Printed Letters: Aug. 30, 2015

Assisted suicide puts the disabled at risk
It was disappointing to see the article “Assisted suicide may be on ballot” and the editorial “Ballot the wrong way to decide right to die” not mention the disabled community’s opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia.

We agree with the Sentinel that Wright’s ballot measure is wrong for Colorado. We oppose any law that would allow some people’s lives to be ended without their consent. There will be mistakes and abuse, and as a result, people will die needlessly — preventable deaths that can never be undone.

I am a person with a terminal condition covered by Rep. Court’s proposed bill — muscular dystrophy, and I am reliant on life support machines to live. Court’s bill will enact lethal discrimination. Some people who want to die receive suicide assistance, and others — non-disabled individuals — receive suicide prevention.

I want to be assured that if I become depressed, I will receive the suicide prevention that I would so desperately need. Instead, due to society and the medical establishment’s devaluation of my life, I would likely be offered suicide assistance if Court’s bill passes.

Assisted suicide and euthanasia are a deadly mix in a profit-driven healthcare system where a lethal prescription may become the cheapest treatment. The bill and ballot measure pose a direct threat to the lives of disabled people and the elderly. Assisted suicide is unnecessary, as every patient already has the right to refuse treatment, or receive palliative sedation if pain cannot be controlled at the end of life.

Every major disability rights organization that has taken a position on assisted suicide and euthanasia opposes legalization because legalized assisted suicide puts disabled people — particularly those with severe disabilities — at risk.


Mesa County needs to invest in economic future of its people
This November across the state of Colorado communities will ask citizens to make investments via sales tax initiatives, or mill levies to improve their communities. A short list includes:

The Roaring Fork School District — $122 million bond issue to fund capital projects and be repaid over a 20-year period with majority of spending on elementary schools.

Steamboat Springs Board of Education — $92 million bond issue to build a new high school and make upgrades to buildings across the school district.

The Greeley City Council has sent two significant items to the voters and combined these two measures will raise $12 million for streets and $3.5 million for facilities and parks annually.

The Colorado Springs City Council has approved a resolution to place a sales tax measure that would generate $50 million per year for five years with 100 percent of the funds dedicated to road maintenance and curb and gutter improvements. 

A Denver tourism ballot measure to extend the current 1.75 percent visitors tax on hotel rooms and car rentals will result in at least $200 million in infrastructure construction work creating a permanent home for Denver’s National Western Stock Show, restoring the South Platte River, expanding access to parks, strengthening the convention industry and sustaining local economic development.

Officials from the city of Montrose and the Montrose Economic Development Corp. announced that Travel Recon, a Colorado startup, would locate in Montrose with 13 specialized jobs that could employ veterans after MEDC and Montrose County invested in broadband access required for the firm.

Where is the leadership at our county, municipalities, and school board that will make public investments to attract and retain private investment in Mesa County? Are we being left behind the active economic growth happening across our state?

Leaders in the communities above are demonstrating a willingness to make investments in improvements that will have a positive impact on their communities. Without public investment, how do we show Mesa County is serious about educating our future business owners and employees, creating a robust infrastructure for economic growth, and welcoming private investment to a community committed to the future?

Grand Junction

Congress should act on 
immigration overhaul
The current hullabaloo within the Republican clown bus would be hilarious if it wasn’t really about the very serious matter of the lives of fellow human beings. There is no question that we have to vastly improve our immigration system. But deporting millions of people and breaking up many families is part of the “solution?”

Why do we have so many undocumented people in the country that seem to be an overriding problem for those seeking the presidency from the right? It would be nice to assume that most of those here illegally were seeking freedom and all that we supposedly stand for. The fact is that 99 percent of them were seeking improved economic conditions for themselves and their families. How could they do that when it is unlawful to hire anybody who is not in the country legally? Good, upstanding Americans hired them or they wouldn’t be here in the first place. If you can’t get work there is no economic opportunity.

Why would you hire somebody who can’t prove that they are a legal citizen? There are at least two reasons: you don’t have to pay them as much or they have a superior work ethic, or both. Yes, they knowingly climbed the fence to get here or they took a chance and used other illegal means to get into the country. Unless you are a purebred Native American, all of us have ancestors that came here for the same reason that those currently in the spotlight did. My guess is that a good share of those ancestors didn’t have “papers.”

Congress should get off its derrier and get busy on a comprehensive immigration overhaul and accept the reality that those in the country already should be documented and given legal alternatives to either stay or leave on their own volition.

Grand Junction

Once the miracle of life takes place it shouldn’t be destroyed
Claudette Konola, in her column “Pro-birth is not pro-life” stated that pro-lifers only care about getting the baby “birthed,” but not about quality of life. And yet, without “life” a human being has no possibility of any quality of life at all. Every baby deserves a quality life, but if the choice is between poverty and no life at all, choose life. Konola said pro-lifers lack concern for complicated pregnancies, citing a 10-year old rape victim.

Less than one-twentieth of one percent of abortions are due to rape or incest while the vast majority are based on finances. How about providing financial counseling and resources, and/or adoption rather than doing away with the baby?

Konola also stated that science has advanced considerably due to fetal stem cell research, that the very first scientific stem cell research was on an aborted fetus, and that Planned Parenthood’s harvested baby body parts are not used as much for research as baby parts from in-vitro fertilization.

This is a Machiavellian concept that the end justifies the means. Immorality, even for a good cause, is still immorality. And because “only” 211,000 lives have been destroyed so far this year means nothing to the 211,000 lives that were taken.

She also stated that pro-lifers believe every sexual encounter must result in birth. Not true. What is true though is that once the miracle of life takes place it should not be destroyed.

Grand Junction


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You know what Borgen. Congress could have got off their collective asses at the same time hussein care got rammed through. In other words when the democraps were in control. Amen.

The 14th amendment has nothing to do with creating guaranteed citizenship. The border MUST be secured. An many low information voters need education. Much like the confederate battle flag. Really the messiah hillary is sinking like a rock and her supporters, as usual, must blame republicans. Facts are that all elected officials for the last 75 years have put this country in pathetic shape.

To imply that “bond issues” are free and no cost is so seriously misleading. Someone pays—-eventually the tax payer.

Great great expose Kathleen. I do NOT read Konola but am sure that you confused her with the real facts.

Sorry, Mr. Sanders, but its Ms. Hollingsworth that’s confused. She ignores simple biological facts in order to make her ideological point. Life doesn’t begin at conception. It never did.

First of all Borgen it is none of your business. Secondly my healthcare has squat to do with illegal immigration. But I have none of the choices you listed. Now back to your crapola about immigration—-duh. Again get off of the attempted “change the subject” tactic and get on with your attempt to save lying hillary.

Jeez. I will spell it out for you. The democraps rammed hussein care down our throats. My statement is obvious to all except you. If your illegal immigration is so damned important to you then where were you when hussein care was being rammed? Why could not immigration also have been rammed? Jeez.

Have you seen hillary’s latest polling numbers? Surely you have? Even on NBC, MSNBC, CNN and CNBC she is sinking like a lead balloon. I guess lying, leaving soldiers to die, not securing classified info, peddling enfluence for clinton foundation donations, etc, etc, etc do matter.

..........influence. Lest I get slammed for spelling

Indeed Iles. However abortions do NOT occur at conception. They occur after life begins. Sorry. Can I send you educational material?

You might consider reading it yourself, or better yet, how about a biology textbook? Life continues at conception. The sperm and egg are just as “alive” as a fertilized egg. It is only the pro-life hypocrisy that ignores that fact and places special meaning to a fertilized egg, but still ignores the biological fact that half of all those fertilized eggs are lost. Where’s the outcry over that? Is it only “alive” and therefore worthy of protest by the pro-life definition if its lucky enough to implant in the mother’s uterus?

I take back what I said about providing educational materials. Those materials would be wasted. Kind of like flushing.

Yes, it appears they would be. If they support the pro-life hypocrisy, then they’re wrong. If they don’t, then it looks like you need them more than I do.

The oracle gets slammed by the incubus. Ouch.

Well, the conservative resorts to insults when he can’t argue the facts, as usual.

Really? Who commented about the oracle? Directed to?

Based on Mr. Borgen’s clarification, it appears the “oracle troll” comment was directed at you. Either way, I fail to see how your comment about “incubus” was intended as anything other than an insult, so my point stands.

By the way, it isn’t an insult if its an accurate description.

But let’s look through the comments and see who tossed the first insult. Does the term “democraps” ring any bells?

it continues to amaze me just how stupid the liberal loon can be, apparently it’s okay to pay $338.3 BILLION dollars a year to provide benefits for illegal aliens, that’s a fact. Also Physics and medical sources define two cells interacting and the growing of an organism as conception. A concept most liberal loons are incapable of understanding, maybe they grew from plant material rather than cellular creation. Oh well, Hillary is still the smartest woman alive, Barrack Hussein Obama is the second coming and anybody that can’t see that just can’t be listened to. God Bless America, Merry Christmas, vote early, vote often, Nuke gay whales for Jesus and elect Dick Cheney President. Mr. Bright

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