Rally both for Trump, against Clinton

'Deplorables' gather outside her GJ office

Supporters cheer as they rally across the street from the Democratic headquarters in the 200 block of Colorado Avenue for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday. About 100 people attended the rally, which began along First Street and then moved briefly to Colorado Avenue before the crowd disbanded.

Barbara Fisher, right, of Grand Junction holds a sign with Hillary Clinton hung in effigy from its handle during a Trump rally on the sidewalk along First Street outside of Two Rivers Convention Center on Thursday. About 100 people participated in the rally including Fisher’s mother, Evelyn Harding of Alamosa.

About 100 supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump waved signs on First Street on Thursday and chanted, “Lock her up!” in front of Democratic campaign headquarters.

The “Mesa County Deplorables,” as they dubbed themselves, took aim at Hillary Clinton, the Democrat nominee, with signs, a Clinton doll hanging in effigy and undisguised frustration with both political parties.

“We’re deplorable, she’s despicable,” said Darleen Gsell, referring to Clinton’s comment that half of Trump supporters belonged in a “basket of deplorables.”

The “Deplorables,” led by Matt Patterson, who was to head up the Trump campaign in Mesa County for the national Republican Party, said local officials discouraged the “Women for Trump” rally on Thursday.

Still, the rally turnout was about half women and half men.

“I’m tired of the corruption and the cover-up,” said Tina Peters, who waved a Trump sign at passersby on First Street near Two Rivers Convention Center while tending to her 5-year-old granddaughter, Taylor Pickel, who “wanted to come.”

Clinton supports open borders, allowing in illegal drugs, and threatening women and children, Peters claimed.

Clinton drove her from the Democratic Party, said Bobbye Horton, who said she counts for two seemingly unlikely constituencies, “Hispanic and a woman.”

“America is falling apart,” Horton said.

Clinton’s response to the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, destroyed the last of her confidence, Horton said.

“After that, I lost total respect for her.”

Trump, said Nancy Channell, is far more likely to support the small-government philosophies she favors.

The federal government ought not be involved in health care or other systems, Channell said.

“I want a smaller, more concise federal government,” she said. Clinton, “I don’t think has the best interests of this country at heart.”

Evelyn Harding and her daughter, Barbara Fisher, who had the Clinton doll hanging in effigy, said they feared the possibility that Clinton would allow ISIS fighters into the United States, endangering Americans.

Clinton has been involved in the federal government for 30 years and has accomplished little, Fisher claimed.

“She has no concept of what it’s like to be in poor neighborhoods,” Fisher said.

Roxanne Bristow said she too was frustrated with Clinton and President Barack Obama and their lack of action to aid people suffering from illnesses related to radiation exposure.

“It’s been eight years and Obama hasn’t done anything for us,” even as the families of uranium workers suffer from the effects of exposure, Bristow said, adding that she had no reason to think Clinton would improve matters.

Local Democratic officials didn’t return calls seeking comment on the Thursday rally outside of their offices.


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Curious spelling and grammar on two of the signs.

“In Trump We Trust”? Most major publications including Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Washington Post, The New Yorker, Politico and others have written extensive articles documenting Trump’s continuous serial lying and utter disregard of facts. Beyond that, the signs in this crowd filled with misspellings and incorrect grammar tell us all we need to know about the people who believe in Trump, a presidential candidate who continues to amaze us with his misogyny, bigotry, and insults of Americans.

If you have any shred of faith in this guy, we can only feel sorry for you.

Read together, Gary Harmon’s Friday front-page story (“Rally both for Trump, against Clinton; ‘Deplorables’ gather outside her GJ office”) and Kyle Sullivan’s inane letter complaining that the
“Sentinel [is] biased in reporting on Trump” are highly amusing.

While Sullivan claims that “75 percent of Americans don’t trust” the media, Gallup found that 84% of Republicans don’t trust the “mass media”, but trust levels among Democrats (51%) and Independents (30%) have been relatively constant – leading to the conclusion that Trump’s own disgruntled attacks on the press (along with those of right-wing talk radio and their ilk) account for
“conservatives’” distrust.  Therefore, the odds are that Sullivan wouldn’t recognize “balanced reporting” even if he saw it on “Faux Noise”.

While better-informed readers appreciate the Sentinel’s efforts at editorial objectivity, they nonetheless criticize the presumably advertiser-driven bias in its local political reporting and for failing to fact-check the absurd right-wing memes that find their way into the paper.

For example, contrary to Gary Harmon’s reporting, only some 50 (not “about 100” ) aptly self-described “Deplorables” demonstrated across from local Democratic headquarters on Thursday, and – even if “local Democratic officials didn’t return his calls”—all Gary had to do to if he really wanted their comment was walk across the street (which he didn’t ). 

Similarly, Gary accurately reported the ironic fact that “Women for Trump” had to be led by a man, but not that their tiresome chants of “Lock Her Up” ignorantly alternated with “No Sharia Law” – even though achieving the former would be much easier under the latter.

Thus, clearly, even when the Sentinel occasionally runs credible wire-service stories—reporting that there is no real evidence (only “optics”) of any “DOJ collusion with the White House and Clinton’s”, or that John Podesta’s Russian-hacked (and perhaps altered) e-mails are (as yet) only mildly newsworthy, or that Hillary accurately referenced Abe Lincoln’s strategy in passing the 13th Amendment as an example of a politician’s “public and private positions”,  or that her “Wall Street speeches” confirmed that she is a well-informed and level-headed moderate on banking matters, or that there is no evidence of “pay to play” involving the Clinton Foundation and the State Department (as opposed to the Trump Foundation and the Florida and Texas state Attorney Generals), or that “no responsible prosecutor” would pursue charges in connection with her private server, or that “DNC collusion” amounted to intra-party “politics as usual”, or that the “collapse of Obamacare” can be readily prevented if Republicans really cared about fixing it – Kyle Sullivan, local “Deplorables”, and 86% of Republicans don’t believe it anyway.

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