Massacre certain to stir debate over guns

DENVER —A day after Gov. John Hickenlooper declared that enough time had passed since the July shootings at an Aurora movie theater to start a conversation about gun-control measures in Colorado, another shooting occurred.

As a result, the governor was reluctant to say Friday just what kind of gun-control measures the Colorado Legislature should consider when it convenes next month.

“When I say begin a conversation, what I’m really saying is, ‘Begin to collect the facts to make sure we’re all playing from the same deck,’” the governor said at a gathering of Capitol press and legislative leaders. “One thing I’ve learned again and again around gun issues the last couple of months, not everybody has the same factual basis. People are unaware of some of the most basic facts around the issue.”

But while Hickenlooper and other Democrats in the Colorado statehouse don’t all agree on what legislation should be considered when lawmakers gather in January, Republicans agree on the matter: It should be nothing at all.

Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, said new gun-control laws aren’t going to stop these types of shootings.

“The real bottom line here is, there are 300 million people in this country, so someone somewhere is planning to do harm to somebody on any given day,” Cadman said at the same gathering. “All the laws in the world aren’t going to stop criminals from doing criminal acts.”

That prompted an immediate response from the incoming president of the Colorado Senate, Sen. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, who said it’s folly to say there’s nothing lawmakers can do to address the issue.

Morse said gun enthusiasts shouldn’t overreact and fear that all firearms will be banned.

Still, some will be targeted, such as the AR-15 assault rifle used in the Aurora shootings, he said.

“It’s not designed to hunt elk, it’s not designed to hunt deer,” Morse said. “Those guns are designed to be used in battle. There ought to be high-capacity magazines on the battlefield. There ought to be semi-automatic weapons on the battlefield. But we don’t need those weapons in the city streets to be used for exactly what happened in Aurora.”

Whatever bills come forward, Hickenlooper said he expects the discussion to cover the full gamut, from banning some weapons to allowing even more.

He said there’s never a good time to start such discussions, but the Aurora and Connecticut shootings, at least, show it’s time to have the courage to talk about it openly.

“I guarantee someone’s going to come forward and say, ‘If there were guards in the schools and people had guns everywhere, there would be greater protection,’ ” the governor said. “You’re going to hear every color of the spectrum over the next few months. But we can’t postpone the discussion on a national level every time there’s a shooting. They are too often.”


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It is a horrific tragedy, but it was done by a PERSON. The gun did not grow legs and walk itself into that school. It’s easy to blame the guns, but if someone wants to do harm, they’re going to find a way. Poisoning, driving a car into a crowd, homemade pipe bombs, arson etc.

There will always be an underground market for firearms and the more illegal a gun is, the more attractive it becomes to some, even if it’s only for financial investment purposes. It’s always going to be possible for a criminal to get a gun, regardless of how many laws we enact.

By the way, it may not be in style or the first choice of a hunter, but you CAN hunt with an AR-15. There are just better options out there.

The real debate is not about guns. It’s an Economics-101 debate: eliminating God, eliminates “thou shalt not steal”, “thou shalt not covet” and the Golden Rule, which, in turn, facilitates the Left’s steal-and-redistribute agenda, which, by definition, inherently leads to violent confrontation.
Disordered control freaks in govt have two choices: 1) more control, higher taxes, or 2 less control, lower taxes. By definition, Power (over the “Other”) is its own means and ends. It exists only to grow itself, therefore, by definition, govt’s default choice is inevitably #1. Hence humans’ sick and stupid 200-to-500-year revolutionary cycles.
The fact Nature itself per se IS a free-market — (people are going to eat what they please, think what they please, associate with whom they please, and work as hard as they please) — cause-and-effect, survival-of-the-fittest place is beyond human control or opinion. That’s why smart realists will always pay more attention to the Austrian school of economics than the Keynesians. In polar contrast, existentialist leftists believe that perception is reality, so if they can only come up with clever enough propaganda to make people think everything is “all right”, the “economy” will “recover” and “be all right”. This is why they dream up terms like “quantitative easing” instead of just saying “printing money”. The very basis of their philosophy is deception.
Here’s how the “gun control” “debate” will play out: higher taxes = less money for citizen discretionary spending = fewer consumer goods bought = fewer goods need to be produced = fewer employees needed to produce fewer goods = more people unemployed = less revenue for govt = higher taxes, etc, ad infinitum, thus completing the inevitable vicious cycle of circling down the toilet drain of destruction, despair, suffering and violence.
As govt decides to increase tyranny to violently enforce exponentially increasing taxes, citizens will have an ever increasing need for the “arms” the Founders were smart enough to have given them in the 2nd Amendment.
Leftist sophists pretend the 2nd Amendment was written when “arms” meant muskets. That deliberately ignores the fact that at the time, the military and police also only had muskets. The 2nd Amendment was written so the citizenry of the country would always be able to defeat the combined military and police of the country, should the military and police decide to fight on the side of the treasonous scum who want to eliminate God and the U.S. Constitution and simply impose their will by force on the rest of society.
The Constitution requires commodity-based money. Duopoly GOP and DEM politicians love debt-deception-based political “money” because it gives them power to reward friends, punish enemies and buy votes to stay in office. THAT is the real problem and the REAL gun control “debate”.

A couple of additional points. I absolutely despise the intellectually dishonesty and manipulation behind the wannabe-clever leftist propaganda term “assault” rifle, or “assault” weapon. I also despise the Left’s strategic misuse of the term “automatic” in that context.
Anything used to aggressively attack somebody, whether it be a gun, knife, club, or rock, is an “assault” weapon because it is being used for aggression against another person. On the other hand, if that same weapon, whatever it may be, is used for DEFENSE, it becomes a “defense” weapon. Wannabe-clever anti-gun propagandists never talk about that because it would seriously decrease their political “traction” with the public.
With an “automatic” rifle, when you depress the trigger, it automatically fires continuously until you either 1) let up on the trigger or 2) the magazine is emptied. If a rifle fires only one round each time you depress the trigger, the correct descriptive term is “semi-automatic”.
As ignorant and manipulative as the anti-gun crowd tends to be, I would feel a lot more kindly toward them if they stopped using the intellectually-fraudulent-but-politically-clever term “assault” rifles, and started called calling them “ugly semi-automatic rifles with 30-round magazines”.
By the way, for any person who at least gives lip service to the principle of rule of law, the only intellectually honest approach to gun control is to repeal the 2nd Amendment via Article V and procedural due process, something I believe most pro-gunners would be willing to fight an actual shooting Civil War ver 2.0 to avoid. I view the idea that the executive branch (a president) could unilaterally ban guns via an executive order as immoral, unconstitutional, erroneous in law, and treason on its face. Leftist control-freak propagandists need to seriously reconsider that one.
It has already been correctly noted that, by definition, criminals will disregard not only gun laws but all laws of any kind. The axiom is that the rule is not governed/made by the exception. Only naive, gullible, intelligence-challenged Utopians or lying, thieving duopoly politicians with unspoken steal-your-labor agendas try to make public policy based on the anomaly that is the outrageous criminal behavior of a relatively few disordered lunatics.

The Truth of Liberalism:

“Leftist ideology is a pathogen that invades a society and will ultimately kill the host. The host must fight for its existence to throw the Disease off and heal itself.”

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