You Said It Column November 08, 2008

• I missed Tim Russert’s wisdom, intellect and white board on Election Eve. May he rest in peace.

• It is a good sign that the youth of our community were out in great force supporting John McCain on his Election Day rally at West Star Aviation. I would like to thank the young (very tall) man who made room for me at the fence so that I could see the airplane land and see John and Cindy McCain up close and personal. And also thanks for his expertise and help with my new cell phone so that I could take a picture.

• If you want 12th and Patterson to look like First and Patterson, well it’s going to be another eyesore. Twelfth and Patterson looks fine just the way it is. Leave it alone.

• Once again, the majority of voters in Mesa County have demonstrated that they are out of touch with the rest of Colorado, clueless with respect to the mood of the country, and ignorant of world opinion. They even voted against their own economic interests by throwing out the man who was likely to become speaker of the state House of Representatives in favor of a far right wing ideologue. Apparently all it takes is the Republican label behind a name here in Happy Valley.

• Hooray for people like Candice Mashburn and her push for recycling at FMHS. This wonderfully caring student uses her time and energy to help us all. It’s so easy to simply toss our recyclables into the trash to be hauled to a landfill that too many of us don’t think to place plastics, glass, cans, papers and cardboard into recycling containers. The amount of debris in our landfills will come back to haunt our descendents. Thanks to the Sentinel for bringing her efforts to our attention.

• District 51 is lamely using the economy as the excuse for the crushing bond defeat. Good try. The real reason is the arrogance displayed by the district. You wasted $1 million on Mesa State and refused to apologize to us taxpayers. You gave the superintendent a huge undeserved raise and refused to apologize. You have done nothing significant to raise student scores over the past years and only recently came up with half-baked ideas for improvement. You asked for totally unreasonable amounts of money in the bond to create Taj Mahal school structures. It is time to replace the school administration and board. It’s time to install some leadership with common sense.

• To the jerk who found it necessary to post the Iraq war sign on North Avenue and Fifth Street: My husband is serving in Iraq to keep you, your family and loved ones safe. Like any war, people will perish. Would you rather feel safe and secure knowing my husband and his fellow soldiers are fighting for our safety or worry that the minute the war ends, the terrorists will come onto our land and declare open war? Think about it.

• I’ve never seen a township where so many people have say so in someone else’s land as Grand Junction. You have to remember when Brady Trucking bought the land, it was zoned for what they wanted to buy it for. The people out collecting signatures to stop them should instead be out collecting money so they can buy the land and turn it into a dog pooping place or a pristine piece of weed patch if they like.

• If I had been leaning toward voting for Obama, after no less than four Democrats ringing my door bell, I definitely would have not voted for Obama. Just because voting registers are public record, I see no reason why the political parties, specifically the Democrats, can’t do a better job of coordinating the neighborhoods which had already been canvassed.

• Seems everyone, especially Democrats, hate the big, rich American corporations. Do you have a 401(k) or invest in the market? Do you invest in weak nonprofitable companies? Probably not. You want to get in bed with the big, rich American corporations so that you can also maximize your profits. Let’s don’t blame others when greed starts at home.

• To the drunken 12-year-old who quite obviously stole a police car, drove past my place of business as I was putting the sign up, and flashed the cars lights and siren. I don’t know what the purpose is, but things like that can often be startling and annoying. I mean the occasional honking by Billy Bob redneck as he passes by in his pickup while trying to impress his 15-year-old girlfriend is one thing, but an officer of the law? Shouldn’t there be more productive things to do, like maybe serve and protect? Or is that just in the movies and TV?

• The high schoolers who staged a walk-out fail to realize if they change the rules on something so minor (it’s not a huge issue if you don’t get to go off campus for lunch), it’s not fair to the kids who work hard to earn their right to such privileges. Kids, you need to realize that life is not fair. You will not be able to petition and walk out of work when you are grown because you don’t like something. Sometimes, you just need to deal with what is handed out to you. Or maybe try a little harder to earn such privileges as going off campus for lunch.

• Thank you to the woman who found my money in the street near Mesa State College. You see, I was walking to class when I realized I had dropped it when I got out of my Jeep. You must not have seen me, a non-traditional college student and father of three, running and waving my arms and yelling for you to stop as you sped away. I saw you and your car and will be able to identify you in the future. Because of you, I had a chance to exercise patience, forgiveness and humility. People, and their greed, will never cease to amaze me.

• Our country needs better men and women than those who are stepping up for our political positions. Our elected officials seem to start out with good intentions, but I guess the lure of riches and power is too much. So far it seems the people who are in political positions only prove the old axiom, “Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts.” Where are the people who can truly make a difference? Or at least have the backbone to keep their promises to the voters?


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