E-mail letters, Aug. 16, 2010

Government must prioritize
just as families have to do

I see there is considerable concern that Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 will severely restrict the tax revenues to our municipalities. We have heard before of the dire consequences of tax reductions, but somehow most of these disasters never seem to materialize.

Since the effect of these proposed tax reductions is so uncertain, I plan on using the Pelosi philosophy of judging legislation that she put forth on March 9 concerning the passing of the recent health care legislation. She said, “We will have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” After all, if they don’t work as advertised, we can always repeal them.

In difficult times, when public funds are short, it always seems as if we are threatened with the layoff of teachers, firemen and policemen. Surely there must be other categories of government employees other than these that might be considered less essential. And, perhaps, government could even eliminate or reduce some of the services that are not essential to the proper functioning of government. Most families must consistently prioritize spending as they manage their limited resources, and the time has come for government to match its expenditures to its income, not the reverse, as has been their assumption for far too long.

Liberal progressives frequently and proudly espouse the many wonderful things that government has provided us, but they are unable to tell us of the wonderful things left undone by private enterprise because government has stolen their money through excessive taxes. And, there would have been many more wonderful things because of the inherent efficiency of capitalism.

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”  — Thomas Jefferson.
Hans Croeber

Conservatives oppose Obama
because of effect on our country

This is in response to Holly von Helms letter,  “Conservatives, independents
should get their heads on straight.”

I disagree with what President Obama and the controlling Congress are doing to our
country. It is not because they are Democrats, it’s because it is bad for our country.

Once Obama surpassed any previous record for a deficit that is greater than all previous administrations combined, by the stroke of his own hand he could no longer blame Bush or anyone else.

Yes, Obama wanted to bring about change in Washington, but the change he campaigned on and the changes he is attempting to push through are far different. The majority of the American people believe that virtually every change he has made is in the wrong direction. If he had one ounce of experience of any kind, he could have seen the problems he would have to grapple with.
Currently, the Republicans can complain, scream, shout and cry, but every idea or bill they have brought forward has been tossed out by the Democratic Party. How do they contribute?

Von Helms listed everything the Republicans have voted against, but every vote they
cast meant nothing. It did not stop anything. It did not prevent a bill from being passed. They voted the way their constituents told them to vote. Democratic representatives did the same.
Obama did one thing creative in order to be elected and I hope it backfires on him if he tries to get re-elected. He catered to the entitlement population, most of whom are already Democrats, and promised them more government entitlements and subsidies if they voted for him. They elected him and now there is a good chance that they will lose many of their entitlements and have to go look for work. The work will not be there because Obama will be raising taxes on business and they will not be able to hire. A person on full entitlement income has twice my income and does not have to work and if von Helms works, she is paying those people to not work.

If you really study Obama’s “agenda” and look deep into who is helping him with his “agenda”, it will scare you to death! It has me.

How straight is von Helms head?
Bill Babbel


Response to Talley’s closing
has been overwhelming

Most of you know me as Dyan from Talley’s or Sarge. The response to our closing the doors was overwhelming.

I just wanted to thank Grand Junction for all the support and memories. I would also like to thank our wonderful staff for staying with us until the very end. That meant a lot to us.

It was a bittersweet time for all and we will miss you. Talley’s customers are the best!
Dyan Koepnick
Grand Junction



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