Printed Letters: April 29, 2014

Voters urged to learn more about Pennington and Cox
So, two Mesa County Patriots, John Pennington and David Cox, made the GOP ballot for sheriff and Congress respectively, and both follow a coordinated script regarding the Constitution and how they will “oppose, attack and destroy” (Cox’s militant words) the “criminal operation” in Washington D.C. and in Colorado that doesn’t agree with their interpretation.

Everyone else’s interpretation of the Constitution is, of course, a “misinterpretation.” What a bunch of control freaks.

We’ve heard some about Cox, but Pennington stepped out of nowhere. Does he have a legal background of any kind? Doesn’t he know that in our form of government he must follow the law, even if he disagrees with it? He can try to change the law through voting, legislation or the courts, but no one may choose his own law. Isn’t that actually the basis of our Constitution?

There’s a new book out, “American Epic” by Garrett Epps, who is an active constitutional lawyer and a professor of constitutional law. The book provides lessons about understanding the Constitution. With people recently kicking around the Constitution like a football, Epps wrote it to educate.

One could suggest the Mesa County Patriots read this excellent tutorial that doesn’t display a left or right agenda but only describes how difficult it is to interpret.

I know I couldn’t pass muster in front of the Supreme Court, and I doubt these two could. But our president could. President Obama is also a constitutional lawyer and professor.

We need much more background on these candidates, such as how often and how long they have been voting, as well as education, political activity and other normal background information.

Grand Junction

BLM’s increasing restrictions threaten our birthrights
I was dismayed to read in the April 21 paper that the BLM is being pushed by yet more special interest groups into even more restrictive management of our public lands.

The so-called “wildlife management emphasis area” is just another step toward keeping citizens off their public lands. Proposed protections “include stipulations on surface-disturbing activities, travel closures, [and] seasonal and recreational restrictions.” Once areas are designated, you can bet rules will evolve into severe restrictions.

This concept is a bad idea and will continue to push us in the dangerous direction of eventually losing our public lands.

The main reason I moved here was the abundance of BLM and Forest Service lands. I have lived on the Western Slope for only 14 years, but in that short span I have seen BLM land chopped up into numerous national conservation areas, where one’s freedom is so restricted that one is even afraid to pee in the woods.

The recent uprising in Nevada may be the canary in the coal mine. More and more, I hear the call for divestiture of BLM land and national forests.

I have a great fear that one day, if we continue down this road of overly restrictive management, we will lose our birthright, these millions of acres of wonderful wildlands. 

Wildlife Biologist
U.S. Forest Service, retired

Even in lackluster economy, positive thinking is important
Conservatives have harped in doomsday unison that the economy is growing slowly because of President Obama.  

I look back to the Clinton years when the economy grew steadily for nine years. At the time I wondered what would happen in slow/bad economic times.  We now know; it appears the duration of bad times increased, creating what we now perceive as the Great Recession.  

I have to ask, what could possibly be wrong with slow growth?  Isn’t it possible that slow growth will create longer-term benefits?  Isn’t it possible that the ups and downs coupled with the boom/bust cycles of Colorado West is not an endearing re-occurrence and not something for which we should be wishing?

I like what I read from one pundit on the April 21 issue of The Daily Sentinel. It was something to the effect that it is great that events seem to turn out better than doomsayers expect. I say “Amen to that, sister.” I propose a toast for positive thinking. It will be of grave importance for posterity.

Grand Junction

DA’s handling of Cook’s case raises concerns and questions
The Mesa County coroner determined the shooting of Randy Cook on Jan. 1 was a homicide. The Mesa County district attorney has sealed the records and is refusing to file charges, allowing someone that has murdered another person to walk free and putting the community at risk.

It appears as if the district attorney is selectively enforcing laws in the county based on social position or wealth. Can the community do anything to insure the justice system is enforced equally?

Grand Junction


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Ms O’toole thank you for providing me with such a huge laugh. I am sure it will last until June at least. Let me see your assertion is we should rely on Mr Epps interpretation. His book must surely be far left wing and some sort of bias in order to bolster the democrap side? It is obvious to more than the casual observer that obummer’s total disregard for any law that he feels unjust, lying to cover his appointees (Benghazi-Hillary, IRS-Lerner, Fast and Furious-Holder, husseincare failure-Sebelius, and on and on and on)is NOT within obeying the law. Citing barack (barry) hussein soetoro (obama) as a constitution expert is akin to stating that I have walked on the moon-is, well, unbelievable. You, as a responsible voter, need to vet the candidates yourself rather than relying on some other source. Last what is the “Mesa County Patriots?” Never heard of them. I shall surely investigate.

Mr Lucero as you boastfully praise Hillary’s wife you neglect to mention that limpwilly had a REPUBLICAN controlled house and senate during his eight years as chairman. Further his enactment of NAFTA has sent jobs flying to Mexico, unemployment, tax loss, and on and on and on.

Mr Hooper kudos. How do elected crooks like Reid gain authority over “BLM controlled lands?” How is Reid involved with chinese wind farms? How is he gaining his ill-gotten millions of dollars.

To Jerry Sanders:
Didn’t your mother ever teach you to be civil?

Your letter is so full of uncivilized comments that I could hardly read it. I truly want to listen to the conservative point of view, and I will respect your opinions if you afford me and people who are not of your political persuasion with the same respect.

America does not need to be a team sport, we need to be Americans first, working together to solve the problems that we share. I don’t believe we can get there unless we listen carefully to each other without name calling and rude behavior.

Some questions for you: Do you know anything about the book that Ms O’Toole recommended? I don’t. I first heard about it when I read her letter. It seems to me that you are assuming that the author has an agenda, but without actually knowing something about the book, you can’t possible know that.

I belong to the Democratic Party, we are not democraps, we are Democrats.

The President of the United States of America, duly elected twice by wide margins is President Barack Obama, not “obummer.” Stop with the name calling. It does nothing to advance your argument, but does make you seem petty and rude.

You may not believe that President Obama is a constitutional scholar, but it is a fact. He taught constitutional law at one of America’s most prestigious universities—the University of Chicago. Clearly a major university believes he is an expert on constitutional law.

And then there is the silly comment about “Hillary’s wife” extended to “limpwilly” I’m not impressed by your lack of civility. It is, however, amusing that you would note that President William Jefferson Clinton worked with a Republican controlled congress to approve NAFTA. You can’t give him credit for a strong economy, but you can blame him for a failed trade agreement pushed by Republicans? Is this logical? In my opinion it simply demonstrates a complete lack of honesty.

I am very worried about our Democracy if we can’t have honest discussions that don’t involve name calling, disrespect, and flagrant lies.

Ms Konola-Thank you indeed for many points. Indeed my parents raised me in a very traditional manner. One of respect. I, however, take umbrage with your self appointed disciplinarian status. Who do you think you are? Presume to lecture me indeed. America is still a free country-free speech. Like your TV if you’d problems with my piece it is simple-TURN IT OFF. I, obviously, opened a venue in order to espouse your “greatness.” Are you running for office?

Indeed I know nothing of the book or author. In the context it was used most educated people would reach the conclusion that I did-it must support the left wing, progressive, liberal point of view.

Ms O’toole referenced “Mesa county patriots. Are they the only ones that need read it? Who are they?

Is it not painfully obvious to you, as with most people, that our constitution is trampled everyday by this administration?

Should you interpret obummer as obama it is fine by me. Is that akin to your calling some people “tea baggers?” Would this “great” American, college professor of constitutional law, at the college of CHICAGO have been reelected were it not for all of the lies and coverups. Lies and coverups that still have no answers.

Nor am I impressed with your “civility.” Where were you when veterans returning in the 60’s and 70’s were coming home to spit and damnation? Where are you as the latest BLM and VA failures come to light.

Never presume that for whatever reason that you tell me what to do. Quite frankly I do not give a damned about your civility standards. I do NOT see you on here jabber jawing about anyone on the left and their name calling.

You successfully used my comments in a feeble attempt to elevate your own status. Despicable. Indeed. Maybe you’ve gained some sympathy voters because this big bad uncivil man disagrees with you. I am a proud veteran. I take umbrage, in the face of this administrations lies and coverups and scandal upon scandal, with people such as yourself attempting to sugar coat it. This administration is an absolute total failure.

Not a team sport you say? Why then is it democraps against republicans always. Do not think for one millisecond that you ever tell me what to do or think. TURN IT OFF. “I am very worried about our Democracy if we can’t have honest discussions that don’t involve name calling, disrespect, and flagrant lies.” Name calling you say-uncivil hillary’s wife is, in fact, limpwilly. NAFTA was, in fact, pushed by hillary’s wife. Your definition of honesty might be applied to that person looking back in your mirror. Weren’t you taught to sit down and shut-up when you had nothing important to say? I was and do.

RE Caludette Konola:
Speaking as a person who reads U.S. Supreme Court opinions for a hobby, I always find it tiring when somebody who obviously knows nothing about the subject of the U.S. Constitution tries to lecture others on same.
Jerry Sanders is on point. His “tit-for-tat” rhetoric seems quite appropriate to the level of SOP Democrat intellectual dishonesty and sophistry he appears to be standing in opposition to, and which regularly appears in the Sentinel in the “Baghdad Bill” (Grant) and “Baghdad Jim” (Spehar) columns.
Contrary to the self-evidently clueless opinions of Ms. O’Toole and Ms. Konola, it is not a “fact” that Obama (I prefer “OKenyan”) is a constitutional scholar. People like Antonin Scalia and Robert Bork are real constitutional scholars. And by all means let’s give the “lib” scholars their due by recognizing such as Louis Brandeis and Laurence Tribe. How do I know? Easy. As a layman I’ve read (and understood) enough relevant books and U.S. Supreme Court opinions to understand what I’m looking at. There are countless people who should give that a try before publicly exposing their ignorance of the subject matter.
Ms. O’Toole says, “no one may choose his own law.” What a hypocritical farce! Completely ignoring the notion of comity between branches of government and abusing executive-order powers, Obama has done little else since usurping the office he is constitutionally ineligible for (see Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1874) - BOTH parents of a U.S. President must be American citizens). And let’s not forget Obama’s insulting arrogance toward the Supremes during his first State Of The Union address. Then there is John Robert’s language-torturing Obamacare opinion (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius) so despicably lacking in anything remotely resembling intellectual honesty. The list of B.S. government behavior is virtually endless.
For those who pay attention to such things, here’s the way the stupid-human pecking order struggle known as “politics” actually work in real life: people tend to mindlessly run their yaps and try to manipulate public opinion until some courageous soul such as abolitionist John Brown says something like, “we’re going to start killing white slave owners until slavery is abolished.” At that point, the blacks-as-chattel slavery issue has become sufficiently polarized, John Brown is hung, 600,000+ young men die in a Civil War, the 9th and 10th Amendments are de facto repealed, and blacks-as-chattel slavery is exchanged for the debt-as-money economic slavery of everybody.
No, folks, don’t buy for one second the idea that criminal manipulators such as FDR and J.P.Morgan are more important to humanity than the geniuses such as Einstein and Tesla whom they outmaneuver “politically”.

Mr. Sanders,
It’s clear that if a conservative, constitutionalist expresses his opinion, it is derided by the liberal/progressives as “HATE SPEECH”! Speech that is so loathsome to them that they will do and say anything to demean, diminish, derail and attempt to shame them to shut them up. The hyperbole spouted by the progressive Ms. O’Toole comes from the Democrat camp that espouses hatred towards all conservatives. If she and Ms. Kanola really believed in “Free Speech”, they would understand that you have the same right to object to their words as they step on yours.

Pennington is being portrayed as an evil person, someone not willing to uphold the laws, someone who is to be feared by all. It is apparent they haven’t taken the time to truly investigate him at all, just degrade him and spout their hyperbole and foment fear where none should be. Pennington is a man that understand completely the laws he must uphold, he is someone that can and will protect everyone in this county from harm no matter where or who it comes from. The law, under Pennington, will be upheld even if he doesn’t agree with it. It is the LAW. This is a Constitutional Candidate that will protect us from overreaching governmental officials in their misguided efforts to undermine our Rights as citizens protected by our Constitutions, both the United States and the Colorado Constitution.

Your right on Mr. Sanders! Your views are correct, you are not MEAN, you are honest.

Your words are more than just needed, they must be heard, and they are your right to Free Speech.
Let Freedom Ring.

For the record, I am running for the Colorado State Senate, District 7. I was married to a man who was drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1969. I supported him fully While he was at the DMZ and when he came home. Even though we are now divorced, we remain friends—in fact he sends contributions to my political campaign. I speak regularly with people at GJResult/Tea Party, and never, never use the term Teabagger. I know who the Mesa County Patriots are, and have attended one of their events. I have also criticized their behavior in columns I wrote for the Grand Junction Free Press.

I find it quite apropos that Mr.Sanders picked “Minor v. Happersett” to cite. This was a free white woman of more that 21 years of age, that wanted to vote and was refused the “right” because of what she lacked…namely manhood. So she sued the County Election clerk, a Mr. Happersett.  The suit was brought to the Missouri Supreme Court, decided there and affirmed by the US Supreme Court.  All before the 14th amendment.

Sorry Mr.Sanders I meant to address my statement to Mr.Wilkenson My apologies

Indeed Ms Konola. Thanks to your ex and ex father in law for their service. I researched you. Your blog is quite telling. Your demonstration of the Vietnam war. Your liberal, progressive agenda. Truly pathetic that you turned a comment concerning an individual (Ms O’Tolle) espousing that we “must” follow our law and constitution and therefor should not support Cox or Pennington. Further I am to believe that obummer and someone else should tell me how to interpret the US Constitution. What an absolute pathetic joke. Then here you come, under the guise of my supposed “incivility,” espousing your greatness. Your caring attitude. Your many attempts at being a politician are pathetic as well. Recommend you find another line of work. You, madam are nothing more than a “good ol girl.” Right in there with the “good ol boys.” Are you related to Ms Rowland. If you were true to your BLOG you would be agreeing with me that this administration is the absolute worst in our history. Lies. Scandals. On and on. Why not cite an example of this “constitutional” Chicago community college organizer? By the way when you were “demonstrating” in the 60’s did you burn US Flags? Spew that vile anti-government crap. No madam you are NOT the solution to a damned thing. Rather you ARE the problem. Recycled good ol boys and gals club. Self appointed elitist. Self appointed know it all. You do NOT mean all of that on your BLOG. Dyed in the wool liberal democrap trying to a pile of stinking garbage into an elegant pile of “Icare, we care, the kids are gonna die, the sky is falling. Bye the bye WE DO NOT NEED immigration reform. Period. We need to close our borders. Period. Any reforming can be done after that. One does not fix the gate after the cow is gone. To borrow a line from RAMBO (there are no friendly civilians) I will take the liberty to alter it slightly THERE ARE NO FRIENDLY CAREER POLITICIANS. POLITICIANS WHO CONSTANTLY RUN AND RUN AND RUN. Money? Power? Someone on here once said that Mr McInnis is “OVER QUALIFIED” to be on the county commission. So why is he running? In typical politician fashion I took note of your comment “I have never ever used the term teabagger.” That was not even the point. The point was “name calling.”


Do not await a political contribution and or a vote for you from me. As an aside I truly believe that BOTH parties suck. Just look at our once PROUD AMERICA. LOOK AT HER. She is in her death throes as a result of career politicians LIKE YOU. Stand up and be counted.

I am remiss— Provided as a community service in the event that reader desire to vet Ms Konola.

I’m sorry that Jerry Sanders is so angry. I really do listen to people from all walks of life, and invite them to visit my website, where comments can be left and questions can be asked. We believe in free speech, and do not edit or remove posts unless there are obvious errors, threats, or incivility. Check us out

You know Ms Claude the I have nothing personal against you. I have real problems with the good old boy/gal network.  I have problems with self appointed elitist law breakers. JUST LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY. LOOK at her. It is so obvious that all of the dawned career good old boys and girls have sufficiently screwed it up. Hillary would NOT protect 4 AMERICANS can you see her as CIC? Our brave young men and women have volunteered since 1973. Do you get it? Volunteered. FOR WHAT? ELITISTS? My question for you is rather than staunchly defend these lovers why aren’t you asking for accountability? Why can’t you see the corruption? Seems to me that your only goal is to be elected? Really you don’t care as you just want an election. What does it take for these good old boys and girls to admit that they’ve sold our country into third world status for personal gain. Just as you demonstrated AGAINST our vile despicable government in the 70’s then why are you not holding our present government to task? You’re simply using the good old gal technique of doing and saying anything necessary to be elected. We’re you sincere you would be screaming at the top of your lungs about accountability. Just like you did in the 60’s. Just another party line voter. Personally I do not give a damned about either party. No madam you ARE part of our problem. POOR OLD USA.

Ms. Kanola,
I must disagree with your assessment of your blog. You say that you believe in free speech, that you allow anyone to leave a comment and then you go on to say that you have parameters before you leave them up. Pretty exclusionary if I can say without your deleting me. Your blog is filled with hatred for those that want to follow the rule of law, filled with anger towards those that would bring back a Constitutional Government, resentment for those who have defeated you in your elections. Your attacks would be as bad as those you run with if you weren’t running for office again and didn’t want to be thought of as what you are, progressive. You should become the person you say you are, it would be a nice change, I understand your friend, Benita Phillips, is going to run for Sheriff. Would that be as a Republican that she has been registered as for years, or as the Democrat she has always been?

Again, for the record. My name is Claudette, not Claude. My name is Konola, not Kanola.

My bad Ms. Konola, I know better, it’s just that my fingers betray my typing skills and my spell checker is still as bad a speller as I am. But, then again, I am a Tea Party person. What else can anyone expect?

My apology for my error. I am old and disabled and do not operate these android phones well. However rather than deal with issues you find fault in my lack of knowledge concerning my spellchecker. Indeed madame YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT FACT. Maybe you could answer questions I posed?

Ms Konola I just reviewed your websites again. I would be amazed to see you elected. Are you serious. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. I remain hopeful that you find another line of work. SHEESH. By the by you do indeed look and sound just like Hillary and her wife—-a product of the 60’s. Since you will not answer other questions—-DID YOU INHALE?

I inhaled. When will AMERICANS WAKE UP? The damned good old boys/girls have put us in the state in which we now exist. Your attitude, madame, went from defending a totally worthless administration to boasting to shutting up—I said it earlier - sit down and shut up. I for one am tired of any and all of you selling out AMERICANS for your own damned advancement.

Do you remember police chief Camper, buds with Ms Rowland, he arrived and is FROM GJ and stated “I do not want the job permanently.” Hmmm. How many years later? You, Ms Konola, questioned my upbringing. Where do you damned politicians STOP LYING? WILL YOU EVER ANSWER A QUESTION?

Are you running and hiding madame Claudette? Or are cutting losses? You jumped in here slamming me. Why not answer my questions? Just another dipstick running for office? Look at your own websites. Why are you not raising he’ll about accountability? I am. All of you career politicians are without doubt pathetic at best. Steve King and on and on. You haven’t awakened yet but AMERICANS IS.

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