Guns N’ Recalls

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I believe recall is entirely appropriate when politicians act like the words “shall not be infringed” are not part of the 2nd Amendment.
One of the elephants in the room that leftists won’t discuss is how the decades long race-dividing tactics of race mongers of the Jackson-Sharpton ilk have succeeded in creating a generation of entitlement-minded, proud-of-ignorance-and-violence, white-hating, “gangsta”-culture black youth who not only wreak havok in the black community, but go around beating up and/or killing white people just for something to do. Of course, no demographic is a monolith, but the MSM completes ignores black conservative thought on this subject. And of course, any white who dares to bring up the obvious is automatically dismissed and demonized by race manipulators and collectivists as “racist.” Hopefully, one of the hottest spots in hell is reserved for such anti-intellectual-honesty, anti-free-speech, anti-public-discourse reprobates.
Here is the collectivists’ dilemma: the criminally dishonest economic agenda, fraudulent debt-as-money fiat currency, high unemployment, false promises and “if you don’t want to pay more taxes so I can have more ‘freebies’ you’re a racist” political/polemical tactics just make the violence worse, which, in turn, exponentially increases many individuals’ desire to possess guns for self-defense.
Although lovers of individual freedom can’t afford the luxury of relaxing for even one split second, from a political point of view, the core substance of the gun-control argument has already been dispositively decided. Increasing numbers of women and old people want guns for self-defense. High capacity magazines constitute the best chance for successfully defending against multiple attackers, such as a gang of thugs breaking into your house or attacking you on the streets. That’s not merely my opinion, it’s a self-evident tactical fact attested to by tactical experts who say things like, “if you live to the first reload, statistics say you will survive the gunfight.”
The recall of Morse and Giron should not only serve as a warning to Democrats, it should serve as a warning to Republicans that if they don’t repeal the Democrats’ arrogant in-your-face legislative attacks on the 2nd Amendment ASAP, the possibility of recall might very well apply to them too.

Wow, talk about racist and angry!  Where did this come from? Sure as hell not about recall and gun control ideas.  Please explain why we need 30 round magazines, why background checks are so invasive, and why mob rule should become judge and jury?

Chill out.

Even “conservative” Mark Levin’s new book “Liberty Amendments” doesn’t talk about all the things necessary to be HONESTLY discussed to successfully create a peaceful and civilized society prosperous for all. It does discuss the idea that it was the Founders’ intent that the U.S. Constitution be a clearly worded two-party (government & subjects) specific-performance contract, not susceptible to being unilaterally misinterpreted by one of the parties (government) to that contract for the personal gain of the officeholders and their supporting cronies, patrons, benefactors and acolytes. Article V provides the proper due process methods for changing the terms of the social contract.
There are those who have developed a “living constitution” theory of the social contract, which means that officeholders get to do whatever they please unless a majority of any given electorate can vote them out of office. Recall is one way of doing that.
There are those who believe recall should only be used in the event of violations of criminal statutes by officeholders. In contrast, there are those who believe recall is appropriate when officeholders professionally skilled in deception and manipulation deliberately unilaterally violate the clear terms of the specific-performance two-party contract to achieve some given agenda.
The current dishonest monetary and tax structures exist to hide one salient point no wannabe-clever demonizer will ever openly discuss: the unequal protection of law which exists between the buyers and sellers of labor. When an employer pays an employee $10 for an hour of labor, both the employer and the employee experience a gain and a loss. The employer gains $10 worth of labor and loses $10 worth of money. The employee gains $10 worth of money and loses $10 worth of labor. The $10 of money and the $10 of labor are necessarily of equal value in the eyes of both the employer and the employee or the exchange would not have been made voluntarily. It is a zero-sum nonprofit exchange. Yet the employer’s loss is tax deductible as an item of overhead and the cost of doing business. The employee’s loss is fraudulently calculated/ignored by government as being zero, having no value, and is not tax deductible. Clearly, that is discrimination which has no rational connection to any morally legitimate government purpose, and therefore amounts to unequal protection of law. Of course, no court will subject that question to strict constitutional scrutiny.
Neither “leftists”, who need to steal (via “taxation”) the labor/money of others to supply “freebies” for their voters, nor “rightists” who don’t seem to mind government-increased profits from the labor of individuals less politically astute than themselves, are willing to openly discuss such ideas with any degree of intellectual honesty. Instead, they deceptively refer to constitutional rule of law and strict adherence to written social contracts as “mob rule”.

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