Printed Letters: July 17, 2014

Brutal attack a reminder to prepare to fight back
The article on Tuesday describing the brutal attack and murder of a man in Orchard Mesa is a stark reminder of what can happen in any neighborhood no matter the size or demographic makeup within a community.

The second tragedy is that Mr. Lozano now has to relive that moment when he wanted to help the victim but couldn’t because he himself had no means of protection from the attacker. 

I feel pity for all parties involved but the public should take a lesson from this: Always be prepared for the unexpected. With today’s society so fixated on the demonization of firearms, one can only wonder what the outcome might have been had the victim or a neighbor had a concealed-carry fire-arm.

Earlier this year a man had to protect his daughter and himself from a dog attack in broad daylight in a supermarket parking lot using a concealed-carry weapon. Now, not everyone has a firearm, likes firearms or even accepts them at all, and I understand that, but they do have their place in a civil society with responsible citizens carrying them. 

There are also many other options for personal protection. Pepper spray, expandable batons, stun guns, Tasers, billy clubs, monkey fists and even an extremely bright handheld flashlight and a whistle can be used as deterrents. 

The one thing to remember, even if you carry such items, is that situational awareness, proper training and conflict avoidance are the keys to safety in any potential act of violence. Not everyone is willing to put themselves into harm’s way for a fellow citizen, but if the situation arises it’s important to be properly prepared.  It’s far too often that a violent encounter spurs one to get prepared instead of being prepared to help prevent or stop it in the first place.


Humane society is inhumane in feral cat treatment
I went for a 15-minute walk in my neighborhood yesterday and counted six to eight feral cats. Then I saw the news comments from the Roice-Hurst Humane Society Monday regarding feral cats. It sure seems like its comments contradict the meaning of humane. The comment essentially said feral cats are a natural part of the environment and do not do anything negative to impact it. They keep the mouse population down. Their numbers fall in the winter, and predators keep the cat population in check.

Is it humane to keep the cat population in check through starvation and predation?

A couple of quotes from the report: “Feral cats pose no health risks to humans unless you’re scratched or bitten.” “Experts from animal agencies agree that letting nature run its course through life cycles and predator activity reduces feral cat populations without our own human interference.”

A few arguments:

1. Isn’t it a health risk to have cats using sand boxes and other play areas as toilets?

2. In addition to rodents, cats also keep the bird population down.

3. While it is probably rare, doesn’t it seem that feral cats could contract diseases that can be passed on when they come in contact with domesticated cats?

4. Cats get into garbage cans and make messes someone has to clean up. Is that sanitary?

While I have no humane solution to the issue, it seems that the humane society is taking the easy way out as opposed to being the leader in resolving the issue.

Grand Junction

November elections a good time to start changing politics
Benghazi 24/7, previously known as Fox News, has taken a break from constantly demonizing Hillary Clinton while regrouping to further attempt to destroy the Obama administration’s efforts.

When President Obama was first elected, the Republican leadership in Congress vowed to stop him from accomplishing anything. They have been far too successful. Their ridiculous and almost always counterproductive tactics have included more than 50 votes in the House to kill the Affordable Care Act. (Note: In recent days they have dropped their constant allusions to “train wrecks” and “national disasters.” Why? Because Obamacare, whether they like it or not, is actually working.) Both that enormous waste of time, effort and money and their unwillingness to be rational, responsible legislators have seriously hindered many possible accomplishments that this most do-nothing of all of our more than 100 Congresses has managed to avoid.

And who is suffering from this outrageous, totally negative policy? You, me and the 300 million people in the country who are not preposterously wealthy.

It is past time for the fine people of this once-great nation to break out of their stupor and realize what is being done to them and their American way of life by people like the Koch brothers, those folks who feel buying an election is the right thing to do.

Look at how your representatives vote. If they are voting contrary to your best interests, something that happens far too often, the time has come for a change. The election this November would be a good place to begin. And the defeat of Scott Tipton would be a perfect start.

Editor’s note: We republished David Cooper’s letter in its entirety after we inadvertently altered a key statement when it originally appeared Wednesday.


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Dear David Cooper, $648 million, $700 Billion, and those are just a few costs to this great nation in dollars. If you conscience guides you to believe the like of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, John Kerry, and Barrack Obama, there is no salvation for you. If you think Benghazi, using the IRS, DOJ, NSA, and other agencies as weapons against the American people by this administration is right, there is no salvation for you. If you feel buying an election in the way George Soros and others do then there is no salvation for you. If you think looking at the way representatives vote is the right thing to do, then why did you not do so before putting Barrack Hussein Obama in office with your vote? I too would have liked resident status to attend a school in a state I never lived in. If you would like to pay my medical costs, feel free to send me a check every month in the amount of half your income. If you wish to create some more false national disasters for your government to invade your life’s choices and take over for you, by all means do so. If you can listen to ALL the news channels, read ALL the news publications, maybe even watch CSPAN once in awhile and see what pompous liars and cheats you have elected and still feel good about your decisions, I wish you luck creating that utopia you feel is so great, I don’t care to be a part of it and my vote will hopefully cancel yours out.
Richard Bright

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