Guv: Check 
history of all 
gun buyers

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“Of course” everybody wants to keep dangerous weapons out of the hand of dangerous people. Everybody is in favor of mom, apple pie and children, too.
To keep the public safe, we should probably start with checking Hickenlooper’s history, since the king is by definition inevitably the most corrupt, manipulative and dangerous person in the kingdom.
I find it both amazing and hypocritical that Hickenlooper and his ilk want to know everybody’s background before they can buy a gun, yet they didn’t want to vet OKenyan and his background before allowing him to become president even though he is self-evidently constitutionally ineligible.
Let’s be crystal clear: libs lie. Gun control is not remotely about making children safer or keeping criminals from getting guns. A determined criminal will get a gun no matter what, even if he has to ambush a policeman and steal his weapons. Gun control is about making the law-abiding citizen defenseless against an UNsustainable planned agenda of involuntary servitude via confiscatory taxation to prop up a dying global debt-as-money fraud. And that’s all it’s about.
As pointed out by Ben Shapiro in his new book, “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans,” libs will cheerfully resort to the politics of personal destruction to cover up their steal-and-redistribute political agenda, but their rhetoric isn’t fooling anybody.
Joe Biden says the “public wants action” on Sandy Hook. Well, I’ve got news for Big Brother Biden: ALL human beings want to retain their universal Creator-endowed right to preserve their lives by defending themselves against attacks by psychopathic criminals, including those who call themselves “government”.
Libs lie: 100-year old semi-automatic technology isn’t the same as “assault weapon”. An assault weapon is any weapon (including rocks and clubs) used for AGGRESSION. Any weapon used for DEFENSE is a “defense weapon”. Fortunately the internet is helping expose historical revisionism and intellectual dishonesty.
As for 30-round magazines, God forbid, maybe you need to defend yourself against the motorcycle gang next door.
Libs: grow a brain and get a life!

P.s No offense is intended toward any generic motorcycle user/s. As a matter of fact, when I was in my twenties, a motorcycle was my only means of transportation for two years. I was referring to the scary mental image of crazed murderously barbaric motorcycle gangs created by such movies as “The Born Losers” with Tom Laughlin as Billy Jack.

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