E-mail letters, April 5, 2010

Legislature must enact
stricter medical pot law

The medical marijuana law, Amendment 20, is bad medicine that is raising boils on the body politic. It is time for the Colorado Legislature to get serious and curb this outbreak by enacting stricter controls than those currently contained in House Bill 1284.

Since the announcement last year by the U.S. attorney general, signaling leniency in enforcement of federal marijuana possession laws in states that had approved medical use of marijuana, marijuana “dispensaries” in Colorado have popped up all over.  Amendment 20 has been used as a cover for the use of marijuana far beyond its stated medical purpose. It is obvious that a de facto legalization of marijuana is unfolding all around us.

It may be that marijuana is an effective medicine for certain ailments, but that is a matter to be determined by competent medical research. If approved by the FDA for prescription, marijuana should be controlled and dispensed like any other prescription
medicine by pharmacists, not by self-appointed “caregivers” who have met no standards of competence or professional ethics and whose marijuana is ungraded for potency, purity or toxicity.

Unless the Legislature corrects major defects that are within its power to address, medical marijuana, mocking its name, will produce among us far more venal doctors, potheads, lost souls and drug dealers than patients whose suffering can only find relief by smoking marijuana.

Concerned citizens should contact their legislators and ask them to amend HB 1284 in keeping with the expressed intent of Amendment 20. Among other things, they should require that no one with a criminal record may be a caregiver, that all users and caregivers of medical marijuana be required to identify themselves and report to local law enforcement, that doctors prescribing medical marijuana submit to the state medical
agency their records of patient contacts and the reasons dictating the prescriptions for marijuana, and that prescriptions be for a limited time and renewable only upon a physician’s reconfirmation of a chronic debilitating condition.
Michael Mechau

Firefighters and neighbors
protected Purdy Mesa home

A huge thanks to the Land’s End Fire Protection District firefighters who helped saved our house and our neighbor’s house from catching fire Tuesday night after an uncontrolled brush fire threatened both.

What an incredibly frightening experience to watch as our homes were in peril from fire fueled by high-speed winds jumping from treetop to treetop and racing across so many acres of land. Just a few years ago, our homes would have been lost, as the fire protection district wasn’t even a thought then. So, thank you can’t begin to express what you have done for us. To say the least, emotions were running high, and your presence was calming and comforting.

Thanks to neighbors, for helping catch our horses and taking care of them while the fire burned, gathering our dogs and keeping them safe and all of our other incredible neighbors who helped fight and control the fire as well. We get to continue to live in and enjoy this unbelievable area because of all your hard work. How lucky we are to know we can count on each other.

Thanks to all our other awesome friends who cared enough to call to offer help and to see if we were okay.
Allen, Melanie, Max, and Gage Fransen

District 51 comes up short
with its autism program

It’s good news to hear that District 51 has expanded services for students with autism spectrum disorders.
However, as a parent of more than one kid with an autism diagnosis my experience is that our school district is way behind the curve.

While I’m thankful for the services my kids have received, I find it hard to praise the district for its efforts to meet the needs of this unique population of students.
I think back to just a year ago when I sat around the table at two different IEP meetings with the manual written by District 51’s autism task force, only to find that not a single one of the ten resource specialists in attendance had seen it.
Even the school psychologist was unaware that it was available and this is someone who evaluates children.

In conversations with my children’s teachers at the middle and high school level, not a single one had ever been to any workshops about autism or seen the handbook the district touts.
Add to that the fact that these same teachers don’t receive any information regarding their learning-disabled students’ individual education plans until almost six weeks into a semester and one is left a little frustrated by the system.

The good news is that there are a lot of genuinely caring teachers in the district who go the extra mile for all their students who are a little different.
They do it without fanfare and in spite of all the constraints they face.
I wonder if those same teachers find it as frustrating as I do that a great deal of time and money are spent on task forces, seminars, and the development of manuals when what they really need are trained aides in the classroom to assist them?
Karen Davis
Grand Junction

Democratic Party has been
hijacked by ultra liberals

It’s ironic and sad that we spent decades fighting the cold war in order to defeat Marxist communism only to find ourselves today with people who have this same mind-set now in control at the highest levels of government.

The communist party in the United States no longer has any need to push its agenda. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their merry band of radicals are doing a fine job of forcing America into a nanny state socialist cesspool.

To them the end justifies the means. There is no honor among these types. The unpopular health care bill is a perfect example. By hook or crook they were able to railroad this horrible mess through on a 100 percent partisan vote.

Unfortunately, today’s Democratic Party has little resemblance to the party of our parents and grandparents. It has been totally iacked by the radical liberal progressive movement that is, as Obama has stated, pushing for “fundamentally transforming America.”

This means eliminating the free-market, limited government principles which built America into history’s strongest country ever and forcing us into the nightmare of “1984” big brotherism.

Patriotic, thinking Americans need to educate themselves about today’s reality. One of the best sources for doing this is Glenn Beck’s program on Fox News. He’s light years ahead of all other TV & radio sources for analyzing, rationally explaining, and documenting what is going on — despite what the leftists say about him.

It’s time to take America back. This November our battle cry needs to be: “Repeal It” and “Anyone But a Democrat”.
Richard J. Carroll



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