Conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz 
are right to take stand on budget

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Do you believe in paying bills for money you have already spent?  Wasn’t it Congress that spent the money (already) in the first place? Since when do ‘fiscally responsible’ ‘conservatives’ advocate absconding on debt?

Buried within the rubbish of Josh Penry’s latest offering – “Conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz are right to take a stand on budget” – are revealing gems.

First, just who were these “Washington wise men” who Penry claims are responsible for engendering the current confrontation?  The answer is implied by his conclusion. 

Thus, after “conservative” Republican President Reagan’s “VooDoo Economics” tripled the national debt from 1980 to 1992, Democratic President Clinton nearly balanced the federal budget by 2000 (and arguably bequeathed a surplus, ignoring borrowing from Social Security).

Then, as Penry accurately reports, the debt ceiling was raised to $8 trillion in November 2004 and to $14 trillion in February 2010.  What happened in-between 2000 and 2010?

Penry conveniently “forgets” that—beginning in 2001—“compassionate conservative” Republican President George Bush reinstated Reagan’s previously discredited “VooDoo Economics” by enacting gratuitously excessive tax cuts, initiating two unfunded wars, and enacting the likewise unfunded Medicare Part D.  President Obama inherited that mess – and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  Consequently, the debt ceiling was necessarily raised to $16 trillion in August 2011.

In 2012, Republican tax-avoider Mitt Romney “doubled-down” on failed “conservative” economic policies, but Americans soundly rejected him.

So, as Penry aptly notes, “Unfortunately for the country, this is the line that [conservative Republican] ‘wise men’ have been spouting for a very, very long time.  It is precisely this thinking that has pushed our nation to the fiscal brink”.

Second, what is dangerously different about Cruz is not just his rhetorical reiteration of the familiar “conservative” canards which “pushed our nation to the fiscal brink” – and now threaten “a diminished American tomorrow” today—but rather his deliberate and cynically disingenuous Hitler-like resort to multiple falsehoods about ObamaCare to advance his own selfish presidential ambitions at the nation’s expense.

Cruz and “wise man” is an oxymoron. Any default of US government debt would be an economic clamity. If Cruz’s efforts to shut down the government and a default were to occur, I would classify Cruz and his ilk not as patriots but terrorists, as those events would do more damage to this country than any 9-11.

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