Tipton blames Obama for killing jobs, growing disparity

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It would be nice if my congressman acknowledge his own role in matters rather than only and continually and always blaming someone else.  Its juvenile IMO.

Kudos to Gary Harmon for chronicling the latest inanity from our feckless Congressman Scott Tipton:  “Tipton blames Obama for killing jobs, growing disparity”.  Just as he lied to constituents about his vote to shut down the government last year, Tipton earns another “5 Pinocchioes” for willfully distorting President Obama’s economic record. 

In truth, Tipton is merely parroting Republicans’ cynical election-year strategy:  having blocked the President’s economic initiatives for five years, GOP candidates are blaming the results of their own obstructionism on Democrats!

Meanwhile, Tipton needs to get his facts straight.

Thus, during the 53 years since 1961, Republicans have controlled the White House for 28 years, Democrats for 25.  Under Republican economic policies, the economy created some 24 million new private-sector jobs; under Democrats – 44 million.

Under Democrat Bill Clinton, the economy created 22 million new jobs while the top marginal tax rate was 49%—thereby generating both a balanced budget and a surplus.

Under Republican George Bush, the economy created net zero new jobs, while mindless tax cuts turned that surplus into the largest national debt and annual deficits in history.

Under Democrat Barack Obama, deficits have plummeted and the economy has created
8 million new jobs – even though his “American Jobs Act of 2011” has still not been brought-up for vote in the Republican-controlled House, which wasted its time and taxpayers dollars by voting to “repeal Obamacare” 46 times and by waging a “war on women” (cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits) rather than on joblessness and/or inequality.

The real “job killing” cause of “growing disparity” has been Republicans’ ideological devotion to “supply side” (“trickle-down”) economics – a now thoroughly discredited   economic theory that was recently denounced by Pope Francis as a fraud.

So, when Republicans claim they “have plans to close the gap”, lock up your daughters.

I would like to see Rep. Tipton working in a bipartisan way to solve problems, rather than just being negative - it takes no brain to criticize everyone else, but more thought to figure out what to do.

It is nice to see Mr Hugenburg, who lives on planet *, backj and trying to defend a worthless “executive order, pen and phone, POTUS. I do, however agree, that Mr Tipton, as well as every other elected rep/senator from CO, is nothing but a “vote on party lines” robot. Our government is totally out of control, dysfunctional and needs replacing. Much like many of our local “good ‘ol boys.” However to attempt to credit this administration with anything positive is ludicrous. “Ol * Hugenburg” must surely believe that his “similar to obama’s” education makes the rest of us idiots. Comparing Tipton’s pinocchios to obama’s is pure night show host humor. Note how Hugenburg fails to include that hillary;s wife, *, had a republican majority in both houses of legislation. Tell me again about that other pinocchio mrs. hillary?

Stay classy, Mr. Sanders.

Not sure of the intent of that. I made references to Mr Hugenburg’s previous posts. I can send them to you if you wish? Didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings?

It scares me that Obama intends, and has, to use executive power. Why do we have a Congress if Obama uses his powers to get what he wants?

from 1987: Reagan to Use Executive Orders to Bypass Congress

President Obama has used Executive Orders less frequently than any president since Grover Cleveland (or was it William McKinley). It “scares” the uninformed that President Obama might also do the same, because the Republican game plan is to keep them “scared” of everything that might allow the country to move forward again.

Regardless of who used what and when is not relevant. The fact is republicans promised this and democrats promised that. Any voter who really thought that hussein was prepared/qualified to be president is seriously lacking. Limited time as an Illinois senator is pathetic. Neither of the parties have done anything except attain personal wealth and do anything and everything for the “party.” I, for one, am sick of it. It is time for Americans to work for Americans. To work for America. Blaming this and that is bogus. Both parties are liars, thieves and corrupt. Voting for hussein was stylish. Voting for hillary is idiosy. Boehner is a joke. Hell, all of them are jokes. They do not work/serve America. The whole bunch needs replacing. Tipton, Udall, Bennet and the rest. Empty promises just to get elected. If hillary were our CIC wouldn’t that scare the beejeezus out of you? Come on. We are allowing individuals in government to sell us down the tubes for their own gratification. Wake up America. And no I am NOT uninformed. It does NOT scare me when executive orders are used properly. What scares me is the systematic dismantling of our constitution. By the way President Reagan has been out of office for decades. Republicans did not shut down government. Democrats did not shut down government. Both share it equally. How about dems not passing a budget in 5 year? How about republicans letting them get by with it? How about they are all losers. As far as I see it all of you supporting either side of this government are losers. Awaiting some appointed “elitist” position. Failures all.

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