E-mail letters, April 27, 2010

Judge not and you shall not be judged. Condemn not and you shall not be condemned. Luke 7:37
Why do you look at the speck in your brothers eye but do not perceive the plank in your own eye? Luke 7:41
He who is without sin amoung you, throw the first stone. John 8:7
I think a person’s past is a person’s past. Society today spends way too much time focusing on what dirt they can dig up on people. The article in The Daily Sentinel on April 25 about David Cox was nothing but a character assassination.
I have watched David grow into a fine young man who takes his responsibilities to heart. He is honest and trustworthy.
We crucified the only perfect one.
Let’s hear about what each House District 54 candidate has to say about the issues and quit trashing lives.

In April 25 edition of The Daily Sentinel, the controversial Senate Bill 191 dealing with teacher tenure was highlighted. Tenure no longer exists in Colorado; it is actually only having the right to a due process hearing.
Currently, teachers in their first, second and third years are evaluated yearly. At the end of each of these years, they can be terminated without reason. Once a teacher is rehired for their fourth consecutive year in a school district, they have earned due process. They can be dismissed at the end of the year, but are guaranteed a due process hearing first. Under SB 191, a teacher could lose the right to a hearing after many years of teaching.
Currently, not all subjects are tested, so using testing scores to evaluate all teachers doesn’t work. New standards have been adopted, but no tests currently exist that deal with them. Requiring principals to evaluate all staff members each year isn’t realistic. Some schools have more than 100 staff members. What will principals give up in order to meet this requirement in the law?
SB191 as introduced was 20 pages long. I wonder how many folks who have given support to it have actually read it and also spent time in schools/classrooms (this year)to understand the reality of today’s schools.
Please go to http://www.leg.state.co.us and link out to Senate Bill 191. After reading it, you too may wonder how it will be funded, how do you use tests scores for only some teachers while other teachers face a single administrator (principal) being able to single-handedly terminate an educator’s future? Will this bill actually benefit our children/community?
In my opinion, this bill does not bring about the change that both community members and educators want for their schools.
Grand Junction

I attended my first caucus this year. Not knowing exactly how things are run, I tended to sit back and watch the antics. In my particular case there were people who did not have their addresses or phones numbers listed on the signup sheets and since I had volunteered to become secretary, soon found out things weren’t exactly aboveboard.
Apparently, some of these people who attended were all neighbors, but when voted on for certain things I had to fill in their names, address and phone numbers on my paper. Some did not want to give their physical address, but rather a post office ox which I was told they could not do and some were reluctant to give out their phone numbers. In one instance, the person who was voted on would not give me their phone number and I was told to put the number of our chairperson.
Another discrepancy I found was that members of the same family gave the same address. My question to that would be were they indeed residents of the precinct or just residents according to their addresses which were the same?
If these things are happening throughout all caucuses of both parties, I wonder just how accurate it is that the “people’s” opinions will have a voice? To me this is no more than a “fix” going on and I find it politics as usual.
In doing some calls for a campaign and receiving the list of delegates, I found also that a lot of people either did not give out their phone numbers or the numbers were no longer in service.
If you are going to be a delegate then all information you give should be accessible and true.
Grand Junction

The last time I left my house, I carried with me the following documents because the law says I should carry them at all times: Colorado drivers license; Colorado registration for the vehicle; Proof of insurance in Colorado; Colorado concealed carry permit; Medicare card or medical insurance card.
If it will help the illegal immigration problems in this country, I will gladly carry my birth certificate, too.
One more piece of paper is not going to make that much difference. And this way no one can get upset when a representative of the law asks a person to prove their citizenship because everyone will have to prove they belong here.

Honda announced Oklahoma would become the fourth regional market to offer the Honda GX, compressed-natural-gas vehicle. Oklahoma follows Utah, California and New York. These states were selected due to the best refueling infrastructure combined with expressed plans for expansion of their respective CNG refueling networks.
The West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association is committed to working in western Colorado to move our region up on the list of desirable states for CNG vehicle offerings. Our organization, in light of Honda’s announcement, encourages The Daily Sentinel readers to contact local officials in western Colorado and thank them for their recent work in making CNG an option for consumers in Western Colorado.
Cleaner air, domestic fuel and the ability to fill up the tank at home may one day be a reality not just in neighboring Utah, but in Western Colorado too.
Grand Junction

Watch out, veterans, using the Veterans Affairs health care system as your health care provider, you are about to get some Change from Obama.
The following is directly from the latest version of Obamacare, page 77:
“(F) VA.—Coverage under the veteran’s health care program under chapter 17 of title
38, United States Code, but only if the coverage for the individual involved is determined by the Commissioner in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury to be not less than a level specified by the Commissioner and Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury, based on the individual’s priority for services as provided under section 1705(a) of such title.”
I wrote Sen. Mark Udall and Congressman John Salazar regarding what this means and have had no response from Udall and just today received a canned veterans response from Salazar that had nothing to do with the question I ask.
I believe the reason for the lack of a response to my question is that neither man has read the bill.
What the section says is that if the Obamacare commissioner does not approve of your medical insurance or the source of your medical coverage then the commissioner can determine that you do not have acceptable insurance or medical care and unless you purchase the federal approved medical insurance, you will be fined by the IRS when you file your federal income tax once Obamacare is implemented.
The statement, “but only if the coverage for the individual involved is determined by the commissioner in coordination with the Secretary of Treasury to be not less than a level specified by the Commissioner” is used throughout the Obamacare bill to give the federal government an excuse to not accept your insurance.
Please hope that this travesty of government action is repealed and we don’t have to fight the rest of our lives for our lives.


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