Printed letters, December 15, 2014

Please let me be one of the first to agree with the letter by Joe Scheetz regarding closures of roads and trails. I have some thoughts that might add to his position on the trails and roads the BLM is attacking.

First of all, it is not the ATV riders who are placing these restrictions on roads and trails. BLM is making the decisions. Secondly, all recreationists need to unite against this land grab and take back our public lands. There are no validated reasons to restrict any access already established on our public lands.

BLM wants the public to believe it is “protecting” public lands by restricting access to a few. It wants the public to believe we need to keep our energy companies from accessing public lands for energy development. Has anyone checked out the prices of gasoline lately? Bottom line: The BLM is a malignancy on our rights to access our own lands.

All states east of the state lines of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico are 95 percent private lands or state lands. Everything west of that line has major percentages of land controlled by the federal government.

It is time for all states in America to be at least 95 percent privately owned or state-owned lands. All recreationists, whether on foot, horseback or motorized, must unite against the real enemy.


Grand Junction


Apathy is driving nation
into a permanent decline

For decades this country has been moving left, bringing with it a noticeable loss of personal freedom. Each generation has inherited apathy and passes it along. What remains is a nation so apathetic that it no longer cares about right or wrong and will do whatever the government says. We’ve become so dependent that we hardly notice how close we are to complete enslavement.

President James Garfield once said, “Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption…”

Look around. Today we tolerate impoliteness, rude behavior, laziness, abortion and same-sex marriage; profanity, sex in advertising, pornography, welfare fraud and gay leaders in the Boy Scouts. Righting all the things that are screwed up seems as hopeless as bailing water out of a sinking boat with a teacup.

We’ve descended so low as to allow government to regulate nearly everything. It tells farmers how and what to grow and determines what we should or shouldn’t eat and which light bulbs to buy.

We tolerate a few folks passing laws we don’t like for millions of us to live by, and we’re obviously too apathetic to care.

Now we’re led by a man who not only flouts the Constitution but also violates his own laws while a spineless Congress looks the other way.

So, like all great former empires, I suppose ours must eventually vanish, too. I fear it will happen sooner rather than later, and I’m sad for those who inherit this current mess.


Grand Junction

Daily Sentinel also purveys
‘sameness of thought’

I thought my Tuesday was going to pass without hearing a good joke. Then I opened up my paper to your editorial, which took the local network TV affiliates to task for a perceived sameness of thought. The first thing that came to mind was how 90 percent of the Sentinel’s hard news stories originates from a very liberally slanted Associated Press.

The next thing I thought was how all your local reporters write as if they’re auditioning for a job as an AP reporter. The punch line is the Sentinel’s idea of a conservative columnist is Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, slamming whatever Republican she’s targeted for scorn.

It would probably be a good idea for you to hide all the rocks around your building because you live in the biggest glass house in town.



Obama’s misstatements show
grade-school intelligence level

George Will’s column of Dec. 4 in which he explained President Obama’s unraveling presidency contained a quote from presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett’s comment struck me as the most preposterous thing I’ve read in The Daily Sentinel since Denny Herzog claimed there was no left-wing bias in journalism.

Jarrett said of Obama, “He knows exactly how smart he is ... I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually…”  She has a point if his challengers are limited to fifth-graders and no one older. I have heard from some local Democrats about how intelligent he is, as well. So, how can a man be so, so smart after saying:


  •“I have been in all 57 states”

    •“Navy corpse man”

    •“The intercontinental railroad”

    • “Happy cinco de quatro”

    •“I don’t speak Austrian”


These beauties, which are a small sampling, are from a man who usually only speaks when assisted with a teleprompter. I can’t imagine what jewels we could be treated to if teleprompters didn’t exist. Then again, if they didn’t exist, he’d still be only a community organizer looking for another fifth-grader to school intellectually.


Grand Junction


Supreme Court should tell 
president to use Obamacare

We all know about Obamacare and its problems. President Obama went to the Supreme Court to get it passed – Obamacare for all citizens.  Why isn’t the court stepping in to tell Obama that the law was meant for everyone, no exceptions. That means him and all of our representatives. No passes.


Grand Junction


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