Junction can’t limit panhandlers,  judge says

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This is a bunch of *!  These panhandlers are a blight on our city!  I’ve never seen this many in any other city I have visited.  Now the trend is to have dogs or kids with you to play on people’s sympathies.  I feel like the local police do - don’t give them anything.  There is a food kitchen and a place they can sleep if they want to.  Do you know if the money is going towards food or is it going towards cigarettes and booze?  If they would outlaw them here, then maybe they’ll go be a blight on some other city.

Don’t give them money, problem solved. That’s a solution from a Conservative not a Legislating Liberal. If you see something you don’t like, don’t support it. Why should someone get to keep a couple hundred dollars tax free for doing nothing? I have offered many panhandlers work over the years and NONE ever take the job over mooching, ever.

buy them a bus ticket out of town with the promise of no return…

A homeless man offered to help shovel snow off our downtown office building’s parking lot one winter. I was very grateful for the help and paid him $10 and a few packages of Ramen noodles. He was very grateful and went on his way. I had contacted a local landscaper/snow removal business who had quoted $160 for the same job (which was why I had started shoving it myself).

I blame Liberal mindset of “provide for everybody no matter what the cost to society”. Teach someone to fish not sit on the corner and beg! I used to watch a lady in Seattle stand at a stop light off the highway everyday after work. One day I was late coming home, she was walking about 500 yards up the road to her MERCEDES BENZ. we have created a bunch of social parasites due to Liberal mindsets. Wake Up America!

Here’s some reading—Matthew 25: 31-46.

Yeah, Peter. Seems like this has gotten the goats all riled up.

Not Freida Cook - Am a relative - Ltpar.  I wonder how the Judge would feel about me being stopped by an aggressive panhandler, my rewarding him with a left hook and right cross combination. He has his rights and I have mine.  The City should appeal the Judge’s decision.

I would hope you’d be charged with assault relative of Freida Cook. You can’t attack a person for annoying you.

numerous times I have had my vehicle kicked after “POLITELY” ASKING a panhandler to step back out of traffic. Numerous times I have offered work to be turned down every time. Charity is something I always thought should be “offered” not begged for or demanded by grabbing my arm after denying to “give” them something because I don’t agree with this action. If grabbed, kicked, or cursed at I will continue to defend myself. If my rights aren’t equal to that of someone coming up to me in public and invading my right to free actions, then it is time to revolt. If people like some of you didn’t “feed the bears, the bears would demand more food” so to speak. Charity must demand self respect, mooching has none and for someone to “propagate” mooching is unforgiveable.

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