Measure to upgrade monument to park may come in January

Legislation to upgrade Colorado National Monument to a national park could be introduced as soon as January, supporters of the move said Tuesday, hailing the prospect as a much-needed economic…


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PART 1: As a strictly theoretical abstract idea, I couldn’t care less whether the Colorado National Monument (CNM) remains a national monument or is turned into a national park. I simply don’t have a dog in that ideological hunt.
That said, speaking as the John Wilkenson in the federal court case of John R. Wilkenson vs. U.S. Dept of Interior, et al., 634 FS 1265 which succeeded in getting a permanent injunction against the federal government’s charging of federal recreation fees for non-recreational travel to and from the Glade-Park/Piñon-Mesa area and the rest of the world over the road across the corner of the CNM, I wanted to express some concerns I think deserve the attention of local voters, especially of Glade Park (GP) residents and their friends and families, along with anyone who wants to travel to the GP environs for non-recreational purposes.
In an Orwellian age where the Police Intelligence & Surveillance State apparatus and the MSM still peddle the cover-up lie that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK, most people ought to be non-gullible enough to understand that federal statutes are almost always named the exact opposite of their real, unspoken intent.
If Russia, China and India join forces in the first quarter of 2014 to reject the U.S. dollar as the fraudulent debt-as-money currency “of last resort”, America will turn into a third-world country overnight. That makes the monument-vs-park issue laughably small potatoes by comparison.
The CNM access issue was never about exclusively Glade Park residents, although that’s where Reagan’s Secretary of Interior, James Watt, began his cutesy little quest to illegally charge federal recreation fees for non-recreational travel across a tiny corner of CNM over the modern-day road and right of way that had previously been known as “Serpent’s Trail”. CNM officials tried to get GP residents to sign a statement (actually a form of contract) agreeing that they traveled the road at the sufferance of the federal government — which was a revisionist-history lie. I was among those who refused to sign. Fact is, the Congressional Record unequivocably indicated that when Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall was selling the relevant federal legislation to Congress, he told them “the last thing in the world” the legislation was intended to do was precisely what Watt et al were doing with it: interfering with ingress and egress between rural areas and small towns and the rest of the outside world.

PART 2. As a matter of moral principle and political sustainability, I oppose the concept of centralized political power and money flowing from the top down. I very much prefer decentralized power and money flowing from the bottom up. So as a matter of principle, I don’t exactly have warm and fuzzy feelings about local trust-fund-baby-type manipulators who pretend that calling something by a different name changes the physical reality of that thing. For example, using the politically correct “language of caring” to refer to a medical condition of retardation as “minimally exceptional”, “differently abled”or “handicapable”, etc., makes me want to throw up. A thing is what it is, and merely changing what you call it doesn’t usually accomplish anything.
The reason Mesa County (MC) and I won the 1980’s injunction was because I was able to convince then-MC-Commissioner Gene Vories that I had done my homework and my legal position was correct. Vories, in turn, was able to persuade Dick Pond to join him, and eventually Maxine Albers gave in and made the vote unanimous to join my case.
As retribution for Vories perceived anti-establishment audacity, the corrupt local political establishment used a corrupt Colorado banking statute to “reassess the equity position” on Vories’ bank loan and call it due in its entirety. As a result, the local Good Old Boys in effect outright stole Vories’ successful 20+ employee plumbing supply shop and GP ranch, despite the fact Vories had never missed or even been late with one payment in his life. Such wannabe-clever manipulative evil goes far past offensive all the way to intolerability and anathema.
World-class financial adviser and life-long banking insider, Catherine Austin Fitts — along with other economists I respect — has explained that during a currency war, or currency “collapse”, the thing to do is decentralize and diversify for survival. You don’t invest your money with Chase. You invest in small local business enterprises that make and trade real stuff useful to humans at the local level. You don’t turn to “economic development” manipulators to bring top-down “grant” money and such into our local community. You don’t bribe businesses to come to town. You make and trade real things at the local level and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and sweat.
If I were to have a problem with changing the status of the CNM it would be due to the type of people who seem to be leading the movement, combined with the fact they allegedly want (for our own good, of course) to cure our “pessimism” about economic hard times.
With Obamacare, the idea is that prices will be driven downward when you use fear and coercion to increase the size of the risk pool. With the CNM, the idea is that calling it a park instead of a monument will bring more tourist dollars into the Grand “Good Old Boy” Valley. I don’t buy either idea for one second.

PART 3. If I had any advice, it would be for locals to maintain a healthy distrust of cutesy political “economic development” manipulators who promise you the moon in hopes of lining their own pockets. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Also remember, if federal bureaucrats had obeyed the rule of law in the first place back in the 80s, I would never have had to fight James Watt and the local Good Old Boys in federal court and the media.
Don’t be gullible and naïve or let yourself be demonized by coercive and manipulative cutesy pies as “doom and gloomers”, etc. Make absolutely sure that there is an iron-clad understanding, specific in both word and intent, that under NO circumstances whatsoever will federal recreation fees be charged either directly or indirectly for non-recreational travel between the Glade-Park/Piñon-Mesa area and the outside world over the segment of road which is the subject of the already existing permanent injunction issued by the U.S. District Court for Colorado, the Honorable Richard P. Matsch presiding.
When you want to know the truth of an issue, always remember the ancient wisdom, “follow the money”. It could easily be that some local Good Old Boy wants a multi-million-dollar contract (courtesy of the Mesa County taxpayers) to build a nice alternative access route up Little Park Road. After all, making sure that the right amount of money goes into the right pockets is the whole purpose of sales tax revenue bonds and “certificates of participation”. Otherwise, how could new police stations and libraries get built in spite of being rejected by the voters?
If, after a lot of careful thought, local consensus is overwhelmingly in favor of a name change, how about changing the CNM’s name to “Heaven on Earth National Park”? Just think of all the tourists and money that would bring to town! (NOTE: To any person who takes anything any political-class hack says at face value, I have some nice ocean-front property near Green River I’d like to sell you real cheap.)
Sorry if I sound a bit cynical. It’s just that, as a matter of survial-economics-based philosophy, I much prefer that a $10 million bridge cost the taxpayers $10 million instead of the $30 million or so it does when it is bonded into indebtedness so the right people can earn tax-free interest on the manipulation-based public debt. You see, right now, there are a couple of hundred trillion dollars or so in unfunded liabilities and a couple of quadrillion dollars or so of fraudulent derivatives floating around America’s financial universe which seem to have an odd way of fueling my general distrust (and dislike) of the political class/es.
As a society, we are going to have to start finding ways to ignore them and beat them at the polls if we are to realistically entertain any hope of surviving what lies ahead, whether or not you call it “pessimism”.

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