Scott, Robinson let ‘er rip 
in bare-knuckles exchange

Dan Robinson, right, states his position on an issue as Ray Scott listens during the debate between the candidates for House District 55 seat at Club 20 on Saturday at the Colorado Mesa University Center.

Republican Ray Scott isn’t the best person for the job.

Democrat Dan Robinson supports Obamacare and giving the children of illegal immigrants cheaper tuition in Colorado colleges and universities.

In what turned out to be the liveliest of the legislative debates at Club 20’s annual meeting on Saturday, the two candidates for House District 55 went at each other over various issues.

Robinson said Scott invents facts and figures to make his arguments; Scott said Robinson should try reading the state budget before talking about it.

“He proposed earlier selling off state lands,” Robinson said. “Come on. That’s the kind of irresponsible, frankly off-the-wall proposal that isn’t going to solve the problem.”

“Representative Scott. You have a 30-second rebuttal,” the moderator said.

“Rebuttal to what?” Scott said, drawing laughs from the audience.

Robinson came out swinging right away, accusing Scott of engaging in petty politics, ideological thinking and even insulting Gov. John Hickenlooper.

He said doing such things doesn’t put a legislator in a position where he can negotiate with state leaders to benefit the district.

“This isn’t the time for somebody to be representing us in Denver in a very partisan, ideological way,” Robinson said in his opening remarks. “It gives us nothing, and that’s exactly what it got us, nothing.”

Scott said it’s that kind of independent thinking that’s consistent with Western Slope sentiments.

“When you do your job as a legislator, you get challenged by the other party,” the freshman lawmaker said. “That’s exactly what we face here today. If you’re up there fighting, getting the job done, you tend to upset the other side, so therefore they float a candidate against you. That’s just how it works, folks.”

Questions for the two candidates ranged from the state’s budgetary woes to health care to lower college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants.

As a member of the Colorado Mesa University board of trustees, Robinson said he and that nine-member panel has already voted to support lowering tuition for such students.

The Grand Junction attorney added that the decision has now been backed up in court, saying a federal district judge in Florida just Friday ruled that charging such students more is a violation of the federal equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Scott, however, questioned giving such students cheaper rates, saying it’s unfair to citizens and legal residents.

“If you educate a student who’s an illegal immigrant, how do they get a job when they get out?” Scott asked. “We’ve got to figure out the (immigration) problem before we start fooling around with solutions that don’t make any sense.”

He said illegal immigrants are costing the state $1.4 billion a year. “Here again we hear an example: $1.4 billion,” Robinson rebutted. “He just comes up with these numbers. Nobody’s verified that number. You can’t invent things and expect your point to be right.”

The two went on to talk about health care, hydraulic fracturing and the state’s finances.


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Leave it to Ashby to leave out the important fact. Not only does Dan Robinson support the Asset Bill, he does Pro Bono work for Illegal Immigrants, helping waste the $1.4 Billion in state funds.

Yes, Dan Robinson, the man who wants to represent the Western Slope is more concerned with helping people break the laws of Colorado and the US than representing the regular folks.

Charles Ashby aptly chronicled (“Scott, Robinson let ‘er rip in bare-knuckles exchange”) yesterday’s Club 20 debate between itinerant “incumbent” Ray Scott and widely-trusted,  well-respected, long-time community leader Dan Robinson – contesting redrawn HD 55.
Unfortunately, time did not permit Robinson to complete/amplify his indictment of Scott’s truly embarrassing legislative record.

Scott resurrected his 2010 stump speech—claiming that House Republicans had blocked Democratic overreaching—but Scott’s record shows that he voted for dozens of partisan bills that either never left the House or properly died in the Senate, thereby demonstrating the wisdom of Robinson’s practical proposal to shorten the annual legislative session by 30 days (saving taxpayers $1+ million).

While Scott paid lip service to “small businesses”, Robinson proposes that the savings achieved by eliminating a month of wasteful partisan posturing be used to fund local development “banks”—which could make “micro-loans” available to those businesses.

While Scott disingenuously paid obligatory obeisance to “education”, he voted for a bill that would have cut state-wide education funding by $100+ million over two years.

Scott also resorted to “fanning the flames” of anti-immigrant extremism, even though Club 20 itself is considering supporting a “pathway” for undocumented workers already here to obtain legal work permits – so that local growers can obtain the labor they need.

Scott habitually relies on fabricated numbers – distorting purported economic impacts of delayed drilling on the Roan Plateau, exaggerating the reputed “costs” of “illegal aliens”, and misrepresenting multi-agency scientific evaluations of a local aquifer-contaminating project he (and Craig – “never met an oil & gas venture he didn’t support”—Meis) still endorses.

Scott’s penchant for picking inane ideological fights with even conservative Governor Hickenlooper has rendered Scott wholly ineffective in advancing the diverse interests of the Western Slope, and woefully unqualified to represent local (and Club 20’s) values.

HD 55 needs Dan Robinson’s proven leadership, not Scott’s “good old boy” buffoonery.

                Bill Hugenberg

Leave it to Mesa County Vice-Chair Kevin McCarney to emulate Ray Scott’s buffoonery by “leaving out important facts” that emerged from Scott’s debate with Dan Robinson.

Thus, first, Colorado Mesa University, courts in California and New Jersey, Colorado’s own Republican Attorney General, and now a federal court in Florida have all upheld and/or endorsed the anti-discriminatory purpose of the Asset Bill.  Thus, while Robinson and Club 20 obviously respect the “rule of law”, Scott, McCarney, and their ideological Tea Party “knuckledragging” (per John Boehner, R-OH)) compatriots apparently do not.

Second, contrary to Scott, McCarney, and Tea Party blogs, Robinson has not done “Pro Bono work for Illegal Immigrants” – but affirmed that he would indeed do so if called upon, because it his ethical duty as an attorney (just as it is the ethical duty of physicians to render them medical care).

Third, when challenged to authenticate the “$1.4 Billion in state funds” that Colorado is purportedly “wasting” on “illegal aliens”, Scott could not do so – because both Scott and now McCarney dishonestly exclude the millions in sales and gas taxes paid by “illegals”.

Rather, Scott could only cite the budget figure of some $11 million expended annually on medical care for undocumented patients.  $11 million is less than 1% of $1.4 billion, so both Scott and McCarney are deliberately and grossly deceiving their constituencies.

Like McCarney, Scott merely regurgitates unfounded Tea Party talking points—and then votes accordingly (as Scott’s legislative record clearly proves to anyone willing to follow Ronald Reagan’s nostrum and examine it objectively and “without fear”).

Unlike McCarney, Scott at least has the moral courage to identify himself as a partisan candidate from the podium, while McCarney consistently conceals his party position.

Thus, both McCarney and Scott illustrate why HD 55 needs Dan Robinson in Denver.

Correction:  Mesa County Republican Party Vice-Chair Kevin McCarney

Bill Hugenberg’s response to my posting shows exactly why Dan Robinson does not belong in the State House.

Hugenberg repeats Dan Robinson’s plan to save you all $1,000,000 by cutting the Legislative Session.

Only problem is the Legislative Session’s length is set by the Colorado Constitution. To change it takes an amendment of the Constitution, meaning a ballot issue, not a legislative one.

The Constitution also says that once the Legislature sits for 90 days, they get their full pay. So Dan’s plan would allow him to work for 90 days and get paid the full salary of 120 days, saving nothing for the voters of Colorado.

Robinson’s plan to fund State Banks with the savings is once again Unconstitutional. The State of Colorado is not allowed to loan money. To change this takes a Constitutional Amendment. So far Dan is two for two with plans that he would not be able to bring forward.

Let’s look at the funding of those small business loans. Let’s say Dan passed his amendment through the entire state process. He would provide $1,000,000 for loans to small business. There are over 100,000 small businesses in Colorado. This means Dan is offering to buy all you business owners lunch at McDonald’s, because that comes out to less than $10 per business. Talk about lip service to Small Business! Who would you trust to work for small business, Ray Scott who has run small businesses all of his life or Attorney Dan Robinson.

Let’s move on to illegal Immigrants. It is not made up that Dan does pro bono work for them. It is right in the Colorado Access to Justice Commission’s 2011 report on Local Access to Justice.

This group is not going to be confused for the TEA Party at any time.

Of Course Hugenberg uses the old Canard that Conservatives are racists by opposing illegal immigrants. We are not racists, we just think the law should be followed, and that, perhaps people who might be going to take the oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of Colorado and the United States actually show that they will to do it before they take office.

Let’s examine Hugenbergs argument against the numbers Ray produced at the debate. The State Budget’s $50 million in Medicaid expenditures alone for 2500 illegal immigrants. Is there anyone out there who thinks there are only 2500 illegals in Colorado?

That of course does not count the millions spent in the Secondary and Primary Education system, or millions of other dollars in the Justice and Public Safety sections of the State Budget.


So the bald naked truth that Dan Robinson and Bill Hugenberg will not acknowledge is that Dan Robinson does help cost the State $1.4 Billion.

So lets run through the problems Dan has understanding the Constitution of Colorado.

1) Does not understand the Legislative Session is set by the Constitution.

2) Does not understand that he gets paid for 120 days after they sit for 90 no matter what is also set in the State Constitution.

3) Does not understand that it is illegal for the State of Colorado to loan money to small businesses.

4) Does not understand that it is illegal to be in the State of Colorado as a Foreign National without proper paperwork. Will help them break the laws of Colorado and the United States. He thinks breaking the laws of Colorado and the United States is a moral obligation.

Does this sound like someone you want representing you in Denver?

Finally, I will leave with Dan Robinson’s own thoughts on the voters of Mesa County in 2008, the last time he ran for office.

“...their voting reflects poor critical thinking” “The Republican Party is reduced down to a Southern White Party. Why Mesa County continues to identify with that value system is a mystery to me.” Grand Junction Free Press Nov 6 2008.

In other words if you vote for Ray Scott, you are a racist bigot. So much for the bipartisanship of Dan Robinson and the Democrats. Bill let me introduce you to the partisan kettle.

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