

Are GOP voters really that naieve Ruth? It ain’t about work records and bankruptcy….Being poor and in debt and late for work is not a crime….Not being able to tell the truth is the issue!  Obviously Wright hasn’t figured that out according to his Twitter posting.  Used to be our representatives like Bernie Buescher, Tillie Bishop, Scott McGinnis would represent our entire constituency not just one party! My vote will go to Menger.  He has spent ZERO dollars on campaigning and he can tell the truth…..Seems to be a novel idea.

Our political system is broken when we spend a half billion dollars on a presidential election and it starts with people sticking their heads in the sand and supporting people like Jared Wright!

I’m wondering if the GOP provides any guidance to prospective candidates. When I ran for office, I was advised to put together a box that contained all kinds of biographical data—good and bad. If there was something bad in the mix we were advised to discuss how we would respond if questioned by constituents or the press. It doesn’t seem as though Wright ever got that advice. He wouldn’t be in the hot water he is in had he been honest with his constituents about his short comings and his efforts to remedy them.

Speaking strictly as a Democrat, I hope he doesn’t step down. We don’t have a candidate in the race, but I have spoken with Tim Menger on two occasions, and I’m comfortable that I can vote for him because he wants to represent everyone, not just one party. He is extremely conservative when it comes to fiscal matters—in his personal life he only incurred debt to finance his home and saved to pay cash for everything else. Colorado’s budget is already limited by TABOR, but someone with Tim’s attitude might find ways to do more with what little revenue exists after the recession and continuing high unemployment. Tim seems to want to solve problems, not deny women access to birth control. He doestn’ see either the oil and gas industry or environmentalists as his enemy—he sees them as constituents that he needs to listen to. I believe he will listen to everyone and then try to find the compromise that works to solve a problem.

I don’t believe that Wright has the maturity to represent Mesa County. I feel sorry for the mess he is in, but he did make much of it himself. He can also crawl out of the mess by reevaluating his priorities, and working hard to show voters that he learned his lesson about lying. He’s a young man. He can recover. But Mesa County can’t recover from a representative with a chip on his shoulder when he lands in Denver.

I’m voting Libertarian in November, and I hope other Democrats will join me. To be honest, I was never going to vote for Jared Wright. Under normal circumstances I just would have been an undercount in this race. There is nothing normal about a candidate who lies to his boss and his party. I don’t trust Jared Wright. I trust Tim Menger.

Given the Sentinel’s headline “GOP to Wright:  Address questions” (August 18, 2012), a much-anticipated editorial headline should be:  “GOP to Romney:  Release your taxes”!

While Romney claims that it is “small minded” to expect release of his tax returns when we face more pressing issues of “economic stagnation, an impending war with Iran, and high unemployment”, those are even more reasons why Romney should promptly resolve all questions about his character from the campaign – thereby resolving the overarching “big minded” issue of whether Americans can trust him to honestly confront such crises.

The angriest person in either campaign is Ann Romney, who justifies their stonewalling by admitting their returns contain “ammunition” that could be used to “attack” them.  If so, the American electorate is obviously entitled to known what “ammunition” the Romneys are concealing – before voting.

What we already know is that Romney lied to the press and the public in 2002, when he falsely claimed to have filed in-state Massachusetts tax returns, while he was actually in the process of amending them to retroactively claim continuous residency there.

Romney submitted 23 years of tax returns to the McCain campaign in 2008 (thus, not including 2008 and 2009).  While Senator McCain asserts that there was “nothing disqualifying” in those returns, he nevertheless decided that Sarah Palin was more qualified to be (Vice)President than was Romney.

While some tax experts surmise that Romney likely paid no federal income taxes at all for ten years, we now have Romney’s word that he paid at least 13% in income taxes every year!  However, Romney’s 2010 partial return revealed multiple off-shore accounts (suggesting the possibility of felony tax evasion and/or participation in the IRS amnesty program).  Thus, at a minimum, Romney is an accomplished tax evader and proven liar.

Therefore, as Ronal Reagan said:  “Trust, but verify”!

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              Grand Junction, CO 81507
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