Students give teachers high marks

Chris Prickett, Redlands M.S.

Abby Kaul, Grand Mesa M.S.

William Roberts, Pear Park Elementary

Linda Reece, Wingate Elementary

Melanie Lines, Grand Mesa M.S.

Mark Morrell, Mount Garfield M.S.

Aimee Quinlivan, Dual Immersion Academy

Edith Bigum, Broadway Elementary

Britni Westbrook, Grand Mesa M.S.

Daniel Worth, Scenic Elementary

Joy Mandeville, Redlands M.S.

Kristine Green, Appleton Elementary

Vivian Lybarger, Grand Mesa M.S.

Grand Valley teachers “make the grade” with their students in a multitude of ways. Taking part in National Teacher Day, students express thanks to educators who helped them thrive:

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Dear Mr. Prickett,

My life has changed so much because of you. This past year I felt alone. I didn’t have any friends, or I didn’t feel included anywhere. Now, because of you, my confidence and self-worth have grown, and I can be myself without hesitation. I have new friends I have made because of you, and I just can’t thank you enough. I hope you know that you have made a difference and you have done a lot of good in my life. Thank you so much.

Sydni Hart

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Dear Mrs. Kaul,

You’re an awesome teacher for all the things you have done for me this school year. All the things you have done for me have helped me. I have done these letters every school year and never could think of a teacher. Finally, I found a teacher that I will remember forever. You’re a very caring teacher towards the fact how many problems I had this school year.

I want you to be noticed that you’re such a kind teacher, more like the best. You encourage me to do much better at school and much more.

I have gone through emotional and many schoolwork problems, but you were there to help. You’re funny, too. You are one of those people who I will keep in my heart.

Thank you, Mrs. Kaul. You are really the best!

Chelsea Phillips

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Mr. Roberts,

You’re the coolest teacher I’ve ever had. You did a lot of cool, fun stuff in your class. You understood if there was a problem. You would listen and would help if the kid wanted it. You wouldn’t just punish the class if there was one person causing problems. You would try to not set such strict rules, but good rules for safety. You taught me a lot.

We went camping during school, too. It was still educational, but awesome. That was the coolest this school did that was fun. You are funny and smart, too

Most teachers get angry if someone is doing something a little bad, but you would laugh if it was funny and say not to do it again. You would have little tricks that we would have to solve. You could take a joke about yourself and you would even make fun of yourself.

Aaron Townsend

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Dear Mrs. Reece,

I would like to acknowledge the teaching you have done. Although there are many helpful lessons, I would most like to thank you for the one day I had trouble on a math worksheet, when every other student didn’t. When every other student figured out the worksheet, and I didn’t, you stayed back to help me. I thank you for the many lessons that have been quite useful.

Ben Meis

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Dear Miss Lines,

I wanted to tell you that you have made language arts so much easier for me. I love that you always have something new for us. I used to not like language arts until I had you for a teacher. You always give us a challenge. You make what we do a lot of fun. When we need help, I know we can count on you to help us out. When I come to your class, I know it won’t be boring. Thank you for being such a great teacher, Miss Lines.

Sincerely, your #1 student,
Mariah Pofahl

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Dear Mr. Morrell,

Thank you for being such a great science teacher!  I appreciate how you teach, because it’s different from other teachers. You use items like the ball for orbiting and reading. I have fun in your class, and I learn a lot, too. I am glad I was in your class all year.

Ryan Terrell

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Dear Mrs. Q. (Quinlivan),

Thank you for teaching me to read and spell better! And you are a super teacher. I liked learning about the plants and pollution. You are the coolest second grade teacher ever.


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Dear Mrs. Bigum,

Kindergarten was the best time of my life. The lessons and activities we did will stay in my brain forever. Thank you for being there when I needed help or guidance. I still remember the day we went to the pumpkin patch, and then we went back to school to measure them. This gave me a great understanding of the Common Scale. I am so fortunate to have gotten you for my kindergarten teacher, as well as my mom.

Rachel Bigum

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Dear Ms. Westbrook,

You were the best teacher that I have ever had, not only because of telling you that my mother died and things like that. You always were nice to me and gave me candy.

So, Ms. Westbrook, the truth is that you are the best teacher I have ever had educationally and socially.  Thank you so much for all that you did.

Casey Boudreaux

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Dear Mr. Worth,

You were most definitely one of my favorite teachers. I remember the birds of prey project the most. You always helped us out and made sure we did our very best. I loved the tootsie rolls and the lotto. I remember Amanda and I kept all of our tootsie roll wrappers, and I had a whole jar full. Thank you for being my teacher!

Savannah Ashmore

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Dear Mrs. Mandeville,

Seventh-grade was my all-time favorite year, and that’s partly because of you. You’re the kindest, sweetest teacher I have ever had. I remember the Halloween of ’08 when you came dressed as a magician. That was so funny. I can honestly say you’re my all-time favorite teacher. Looking back, I really know how you were looking out for me.

Love you bunches,
Kylie Melendrez

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Dear Miss Green,

Thank you for making me feel good about myself by asking someone to help me on the first day. I met a new friend, Brianna. I appreciated when you helped me with my writing. I want to thank you a lot for helping me pass 5th grade. You were always a teacher that wanted to help. Thank you for helping me get a little better with reading.

In your class you always made learning fun. I loved the crazy things that you made up, like Dr. Seuss Day. The prizes you gave us were cool, like the treasure chest and the different cards to go to different places like Cold Stone Creamery. One of my favorite memories was when we had the lizards in our class and you would sometimes let us feed them before we went to lunch. Thank you for everything, Miss Green.

Your student,
Mary Wolff

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Dear Editor,

I have had many amazing teachers throughout my school career, but I am going to have to dedicate my teacher appreciation letter to Vivian LyBarger at Grand Mesa Middle School. She has been more than just a teacher to me. She has helped me through some of the issues that I have gone through in my 6th & 7th grades at Grand Mesa. She is an extremely intelligent person, and I have learned a lot from just watching her do things. She has helped me build confidence in myself. She has had my back, and I wish I could thank her enough for everything.

Danielle Chavez

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Dear Mrs. LaCount,

You were an outstanding teacher!  Thanks for a being there and helping me through the time I struggled with reading. You made me become a better reader.  All the homework you gave me paid off. Now reading is a breeze. You always made everything we did so fun!

When you went to Egypt, it was a great experience for you and the students. It helped us learn more about the way they live there. Also, it made us learn how to work with a different teacher. 

Thank you for being such a good teacher!

Taryn Smith

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Barb Atkins, a retired teacher, explains why she asked her students to say thanks:












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