Junction VA hospital shows poorly in wait times

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Where did USA Today get their statistics?  I’d believe OIG more!

Really? Pat Hitt (Hit?) was the “acting” director here during this time. OIG? Hell you’ve obviously not ever contacted VA OIG. They are just as worthless. You can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink.

Were you fired from the VA?  You seem very bitter?

No sir. Why do you throw that out there?Who min hell are you? I happen to know that many people have quit due to the administration. Piss poor service. You seem very blindfolded. You do NOT know crap and yet you jump out on me. You seem very uninformed just like the majority of democraps? How bout that? I HAVE done my research and I have FACTS. Unlike you. Read the damned article. Go to USA News. Idiot. Who are you anyway? Like I said have you EVER contacted the VAOIG. I have NEVER worked for the VA, You sound like Hugenburg and every other democrap just throw any old crap out there. When you get your ducks in a row then you can comment on me. Until then sit down and shut up.

I’m the wife, even tho his name is on here and I work at the VA ICU unit. We’ve had nothing but compliments in all the inpatient units from the vets and there is mutual respect from the vets and us.  I don’t really know about the outpatient services.  You seem to know Pat Hitt’s name and I know of employees being fired who are very bitter to administration there.  I don’t believe any newspaper articles because they can be very biased and I will only believe official reports. 
We love our vets and they love us, like I said, this is in the impatient units.  Also, you’re way off the Mark, that’s the lowest blow to me that you call us Democrats, there’s no way we’d ever be associated with that party.  Thank you.

Just as you were way off the mark accusing me of being a disgruntled “ex-employee” who was fired. As far as never having a complaint—that statement is hogwash. I know very well of MAJOR issues elevated to the Chief of Staff. You would NOT believe the response. However there are many ways…... Well I guess in your initial blast your statement of believing the IG over anyone you lied. Because had you researched the source of the report you would have found that the IG report was being quoted.
How did it feel to be called a democrap? Something like a “disgruntled ex-employee who was fired?” Pat Hitt’s name is well known for poor leadership. I do not see what difference that makes. I personally know of many people who have quit due to poor administration. Exactly to what end do you attribute that fact? Because of all of the laudatory comments? Because of a great environment? When forced to follow unqualified liars and poor leaders just what should they be other than bitter? Kinda like the new leader——he gets fired in St Louis and ends up here? What? I guess all of the doctors there were “bitter” as well? Especially those who blew the whistle on that grand leadership?. Sheesh.

I said before that I work inpatient and we haven’t had complaints where I work.

I don’t know of any nurses who have quit because of administration in inpatients.  I do know when there’s a job opening for nurses at the VA, Community Hospital and St. Mary’s nurses all try to get in the VA.  A lot of our nurses came from those hospitals and would never go back.  Also, it starts at the top, the White House, IRS, any government agency has been caught lying and changing data.  I wish it didn’t happen, but our government is horribly corrupt from the top down!

I am convinced that you know very little about the situation. Do NOT research and allow your emotions to be your guide. Most of what you claim is hogwash. NEVER is an absolute.

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