Hickenlooper sets record straight on fracking and gas drilling

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I’m a Democrat, and I’ve never attended a drum circle. I’m active in working both for the local Democratic Party and with Western Colorado Congress. Neither of those organizations is opposed to all energy development as you opine. Wanting the industry to use practice best practices and keep our air, water, and soil safe is not going to hurt either industry or the local environment. Your opinion piece, which is lacking in fact but heavy in political pandering is not helpful.

I’ve attended a drum circle.  And I enjoyed my travels in Europe. 

I have also learned in my life that arguments which must be propped up by silly, sophomoric, binary and trite cliches—Democrats in ‘drum circles,’ ‘European-style’ (whatever the hell that is…just a thrown out buzzword to excite the ever narrowing base)—probably have little else to rely on, and thus generally crumble under any real scrutiny.  In the triage of my life, they are the ones I discount quickly and move on to something of substance. 

Hickenlooper and a fiction novelist from the 1970s.  Drum circles.  European-style wealth redistribution. 

Wanting to address, discuss and perhaps solve complex problems by finding compromise, consensus, and common purpose; to understand the costs and trade offs which decisions in the real world tend to involve—is but ‘neoprimitivism’ to Mr. Wagner.  “Concerned about toxicity?  You must want to live in a cave! ” Mr. Wagner apparently believes. 

Because anyone who doesn’t fall lock step into line with the GOP-derived talking point of the day(and think how far that has drifted in a few short years—once there were reasonable voices in that party willing to speak out.  Now the dominant voices think that local land use planning is a UN plot and that Obama has tanks ready to roll through Clifton) is but a tool or fool.  There is no middle ground.  Either you share the cartoonishly cliche world of Mr. Wagner and pretend—along with him—that it is reality, or you are worthy of nothing but disdain, ridicule, and disrespect.  Its a bit of an embarrassment, really. 

My guess is there are some intelligent conservative local writers that can frame an argument without relying on shop worn, tired, two-dimensional cliches. But that can instead present articulate, creative, clever and fresh reasoning to support their cause. Such would improve the quality of your paper.

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