Sheriffs try to calm gun crowd

From front to back, Montrose County Sheriff Rick Dunlap, Delta County Sheriff Fred McKee, Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey and Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario begin a meeting with gun-rights advocates Wednesday at the Masonic Lodge in Grand Junction with the pledge of allegiance.

Four western Colorado sheriffs told about 160 people Wednesday night that they would be guided by the U.S. Constitution in dealing with overreaches by the federal government.

The four — Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey, Delta County Sheriff Fred McKee, Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario and Montrose County Sheriff Rick Dunlap — emphasized that they had strong and beneficial partnerships with federal law enforcement officials and emphasized that they would stand by the Second Amendment.

They also said they welcomed more information about Agenda 21, a United Nations program that last came up during the gubernatorial campaign when Republican candidate and eventual nominee Dan Maes questioned a bicycle-sharing program in Denver that was fashioned under the program.

The first questioner, Joe Jarvis, set the tone for the meeting in the Masonic Lodge meeting hall when he asked, “Are you with us or against us?”

Another questioner later put a finer point on it, demanding to know whether the sheriff would stand against federal forces “when the tanks are rolling down the street” and federal agencies are moving to confiscate guns.

Such a scenario is farfetched and unwelcome even to many of the “federal partners” with whom the sheriffs work on a daily basis, Hilkey said.

Strong relationships with agencies such as the FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency, Secret Service and others would give local officials such as sheriffs plenty of warning should such an event take shape, Hilkey said.

“No, we’re not in favor of confiscation in any way, shape or form,” Hilkey said. “This is a question we get asked a lot” and Colorado sheriffs are of like mind in supporting the Second Amendment.

If anything, the sheriffs suggested,laws are too restrictive already on gun ownership.

“It’s a crying shame that lawful citizen has to have a license to pack a gun,” McKee said.

When his deputies make a stop they know to involve a person who holds a concealed-weapons permit, “We consider that person a friend,” Hilkey said.

With fewer than one deputy per 1,000 residents of Garfield County, weapons in the hands are a necessity, Vallario said.

“I have to expect that you are capable of protecting yourselves,” Vallario said.

Questioned about whether the United States is still a constitutional republic, Hilkey cited his dealings with courts and the checks and balances inherent in an independent judiciary.

While he might not agree with the decisions, “It feels to me like there is a constitutional government in place,” Hilkey said.

He is looking into an area of potential federal overreach in the form of a federal agency issuing traffic tickets outside of federal lands, Dunlap said.

Dunlap and McKee said they were watching with interest in the notion that an outside threat to American sovereignty could be taking shape in the form of agreements, such as Agenda 21, with the United Nations.

Some elements of Agenda 21 are “something we should be scared to death of,” as it seems to be intended to drive people out of rural areas and into metropolitan areas, McKee said.

“We have to be aware of it when we’re considering taking grant money. We’re aware of it as an issue.”


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Interesting. No mention of WSCA in this report. Weren’t they the sponsor of the event? No mention of the Tea Party in this report. Has WSCA stopped calling themselves a Tea Party and started calling themselves a “gun crowd?” Maybe WSCA doesn’t own the name Western Slope Conservative Alliance Tea Party? What happened to the other sheriffs who were reported to be part of this panel? Are you seriously going to give credence to the paranoia about “Agenda 21?” Maybe red bicycles are coming to Grand Junction. Oh MY!

Not Freida Cook - Am a relative Ltpar:

The question was a good one as to whom the Sheriffs would stand with in a worst case scenario?  Would it be the Commander in Chief and his Executive Order to seize private firearms, or the people and the Constitution.  I suspect if push came to shove, the law enforcement people would reject the Federal edict and join the citizens.  Of course Martial Law would have been declared which puts the military as the enforcement arm of the government.  While some military commanders would follow orders without question, I sincerely believe others would jump ship, follow the Constitution and stay out of the dog fight.  For those worried about the United Nations sending in their troops for enforcement, they can relax.  The blue helmets can barely find their way out of bed every day much less take on the American public.  Let’s hope things work out, we rid ourselves of Obama in November and never have to face that worse case scenario.  Anybody remember the words to the old song, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition?”

Claudette.. Seriously?  I have been very nice and patient to your ignorance.. Let me say this to you.. While you’re throwing whininess(yes I just made up a word) around and bagging on the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!!, which as a DemocRAT, I’m guessing you forgot is a right in our country.. Anyway, while you are whining.. Me and mine will be defending ourselves and watching your house get robbed because I’m sure not going to help anyone who won’t even help themselves!!  One agreement I surprisingly do have with you is “in my opinion”, WSCA are not TRUE tea partiers, as a matter of fact, IN MY OPINION they are nothing but fakes that represent the RINO’s.  It’s people like that in which give Republicans and Independents a bad name.  I would have added DemocRAT in there, however, DemocRATS do quite well giving their own party a bad name..

LeAnn, May you enjoy your guns for the rest of your life. There is not one thing in my post that would indicate that I want to take them away from you. Nothing Obama has ever done would indicate that he wants to take them away from you. I like the term Whininess, but don’t think it applies when one is well informed and pointing out facts to some people who have been fed bovine droppings. I’ll bet that you are scared to death about Agenda 21, but have never actually read it. You DO know how to google, don’t you?

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