Hilkey: King has skill set to be sheriff

Phoot by Gretel Daugherty—Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey watches as updated election returns on a screen in the annex of the old Mesa County Courthouse show that voters rejected a ballot measure that would have lifted term limits for his position.

State Sen. Steve King is best situated to run the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, in part because of a pedigree beyond just “single-focus activism,” said Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey in a recent interview.

“He’s got 30 years of law enforcement experience and cares a lot about the people in this community,” Hilkey said Thursday after a press conference, when he announced plans to vacate the office June 15 to become director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

“He understands the job is much more than single-focus activism, which is what I’ve seen a lot of lately,” the nearly three-term Republican sheriff said.

“It’s sort of fashionable these days to talk about being frustrated with big government. But I’ve never, ever, thought that we should demonize any level of government that is in it for the right reasons, particularly at the federal level.”

He added, “Some of the best progress we’ve made with our community drug problems have been made in partnership with the DEA.”

Hilkey spoke in support of King on March 29 at the Mesa County Republican assembly, when self-described Constitutional sheriff candidate John Pennington earned top line on the upcoming primary ballot, 132 votes compared to 122 votes.

The primary election is June 24.

Hilkey, in announcing his pending departure, recommended in a letter to county commissioners that they appoint Undersheriff Rebecca Spiess top fullfil his term expiring January 2015.

Asked about whether he pondered recommending King for the interim period, Hilkey said, “I think that might have been a possibility had he been the only one in the race. At this point, that’s not the case. It makes sense in the interest of fairness, and the party, there’s this stable leadership that allows the elective process to occur.”

King started in law enforcement in 1980 as a patrolman and later detective with the Grand Junction Police Department, before joining the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and agency’s complex crimes unit.

He served two terms in the Colorado House before being elected to the state Senate in 2010.


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“single-focus activism,. Pffft. About time you good ol boys lost your grip on every damned thing in this county. No you good ol boys have done squat. Just look at this sad county. Just another cog of evidence that you good ol boys just recycle and recycle and recycle.

Not Freida Cook - Am a relative (Ltpar) - Have to admit, an endorsement from a sitting and popular Sheriff carries a lot of weight with voters.  Am impressed with Steve King’s background in law enforcement.  I do not fully share Sheriff Hilkey’s trust of the Federal Government, especially agencies like AT&F and Homeland Security.
A good question to ask all Sheriff candidates is the same President Obama has posed to many military leaders, “If National Martial Law were enacted and you were given an order by the President, would you fire on American citizens?”
It would appear that voters will have a choice of two very qualified men for the position of Sheriff.  Voters should ask the tough questions and then vote for the candidate they believe will best provide the kind of law enforcement Mesa County needs.

WHAT? Why do I, or any other citizen, need to know if the sheriff OR the military “would fire on US citizens” in the event of martial law? Exactly who are these military leaders that hussein has asked? What was their response? Why would a chairman need to know the answer to that? What the county needs is to get rid of the good ol boys boys and girls that are constatntly using the voters for their personal advancement.

Not Freida Cook - Am a relative (Ltpar)  Jerry, I agree with you on weeding out the “good ol boys” and RINOS posing as conservatives.  Not sure where the two primary candidates for Sheriff stack up, but both have impressive credentials.  The voters need to ask each the hard questions, determine their philosophy of law enforcemet and select the one who will do the best job for them.   
You need to know the Sheriff’s position on Martial Law and the Constitution because he/she will either be with the people or against the people.  As you probably know, under Martial Law all law enforcement is Federalized and placed under the control of the military.  One of the first steps to be taken is seizing all firearms to prevent citizens from resisting. What will you do when they knock on your front door and demand your guns?  Most Americans will resist and be shot in the process.
The Sheriff will play a major role as head law enforcement official in the county.  He /She may either join with the Feds or tell them he/she supports the Constitution, to take a hike and stay out of his/her county or face the consequences. While we pray such a scenario never occurs, in these days and times it could easily happen.  This is why people need to know where their Sheriff comes down in the process should such a scenario occurs. 
On military members being fired for refusing Obama’s pledge, I refer you to the folowing site for additional information.

No Martial Law does NOT mean the taking of individual weapons. It means the military CANNOT be used to enforce civil law UNLESS a state of martial law exists (Posse Comitatus Act) except the national guard operating in their home state. Why must you insist on exactly WHAT voters need to do? Hell you hide behind someone else’s name for gosh sakes. You are also assuming what people will or will not do. I have a plan. Do you? I think you’ve been drinking to much kool aide and got the king bug.

I clicked on “Frieda Cook’s” link, and my computer immediately shut down in panic mode. Not sure if this is a metaphor, an NSA plot or an attempt to install a virus on my computer, but I advise readers to skip the link and do their own research into these crackpot claims.

Not Freida Cook - Am a relative (Patrick Rodgers)
Jerry, I was trying to be polite in answering your question, but since you want to be a “buttface,” I will be more than happy to respond accordingly. 
Not that it is any of your business, I am not hiding behind anything.  While not residing in Grand Junction, I own a substantial amount of property there and read the Sentinal daily to keep up on what is happening.  My mother-in-law is Freida Cook and I use her subscription to log on and comment.  Each time, I identify that it is not her making the comments.  As it so happens my wife and I will likely be relocating to Grand Junction later this year. I am also retired from law enforcement and have a fair amount of expertise in that area. 
If you read my prior explaination of Martial Law, you will see that I indicated local state and federal law enforcement would be used as the enforcement arm of the Federal Government, along with members of the military.  This happens only if the President activates the Executive Order already signed and in place declaring Martial Law and placing all government under the control of FEMA.  If Martial Law is declared, the Constitution is set aside, Congress in gone and the country is broken down into a number of Regions.  Movement of people is restricted and FEMA already has camps inplace to handle those who are considered threats. As I previously indicated, with the Constitution set aside, none of the Amendments are in play coverning our rights including, the First, Second and Fourth.  To minimize resistance from citizens, seizure of guns is high on the “to do” list of FEMA.  Trust me Jerry when I say, this is something we all had better pray never happens. 
Glad you have a plan Jerry.  I have no plan, because I have no horse in the race.  Both of the primary candidates look good to me but but I am interested in seeing what they have to say as the political season moves on.
I am not insisting voters do anything.  Common sense and obviously you are lacking that, suggests that as a voter for any candidate, I look at their qualifications, philosophy of governing and cast my ballot for the one which best serves the needs of my community.  It is simply Civics 101 and how the system works. 
In conclusion, I don’t drink “Kool Aid” and am kind of a “Tea Party” guy myself, although diverting to a Bud Lite every now and then.  Good luck with your plan Jerry and let’s see how this Sheriff Campaign plays out.

Not Freida Cook - Am Patrick Rodgers-
Jerry, don’t give up your day job (if you have one) because you will never make it as a stand up commedian.

Lest you worry about me. Don’t give up your stupid rant because you are a comedian. Dipstick.

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