Horrific photo reveals some people’s hatred for wolves

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Once again, Grant demonstrates for all to see the wannabe-clever ad hominem ugliness that is FAR too much of so-called “leftist” so-called “reasoning”. The self-evident stupidity and hypocrisy of it is easy to deconstruct.
So now folks who want to protect other animals from wolves are called “wolf haters”, huh? Wolves eat baby deer, sheep and cows. So are the pro-wolf people “fawn haters”, “lamb haters”, or “calf haters”? Oh, puh-leeze! Give me a break!
What I am curious to know is whether or not Grant is a vegan. If Grant eats chicken, pork, lamb or beef, is he a “chicken hater”, a “pig hater”, a “lamb hater”, a “cow hater”? If Grant is a “flesh eater”, I’m sure the meat-is-murder folks at PETA and ALF would think so. It’s important for folks to know so they can better understand his manipulative hypocrisy and idiotic self-absorbed blather.
Personally, I eat very little meat because I am trying to use natural (aka “alternative”) methods to heal myself of Type-2 diabetes, and 1/4 pound beef patty produces the same insulin response in a human body as 1/4 pound of white sugar. So I am only interested in the science of nutrition, not Grant-type “liberal” blather as to whether or not I should be eating some animal-based food along with plant-based complex carbohydrates. It was life changing for me to understand that all simple carbs are “sugar” to a diabetic, and all animal-based foods are “fat”. Sugar and fat are very hard addictions to beat.
Full disclosure: yeh, I also don’t appreciate the same picture Grant dislikes, and I have zero sympathy with trophy hunting, which I consider evil. I have enough respect for my furred, finned and feathered friends to think the majestic old animals have earned the right to die of natural causes.
Hopefully I never share Grant’s problem of intellectual self-indulgence. The philosophical problem of predation is a conundrum for me. Predation violates the Golden Rule. So if there is a moral order to the universe (as it make my life happier to believe), how does Golden-Rule-violative predation fit into the plan? Are all predators, including human meat eaters “haters”? You sure can’t “love” something you kill and eat, or worse yet, something you pay somebody else to kill so you can eat it.
As is the case with most leftists, it seems to me that Grant is WAY to quick to judge others using his own self-indulged ignorance and philosophical and intellectual shallowness as a measuring stick.

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