Printed Letters: Aug. 30, 2016

Americans deserve 
better than Clinton
Being an independent voter, I have always voted for who I felt was best for the job — Democrat or Republican. This upcoming election is a no-brainer for me. With everything Obama and Hillary have done to this country, Obama should have been run off years ago and Hillary should be in stripes by now.

Open borders, sanctuary cities, anti-police rhetoric, Black Lives Matter supporters, bad deals with countries that want to wipe us off the face of the map, take your gun-owning rights away so we can’t defend ourselves, lie to us on a regular basic, do whatever they want regardless of the law, and have enough powerful people that will cover their tracks.

With the continued investigation over her underhand doings and the lies, lies and more lies, we’ll find out if there is any justice left in our system, that’s for sure. Hillary’s only concern is to be the first woman president. She will, and already has, stooped to extremely low levels, and will do whatever it takes to achieve that. Period.

I was skeptical of Trump for some time, but after listening to his plans — pro law and order, pro police, taking radical Islamists on, and above all, putting America first — I have to agree with his plans. He is honest, and tells it like it is, and I like knowing the truth instead of being lied to constantly by the other side.

With the Obama/Clinton organization, I’d have to use that old saying, “If it looks like it, and it smells like it, that’s what it is.” That smell travels thousands of miles and I hope a lot of voters got a nose full.

Don’t let Clinton become our leader, voters. Vote Trump and Pence. We, as Americans, need to have a big change, and we deserve better than Hillary Clinton.


Chamber will press on with case against drainage fee
The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce respectfully disagrees with The Sentinel’s assertion that “chances are slim” the chamber and Mesa County will succeed in challenging the Grand Valley Drainage District’s storm water fee as an impermissible tax (“Pay the drainage bill,” 8/26/2016). The case’s only ruling thus far has been to deny a preliminary injunction. Declaring “chances are slim” now is akin to declaring a baseball game over after the first inning.

Here’s why the chamber will press on: News reports frequently mention the $36 annual assessment on homes, but rarely mention the $300, $1,500, and $6,000 assessments the drainage district will impose on individual businesses and nonprofits every year. The court’s initial ruling said that as long as the drainage district invoked the right words when adopting this “fee,” then it’s not a tax. The result is a “fee” exception that swallows the TABOR rule: What prevents another entity from imposing a new “technology fee” or “equipment fee” on businesses? What prevents the drainage district from upping next year’s residential fee to $360, or pegging the fee for a business at $10,000?

The chamber agrees the Grand Valley needs expanded capacity for drainage. But doing it this way sets a dangerous precedent that undermines Colorado’s constitution and threatens the ability of businesses to manage overhead costs. This harms business owners, their employees, and the customers they serve.

The drainage district may prevail in this lawsuit if the courts eventually say it has the power to collect its “fee.” At the end of the day, though, power has the second to last word. Ideas have the last word. And the idea that citizens and businesses should not be taxed outside of the law is an idea the chamber is proud to champion.

Grand Junction Area
Chamber of Commerce
Grand Junction

Paper’s front-page should 
focus on positive coverage

We have been taking your paper since 1988 and up until the last few years it has been a good, decent paper with good reporting, especially on the front page. Now it always has murders, sex parlors, abuse of children and/or adults, kidnappings, knifings, etc.

This Sunday’s paper hit rock bottom with the totally unnecessary detailed account and intimate descriptions of the charges against the lowest form of humanity. That type of information should stay in a courtroom and that story, if even published, should have been buried on a back page, without details. The front page should have had the wonderful article about the Grand Junction Challenger Team, something to really be proud of.

Anyone interested in coming to our town, possibly to move here, would certainly think twice about it after reading the front pages of our one and only daily newspaper.

Grand Junction

Paper needs to stop milking the Lester Jones trial
I’m pretty sure that everyone from Mack to Montrose is very familiar with the Lester Jones trial. Why are you so compelled to post a complete history of the case on the front page each day? Do we really need to look at Jones’ face each morning? Must you keeping repeating details of the poor victim’s lifestyle? I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with that by now.

Keep us informed if you must, but stop milking it.

Grand Junction


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While Dan Bledsoe (“America deserves better than Clinton) seeks to establish credibility by self-identifying as an “independent”, he actually proves the truth of P.T. Barnum’s famous aphorism:
“there’s a sucker born every minute”.

True, this election should be a “no-brainer” for Bledsoe and his ilk – if they had any interest in facts.  Indeed, with everything that President Obama (rescuing our economy from the depths of the Bush Recession) and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (restoring our reputation abroad) have done for this country, Bledsoe – like Donald Trump—betrays a racist and sexist inclination to discount their real accomplishments in favor of hogwash.

Every Thursday’s Sentinel suggests that – had Obama not rescued the U.S. automobile industry (over Republican objections) – there might not even be a local newspaper in which Bledsoe and his fellow Hillary-haters could spout their tripe.

Neither Obama nor Clinton espouse “open borders” or engage in “anti-police rhetoric”.  In February 2016, President Obama rebuked so-called “sanctuary cities” and the DOJ stopped transferring prisoners to them. (

Clinton regards the proliferation of 300+  cities, counties, and states still refusing to cooperate with ICE as another symptom of our “broken immigration system” that underscores the need for comprehensive reform (which Republicans have obstructed since 2013).

Both Obama and Clinton embrace the bipartisan consensus that forging economic ties with our “frenemies” through fairer trade is preferable to armed confrontation, and Clinton has published her detailed plan to mitigate the localized effects of trade deals.

Neither Obama nor Clinton would “take your gun-owning rights away”, but responsibly support common-sense reforms that would expand background checks and help protect police by restricting access to assault weapons.

For 25 years, Clinton has been subjected to partisan
“investigations” that – in contrast to Trump’s business record—revealed no “underhanded dealings”, while fact-checkers conclude that Trump is the most dishonest candidate to ever seek the presidency.

Clinton has disclosed decades of tax returns, her millions in charitable donations, and a credible summary if her medical history, while Trump has not – and only lies about them.

Now that Trump is receiving national security briefings, he may well be sharing state secrets with an illegal immigrant—his third “trophy wife”, a college drop-out who lied on her resume and website, and is yet to hold the press conference that Trump emptily promised.

Thus, the Trump/Pence campaign is busily shoveling horse manure on its bubbleheaded suckers. “If it looks like it, and it smells like it, that’s what it is.”

The way Mr. Hugenberg continues to attack Trump’s “trophy wife” is beginning to make me wonder if he’s jealous!

Turns out, Roberta, Hugenberg is actually the bubblehead who believes in the horse manure the Clintons have spread for 30 years.  Sad, isn’t it?

LOL, Joyce.  BTW:  have you seen this video of Tim Kaine?


Either Mr. Bledsoe does not understand the English language or he doesn’t know what a “plan” is.  Most really don’t when comes the time to evaluate statements from public figures.

If Mr. Bledsoe paid closer attention, he would have noted (the same as we did) that his choice for President is all over the place, feeling the need to speak on almost everything that happen to be in the headlines every day.  That is not a “plan”, merely “running off at the mouth”, and appealing more to emotion than logic, and with little regard to what he/she is saying or how it might affect anyone else.

The following sentence also caught my attention:  “With the continued investigation over her underhand doings and the lies, lies and more lies, we’ll find out if there is any justice left in our system, that’s for sure.”

Unlike most individuals, some of us are mature enough to not “convict” before the facts are established, as far too many appear to do.  An investigation is just that, an investigation.  It does not establish guilt, but merely searches for facts.  And some of us would disagree with a recent statement found in an editorial written by a member of the Sentinel staff, claiming that the investigation of the airport project was unwarranted.  That is rendering judgment from “thinking backwards”, which goes as follow:  “If nothing criminal was found, then the investigation itself was not warranted”. 

That was a statement which leads me to seriously question if some of these individuals who make their living with the pen even think about what they are actually saying (or writing) when they actually say (or write) it.

Wow, had not seen that video.  Priceless!  LOL!!  Says it all doesn’t it?

It does, Joyce.  Hillary seems to do a horrible job of selecting people to surround herself with.

The good folks keep their distance from her.  You know, the ole “birds of a feather” thing (:

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