E-mail letters, April 12, 2011

Radical enviros, Democrats,
are responsible for gas prices

With the price of gas soaring and the cost of living going up right along with it, let’s be sure we name the people primarily responsible for creating this situation.

The radical environmental movement, working hand-in-hand with the Democratic Party for many years, has effectively banned almost all new domestic oil production.

Using illegal moratoriums, questionable land designations, innumerable lawsuits and regulatory hurdles, these two powerful groups have made it impossible for this country to supply any significant portion of our own oil needs.

While you struggle to make ends meet, and you have to cancel the family vacation, remember who created this mess.
David Foster
Grand Junction

Mesa State fits dictionary
definition of a university

With all due respect to those who think that Mesa State shouldn’t be named a university, you are wrong.

One letter writer stated a Webster’s dictionary definition of a university as an institution which offers post-graduate and doctoral degrees. Well, guess what? Mesa State does offer master’s degrees and is in the process of developing a doctoral program as well. These programs are otherwise known as post-graduate degrees.

There, Mesa State qualifies to be a university, per the definition.
Jeremiah Habecker
Grand Junction

More must be done
on fracking controversy

The April 12 editorial highlighting a major move forward on calming the controversies involving divulging the ingredients of the “fracking” fluids used by the oil and gas industry is welcome news. However there remains work to be done to make solving the issue complete.

The industry claims that there is no proof that fracking fluids have polluted any water source, ever. Now that we hope all in the industry will divulge the ingredients in the fluid they use, it follows that all water sources in the vicinity of proposed drilling be tested for their chemical content as a baseline before drilling commences. The testing should be done by a neutral party and paid for by the drilling company.

That will complete the circle necessary to prove or disprove any claims of pollution after drilling starts. Everybody will know where the pollution came from if, indeed, pollution has taken place. If the industry is right, it may prove that the contents of the water supply already contained the elements claimed to have polluted the water and they were not caused by fracking of wells in the vicinity. On the other hand, it may prove that pollution does, in fact, takes place in particular water supplies.
Everybody needs to know conclusively whether fracking can pollute the water we drink. We need the energy available under our land through careful drilling operations but we need clean water worse. We can have both with close monitoring of existing water supplies and fracking fluids. We don’t need all the inconclusive energy companies versus the public angry accusations that, till now, have taken place.
John Borgen
Grand Junction

Sentinel provides needed
coverage of Montrose issues

I would like to commend The Daily Sentinel for its coverage of the city of Montrose. Recently I have noticed that the Sentinel is doing a much better job of keeping the people of Montrose informed than our own local paper.

Had it not been the Sentinel’s article of the citywide pickup this past week, a number of us would have missed it. There also has been no mention by the local paper of the pending hearing for the takeover of Montrose Memorial Hospital by a large corporate type, or finalization of a new dog park. But the Sentinel has jumped in to inform.

I believe these are some of the things the citizens of Montrose want to know. Thanks again for the great job.
Michael Chacho

Tea party politicians are
looking out for our future

Letter writer John Gaarde hit the nail on the head regarding the fact that we should all be supportive of the tea party and its collective causes.

The tea party is largely responsible for the very favorable election results last fall, whereby conservative candidates won a landslide victory in the mid-term elections, in the hopes of bringing much needed fiscal responsibility and sanity back to Congress.

I would agree that the Republicans also did not put their best foot forward regarding spending in the previous Congress. But clearly the Democrats under Nancy Pelosi’s “leadership” and Obama’s urging, were on track to completely derail America’s economy forever, with their huge tax and spend, social justice ideology, and deficit spending to the Nth degree.

I sometimes wonder how many Americans truly understand the future consequences of America’s enormous debt load and deficit spending created by the current administration — the very negative and long-term domino effect on businesses, unemployment, the future value of the U.S. dollar and its purchasing power for all Americans.

Is it possible that many Americans really believe that the well will never run dry? Are that many Americans not familiar with the current debt crises in Greece and other socialist countries, where their governments in the past, did exactly what Obama, Pelosi and Reid have been striving to do? Do they really not understand that excessive government spending on “social” programs is putting a strain on hard-working, tax-paying citizens, and that the Democrats insistence to provide such unearned, “social justice” compensation is more of an effort to buy votes than it is about doing what is right for America’s future?

When I speak of “entitlements,” I’m not even referring to Social Security, at least not for those of us who have paid into it, along with our employers, for our entire careers. That is a whole separate topic, whereby government bureaucrats have created a legalized ponzi scheme, knowing that this well will also eventually run dry, but of course under the leadership of some future administration.

In spite of the numerous recent statements and untruthful demagoguery spouted by those on the left, that the new conservative-leaning Congress is intent on hurting or even “killing or starving women and seniors,” the truth is that all they are attempting to do is to scale back unreasonable and wasteful use of taxpayers’ money and to bring about some level of fiscal responsibility to government.

I wonder if most folks are aware that the only reason that the current Congress was even addressing the balance of the 2011 fiscal year budget at this time, is that the Democrats failed to even present a budget for 2011, which should have been completed and approved by Oct. 1 of 2010. And the Democrats had the majority vote in both houses of Congress, as well as the White House at that time.

Just the other day, high-ranking Democrat Charlie Rangel (another democrat who coincidently and verifiably cheated on his taxes multiple times, on multiple issues, over multiple years), said that the reason his party didn’t complete a budget for fiscal year 2011, is that “We just didn’t get to it, besides a budget is just a guideline, it’s not the law.” I can tell you from my actual business experience, that in a real business, a budget is much closer to the law, and not just some ambiguous guideline, absent of expectations.

That is what is wrong with America’s leaders today. Everything is just a guideline. They want to produce a non-binding, bogus budget, and if the funds aren’t there in the future, the answer is to tax individuals and corporations even more, and of course raise the debt ceiling to allow for even more tax and spend.

Lastly, one has to wonder how many Americans are aware that China alone now holds more than $1 trillion of U.S. debt, and they are not exactly our best friends. Regardless of party lines, we should all be asking ourselves if the Tea Party and conservatives really are looking out for us taxpayers, exactly who is it that the tax-and-spend Democrats really are looking out for?
Don Boyles
Grand Junction


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