Printed Letters: Aug. 7, 2014

County not responsible for fixing 38 Road woes
Well it’s already started. People are asking the county to fund improvements to 38 Road because of the increased traffic. 

Let’s be clear, the county didn’t designate the Fruit and Wine Byway. Businesses along the route began calling that stretch of road the Fruit and Wine Byway to help increase their business. They noted the byway on tourism maps, and then asked the county to designate the byway as the Fruit and Wine Byway. The county declined.

At the time the request was made, commissioners voiced concerns that the road was already too dangerous and we didn’t need to make the problem worse by encouraging more traffic, especially when it is stop and go traffic and a mixture of automobiles and bikes. While we couldn’t prohibit the group from printing maps to help promote their businesses, we were very clear that if they created traffic or safety problems as a result of their “byway” promotion they shouldn’t expect the county to fix their problems. 

This group of individuals wanted to post signs along this stretch of road and told the county they would raise the money to purchase the signs themselves. But further review of the county code revealed that these types of signs in the right of way would be a violation of the county code, which only permits directional signage (defined in the code as entrance and exit types of signage). I pointed this out to staff and assumed the matter was settled. Imagine my surprise to get an invitation to the ribbon cutting ceremony after the signs had been installed.

So if 38 Road is a disaster it is the people who created the problem, not the county, who should be financially responsible to fix the problem. When other businesses develop and expand they are required to pay for the costs of necessary traffic improvements. This case should be no different. This group of businesses should not expect special treatment. 

Grand Junction

Reader disagrees with recently published ‘leftist’ letters
There must have been a fairly recent change in editorial staff at the Sentinel. In recent months, the Sentinel seems willing, even compelled, to print letters from the likes of the local radical leftist Bill Hugenberg. It is difficult to imagine what purpose the Sentinel might have in printing letters like his latest in-the-tank-for-Obama, delusional, non-fact-based rant, whereby after almost six years into Obama’s term, he still blames everything on George Bush.

Surely the Sentinel must receive frequent letters that contain actual facts, as opposed to mere personal misguided ideology. Hugenberg’s letter alleges “war crimes” against Bush and Cheney and conflates torture with enhanced interrogation, which was determined to be not only in America’s best interest at the time, but also to be legal.

I, for one, am very thankful to the Bush/Cheney administration. They were an administration that was willing to make tough decisions to protect Americans, as opposed to engaging in the long, drawn out dithering process that we have seen with the Obama administration. Red lines were drawn, only to be erased or, even worse, blamed on the American people.

The Obama administration frequently responds to all challenging situations with empty platitudes and vague statements such as “Let me be clear,” “Make no mistake,” “There will be consequences,” or “There will be costs,” all clearly devoid of any potential consequence. These are all statements made to buy time, avoid actual decision-making and to avoid any level of actual engagement in conflicts vital to the American people and the rest of the world.

Obama has abandoned our key allies like Israel, while emboldening our enemies with this feckless, undefined foreign policy. He is presently risking the health, safety and financial stability of all Americans with a reckless, ideologically driven immigration policy, crafted more to garner votes than to protect Americans or defend the U.S. Constitution.

Grand Junction

Money should be spent on school supplies, not athletics
I get angry every year when I hear that the school children are in need of basic supplies like pencils and crayons. The begging on the news and at stores seeking supplies donated by the Rotary is disgusting when one considers the following:

1. The huge sums spent on athletic coaches for football, basketball, track, and so on.

2. The trips for these “few” stars (mainly boys). These are trips to destinations that cause the athletes to stay overnight in expensive hotels, eating in restaurants at taxpayer expense. The cost of gas, bus drivers and guardians, usually paid overtime or a special rate, is sheer stupidity.

3. Next is the expense of prepping football fields: mowing, seeding, watering, and cleaning the bleachers are, again, costs paid by taxpayers.

Are we running a sports school for a handful of jocks? I thought we were a facility teaching reading, writing, math, science, music and more.

How much of the school budget goes to maintaining these sports? They should not be a part of an educational system.

We have students that are way behind the rest of the world in most subjects. We have large class sizes, poorly paid teachers and an overly expensive sports program.

I agree that students need exercise, but what happened to gym class? What happened to intramural teams? Has our school board lost sight of the purpose of an educational system meant to help all?

Now, back to the topic of buying supplies for the school. The money spent on sports should be diverted to buying school supplies and should not be used for expensive sports programs, coaches and fancy games away from Grand Junction.

Get real. Run an educational system, not a sports-training program for want-to-be NFL players.

Grand Junction


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Kudos to Don Boyles for demonstrating the art of the “fact free rant” (“Reader disagrees with recently published ‘leftist” letters”)—and for aptly publicizing my previous letters.

As objective readers of those letters have concluded, they accurately “fact checked” the poppycock perpetually perpetrated by local right-wing “bubble heads” like Boyles.  So, presumably, someone at the Sentinel considers that to be valuable public service.

Despite Boyles’ remonstrations, it remains indisputable that President Obama inherited the largest national debt and annual deficits in our history from his predecessor – along with two wars, the financial crisis, and a near-Depression.  Six years later, the vestiges of the lawless and irresponsible Bush administration still haunt our politics – as evidenced by the pending report from the Senate Intelligence Committee documenting torture.

But, Boyles coyly conflates “water boarding” with “enhanced interrogation techniques” rather than with “torture”.  Bush’s lawyers contorted established legal precedents to argue that “water boarding” was not “torture” – employing legal sophistry after-the-fact in a dutiful attempt to insulate Bush/Cheney and the CIA operatives involved from potential (but unlikely) liability for “war crimes”.

Today, the key fact at issue is whether any useful intelligence was actually gained from “torture” – or whether Cheney and his ilk have been lying to us for over a decade.

Last Friday, President Obama acknowledged that – in the uncertain aftermath of 9/11 – Bush/Cheney’s CIA did many things right (implementing plans developed by President Clinton’s counter-terrorism coordinator Richard A. Clarke), but some things wrong.

However, rather than acknowledge and take responsibility for those mistakes, ardent Republican apologists like Boyle insist that “everything is President Obama’s fault” – and confuse his prudent avoidance of disastrous unilateralism with indecision.

Boyles’s “tell” is his false claim that
“Obama has abandoned our key allies like Israel”—belied by $3 billion a year and $225 million more for “Iron Dome” last week.

Get real!

And MR penis envy Hugenburg rants on. Considering that penis affliction he is best suited to be labeled sad “sack.” Pun intended. I am sure that his condition can be seriously aided by some precise placement of commo wire and use of a TA 312 field telephone. As usual Hugenburg’s spew lands upon his own pathetic tail. Many president’s have inherited an America that was in sad shape. king barry has done absolutely diddly in six years. Hey sad “sack” how about naming one? Opposed to ranting on Bush/Cheney. America is aware that king barry is the absolute worst overtaking “recognize Hamas” peanut man Carter.

The west slope republican darling must be preparing for running for something. As with most of the MCC at that time it was “sealed.” Rowland is, second to Meis, the biggest joke on the western slope.

Thanks again to “bubble head” Jerry Sanders for convincingly proving my point,

Most historians compare the messes inherited from Bush by President Obama to those confronted by Abraham Lincoln and FDR.

Thus, Sanders confirms that President Obama is in good company—and that Sander’s racist grip on reality is tenuous at best.

Ms wicks you are delirious!

Janet, in your way of thinking the oil company trucks driving up and down I-70 should be paying for transporting the products and by-products of their business yet politicians continue to approve tax breaks on Billions of dollars of prospective tax dollar collection!  Great foresight for moving traffic in Mesa County…....just ignore the problem or pass it on to somebody else?  Same is true with G road as an alternative route to Patterson and the delay in the 29 Road improvement to I-70.

Anybody that can stand up and proudly declare they support a party with leaders like Pelosi, Frank, Kerry, Reid, Schumer, Clinton, Sharpton, and all the other social parasites is delusional in their vision of what this country is. Then elect the (0) president and say out loud they are proud of what he has done in the last 6 years, medicate, heavily or have you already? Then to have the stupidity to proudly claim achievements that have weakened our nation in the world, caused our credit in the world bank to be devalued not once but twice, and try and pass that crap as anything more than a stool sample, says volumes for the idiots that voted this administration in and continue to support it blindly. Mr. Bright

Why would we want to do anything to support local business and agriculture? A group of citizens got together to promote their business, but did not have the permission of the all powerful government to do so, so now they should pay for the improvements on their roads that have drawn more traffic, and tourist dollars to the area?

I this really the message you want to send out, Janet Rowland? What is the difference between those folks who did this and the DDA? That’s right, the DDA already gets tax incentives for its operations.

Make sure you business owners get the message. Don’t do anything to draw more business your way with out the permission of the Government.

Spoken like a die-hard fact-free “bubble head”!  Fox Noise would be proud of you!!

Apparently, Jeanette Wicks is ignorant of the fact that participants in Extracurricular Sports Teams pay pretty exorbitant fees to do so.

When I was in school, we paid for own school supplies, including pens pencils paper folders crayons paints book covers binders,etc. I went to public schools all the way through High School. I even managed to get educated enough to have my choice of Colleges when the time came. I ran track and cross country. We ran in the same uniforms every year. None of the athletes in my school played in the NFL or NBA. None of them ran in the Olympics, but a lot of them received funds to pay for part of their college educations through their involvement in Sports. For some of the athletes, sports were the motivating factor to go to school and get good grades, because you couldn’t compete in sports if your GPA dropped too low.

The percentage of students competing in Sports is at an all time low. I personally think this is a contributing factor to the decline in education.

Mr. Boyles, Today The Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch and not known as leftist-leaning, reports that the International Red Cross has determined that waterboarding is torture and a violation of the Geneva accords, of which the US is a signee.

Kyle, I don’t think they condone beheadings and public stoning either but recent murdering savages released back into the world use those tactics as common practice. If you think we are such savages feel free to migrate with Hugenburg to Yemen. Mr. Bright

For once I agree with Kevin McCarney. Janet Rowland’s attitude is the latest and best example of how the local establishment GOP has held back economic progress in this area for decades. Good thing she’s out of office.

It’s time for new thinking, new politicians and new ideas in the Grand Valley.

Mr. Bright, even John McCain, someone who knows torture, has called waterboarding torture. And telling me to move if I don’t like it is contrary to one of our country’s greatest attributes, the freedom to express opinions and criticisms. We may disagree but we can do so respectfully.

Dear bitching buffaloed bill, then quit your bitching about everything in this country. I tell you to go to Mexico because you think it all needs to be fixed. I tell you if the laws were enforced and circumvented for political means and our security taken into account there isn’t a problem. The problem is liberal whiners like yourself that want it all their way and no other. Go live on the border and see for yourself, move to Mexico and tell them all the #### you pile on our backs and see if you get more respect than you get here? where you will get none. I know full well FIRST HAND the enemy we are up against in the middle east and I’ll take waterboarding over public beheading any day? YOU? You don’t know jack about our enemy, “their words, not mine”, and you sure as hell don’t know what they are capable, you should find out before you spout your liberal hug’em and love’em speeches and find out how they would treat you? turn the other cheek my ass, in the middle east they don’t believe that. And for the record I have debated with Mr. McCain on these issues, he’s of his opinion but also believes the enemy we face is far more evil and would suffer no moral regret as shown by their past actions no matter what our response is. Study the middle east since biblical times it might open your eyes or it might change your mind with some truth for a change. I’m sure too you are for trading traitors and sympathizers for Terrorists too, just as your boy the(0)did without congressional approval. Mr.Bright

Mr. Bright, your fact-free ranting and drivel combined with insults do not warrant any further response.

Hey Penis envy hugenburg. Have you checked articles in the Sentinel the last couple of days concerning your and your envy hussein about hussein Pelosi democrat care? Please tell us again about those nonexistent 30 million.

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