Voter asks Wright to do the ‘right thing’: quit

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“We should be focused on defeating Barack Obama, but instead Jared Wright continues to embarrass our party on the front page of The Daily Sentinel.”  Jared is running against t the president?  If I were a Mesa County voter, I would wonder what Jared plans to do in the state house.

It doesn’t seem to me as though it makes much difference if Wright steps down or not. The local Republican Party will appoint someone who is just as damaged, because the people who picked Wright are the same people who would pick his replacement. They aren’t picking someone who will do what is right for the county, but someone who will help them line their own pockets.

** Sigh** Oh Claudett, We reject him for the same reasons Mesa County flat out rejected you. You and Mr. Wright offer absolutely nothing that we would be proud to vote for. Maybe you and Paul Brown should take your hate, spite, and corruption to another county.

Ms. Konola has it exactly right. The party had all kinds of time to vet this guy and they dropped the ball, or worse, thought they could slip one by the voters. With time running short what kind of vetting job would they do on a replacement? Party leaders got the candidate they wanted to replace Ms. Bradford, now they should be stuck with him.

It is ironic how they stay loyal and support people like “do you know who I am” Meis and the “non conservative”  Scott Tipton but they throw Laura Bradford, Jared Wright, and Dan Maes under the bus. Why?

One thought to ponder, how or where did Mr Chaffetz get the names and phone numbers of 6000 voters? Did he have a little help perhaps from “insider friends”? How hard would it be for you to get a list like that?

We need more Alex’s in our world!  At least he has the guts to ask for what is right regardless of party lines!  Where are the Grand Ol’ puhbahs of the GOP in doing what is right?  Get a candidate we can support period!  In the big picture it makes no difference.  We have two Presidential candidates wasting upwards of a Billion dollars all in the name of being selected to lead other politicians in hopeless deadlock. They will vote continuosly on partisan lines rather than in concert to resolving the issues of our day!

Our system is broken!

Scott, you need to be a little careful with what you say about people. I spent a lifetime handling other people’s money in banks, and am scrupulously honest. To call me corrupt is to slander my good name. I don’t take those kinds of false accusations lightly.

Im calling Paul Brown corrupt. Im calling you hateful and spiteful and a former candidate Mesa County rejected.

Yes, Scott, our system is broken, but spewing hatred and vitriol at someone like Ms. Konola is sure not a step in the right direction if you want to see changes. What has she done to you for you to hate her so?

We will never fix it as long as people like you are name calling and accusing others of hatred. I think you owe the lady an apology.

UMMM Denis did you happen to read the second post to this story. No slander or hatred there eh Dennis?

Scott, you need to understand the meaning of the words you use.
slander (ˈslɑːndə)
— n
1.    law
    a. defamation in some transient form, as by spoken words, gestures, etc
    b. a slanderous statement, etc
2.    any false or defamatory words spoken about a person; calumny
You slandered me and Paul Brown. I pointed out a fact about the failures of the local Republican party. Even Republicans agree with me. that is not slander, because it is not false.

Stating facts or making your opinion known is not the same as personally attacking someone. Ms. Kanola is only stating what so many others, mostly conservative voters, have been point out for several years. Making personal attacks on anyone gets us nowhere and guarntees that there will be no civil dialogue and so everything will go on as it does now.

Well Claudette, maybe you could produce the evidence where you say someone will help local Republican Party “Line their own pockets”? Produce evidence of this. Other definitions for corrupt are dishonest, containing errors. Until you can produce facts and evidence that the Republican Party is as you say lining their own pockets then what I say isn’t slander because as you say “It is not false”. Until you can produce facts I can say you are dishonest and your first post post contains errors. Produce evidence Claudette.

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