Government does create jobs, 
but many of them are unnecessary

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The column was too soft on government “make work” jobs. But Wagner redeemed himself at the end by saying, “The important point to remember is that governments don’t create products for revenue.” That’s huge. Wealth is THINGS, not money. Wealth is created by making things that other humans want to buy and selling them at a profit in a coercion-free marketplace consisting of willing buyer and willing sellers. That’s the only way prices can VOLUNTARILY find their honest and true level, including the price of labor between those who sell it and those who buy it.
Government doesn’t make things and sell them at a profit to fund its agendas. Therefore it has to steal the profits and labor of those who do. Ultimately, thing-making LABOR creates all THINGS, and therefore inevitably pays all taxes in the final analysis. Any person who doesn’t understand (i.e. Rush Limbaugh, et al) that fact simply doesn’t understand the criminally fraudulent global debt-as-money scam.
It is impossible to “tax the rich”. Their taxes are factored as but one item of overhead into the price of the consumer goods the “maker” classes buy. So the “conservative” notion that 47% pay no taxes is pure BS. The “income” taxes the 47% allegedly don’t pay are embedded in the price of the goods we all buy. That’s why the Linder-Boortz Fair Tax would need a 23% national sales tax: to replace the taxes embedded in the price of consumer goods by the current “income” tax system.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, the best expositor of the U.S. Constitution of which I am aware, helps explain it in a YouTube video titled, “Judge Napolitano: Why Taxation is Theft, Abortion is Murder, & Gov’t is Dangerous” at
“Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis”, by Ludwig Von Mises (, “The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism”, by Friedrich Hayek (, “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat, and “Makers and Takers: How Wealth and Progress Are Made and How They Are Taken Away or Prevented” by Edmund Contoski are four books that will inform the most determinedly unenlightened collectivist mind, if it will only force itself to muster the intellectual curiosity to read them.

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