Printed Letters: June 4, 2014

CMU student athletes take school seriously
In response to the person who breezed into town from the Front Range last week and felt compelled to throw stones at CMU student athletes, allow me to stand up for them.  

While we’re certainly used to “experts” from the Denver metro area coming to town to tell us how to run our lives, use our water and educate our children, his letter was not only factually incorrect, it was offensive. As an alumnus of Colorado Mesa University, I happen to know first-hand how important academic rigor is at the school. I also happened to bunk with a student athlete during my time at Mesa and can report that he had to study more than I did because his coaches and the administration demanded academic performance if he wanted to play.  

The next time this self-appointed expert decides to grace us with his opinion on the quality of academics and athletics here in Grand Junction, let’s hope he does his own homework before shooting his mouth off. 

Grand Junction

Vet’s care exemplary 
at local VA hospital
Regarding the care to veterans offered at VA hospitals: I have no idea what occurred at the VA hospital in Phoenix. Since 1998, I have received 100 percent of my health care from two different VA hospitals: one in Vermont and the other here in Grand Junction. My care has been beyond exemplary.

All doctors and other personnel involved have responded promptly and appropriately to any and all concerns, questions and conditions that I have had. If I want to see my physician for something routine, my wait is generally about two to three weeks. If I have something more emergent, I can usually see him the next day. Simply going to the walk-in clinic at any time is an option I have used several times.

In addition, any veteran who has registered to receive health care through the VA may, in the event of an emergency, defined as such by the veteran, receive care at any hospital. As long as the VA is notified in a timely manner, the VA covers the cost of that emergency visit. No veteran needs to die while waiting for care.

In all this Republican outrage and display of concern for vets, they seem to have forgotten that in February they voted against a bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont that would increase health care and education benefits to veterans and that would have added 27 VA hospitals. A reasonable person might consider that hypocritical. And who knows? Maybe if we hadn’t been led into a war under false pretenses by a Republican president, and then remained at war for some 12 years, maybe there would not be such great need for care.

Grand Junction

Gardner’s choice to refrain from negative ads refreshing
I have seen ads on television containing false and reckless information about Cory Gardner. The ads are dishonest and untruthful. Gardner did not vote for Obamacare; however, Sen. Mark Udall did, and he indicated he would do so again.

Attacks ads from political parties and politicians are the reason why people have little faith in politicians. People are sick of negative campaigning because of untrue, dishonest ads like those on television.

The people of Colorado deserve honest and respectful election campaigns. They deserve candidates who are honest and truthful, and who demonstrate integrity, unlike candidates who videotape their opponents, use sound bites and video clips out of context or who say untrue things.

Gardner will not participate in such negative campaigning. If Udall needs to do so, then I ask you, “Who do you want to represent you?” Do you want somebody who is willing to misrepresent other candidates in order to get your vote? Would that person also misrepresent you in the U.S. Senate? So, I say to Colorado: Do not believe the negative ads. And vote Gardner come November.

La Junta

Government wrong to order baker to accommodate gays
After reading an article about the panel that ordered a baker to make cakes for gay weddings, I could not stop myself from writing this. In the Holy Bible, God said that marriage is between one man and one woman. How can members of a commission elevate themselves above God and order Jack Phillips to make a cake for those not in line with his beliefs?

Phillips should up the price of the cake by 1,000 percent. I think it is time for the government to get out of the business of people trying to make a living.

Grand Junction


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Mr Arnold I am in total agreement. However I am sure that rather than have a urinating contest about it he can achieve his goal by many means regardless of court decision.

Mr Hare I salute your freedom of speech however might I remind you that the military has been ALL VOLUNTEER since 1973. We all took the same oath. And you sir do NOT speak for ALL veterans nor are ALL veterans treated as exemplary as you have. What a chicken crap method of slamming President Bush. In the end Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq politicians of ALL political parties screwed them up.

Mr Watts UDALL also voted to allow the UN to have authority of GUN CONTROL in AMERICA. He also signed on to have the Washington Redskins change their name. He is barry lyinkenyan hussein’s puppet. Yes chairman, yes chairman yes chairman.

Bergdahl is a traitor and barry has yet again broken the Laws he swore to uphold.

Thank you Mr. Arnold
Soooo, are we going to take Starbucks to court and make them honor the second amendment? Are we going to pay back border states for higher law enforcement costs and dangerous drivers going onto their roads after tokin up in our state and illegally transporting pot across state borders? Is it time we took back our state from Boulder? Right after we make the federal government stop forcing us to buy private products from privately owned companies. I saw a Prius with an Obama Biden bumper sticker pass me doing at least 45 mph in a construction zone posted 25mph, I felt vindicated.
Mr. Bright, not Mrs.

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