Sheriff: Gun laws not a priority

Won’t go out of his way to bust violators

Sheriff Stan Hilkey

Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey won’t send deputies out of their way to find oversized ammunition magazines or investigate firearms transfers, but he said he will use new state gun-control laws if confronted with violations.

Hilkey outlined his position on universal background checks and the limit on the size of magazines that can be sold in the state in a letter posted to the Sheriff’s Department’s website.

His department will have to negotiate between extremes, Hilkey said in an interview Wednesday.

“Nobody should be worried about being a legal citizen today and then tomorrow being under investigation,” Hilkey said. “But I can’t look the other way if someone goes out and sets up a booth at the county fair and starts selling 30-round magazines.”

New laws that go into effect July 1 will require universal background check on gun sales and transfers and limit to 15 rounds the size of magazines that can be sold in the state.

Gov. John Hickenlooper signed legislation last week establishing the new laws, which were spurred by mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown, Conn.

Hilkey, a Republican who will complete his third term in office in 2014, echoed opponents of the new laws, which passed the Democrat-dominated Legislature, writing that the measures “are not useful in keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals nor will they prevent the kind of mass murder events that have emotionally driven us to this result.”

While he disagrees with them, Hilkey said he will enforce the new laws as he deems appropriate.

“To be clear,” he wrote, “I have no interest in giving any priority to enforcement of these measures and in fact because of the widely discussed difficulties in enforcing these laws, I find it to be a poor use of public resources based on other much more important priorities.

“Simply put, we will not be proactively looking into gun transfers or magazine-possession issues and it will be our stance that transfers and possession of high-capacity magazines are proper and legal unless there is clear and convincing evidence otherwise or someone is openly, blatantly defying state law.”

Hilkey wrote out his position in response to several requests by phone, email and other avenues, he said.

There was “a lot of fear” that he would try to track magazines or monitor what backgrounds are being checked, Hilkey said.

“We don’t have the staff, the time or the resources to do that,” he said.

Hickenlooper said at the time that he expected law enforcement officials around the state to enforce the new laws.

Several sheriffs, notably John Cooke in Weld County and Terry Maketa in El Paso County, have said the new laws are unenforceable.

In his letter, Hilkey said he would use the laws to intervene in an act of violence or remove a weapon from the hands of a violent criminal. “After all, ‘public safety’ is a statutory requirement of the office of sheriff,” he wrote.


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I am disappointed in Sheriff Hilkey’s response to the issue of Colorado’s constitutionally and economically illiterate Utopian Democrats’ new unconstitutional guns laws. Being an obviously intelligent fellow (and an astute politician), he said the absolute bare minimum designed to mollify Mesa County’s pro-2nd-Amendment crowd. I (and I’m sure many other Mesa County citizens) would have much preferred that he would have taken a more John-Cooke-Terry-Maketa-like position.
This is not a complicated issue. Nobody is saying that the constitutional right to bear arms means that citizens should be able to own Apache helicopters with 30mm chain guns and 70mm Hellfire missiles. Those are for the military.
What we are talking about is century-old hand-held semi-automatic technology and “slippery slopes”.
What with the global debt-as-money oligarchs (arch criminals) simply openly stealing money out of bank accounts in Cyprus — money on which the taxes had already been paid, and which clearly belonged to the bank account holders — for all but the constitutionally and economically illiterate lovers of unsustainable Big-Brother One-Ring government “freebies”, the hand writing on the wall should be easy to see. Cyprus is a Beta test for the rest of the world, and most specifically the United States where the citizens have guns and there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.
So the real issue is law enforcement and the military choosing up sides and taking a bright line constitutional position as to exactly how far the citizenry is willing to allow criminal government to go in its sick and evil financial marauding. Numerous famous people, such as Judge Jeanine Pirro, have said it’s none of the government’s business how many bullets they need in their magazines to defend themselves with in an emergency. I agree completely.
Regarding slippery slopes, if debt-as-money Nazis can steal $1 from one person’s bank account, they can steal everything from everybody’s bank accounts. Only nihilistic and evil Goebbelsian propagandists use the moral and intellectual frauds of “assault weapons” and “making our children safe” to skirt important moral and constitutional issues. It is impossible for children to be safe in a society where the U.S.Constitution and rule of law are already dead and self-defense is under serious attack.
A people has to be disarmed before the global debt-as-money Nazis can use police and military to enforce the “legal” seizure of their assets. I would hope that the “conservative” citizens of Mesa County could elect a sheriff who was more clear about his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution than Sheriff Stan Hilkey.
Ask the Cypriots what they think these days!

Sheriff Hilkey said: “After all, ‘public safety’ is a statutory requirement of the office of sheriff.” On it’s face, that statement is true. But from a political point of view, it’s too clever by half.
“Public safety” doesn’t mean or include suppressing the morally justifiable violent outrage of citizens against debt-as-money-oligarchs-controlled criminal governments stealing their bank accounts. “National security” doesn’t mean that criminal governments get to operate in secret with their crimes “sealed” by criminal judges or otherwise hidden. Or that America’s citizens don’t even get to know which specific individuals own and control the debt-as-money New York “Federal” Reserve Bank (the flag ship of the “Federal” Reserve System) which is no more “federal” than Federal Express.
It seems as though Sheriff Hilkey needs to be reminded of Voltaire’s famous admonition: “Define your terms if you wish to converse with me.”

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