E-mail letters, Aug. 3, 2010

Dispute has never been
about legal immigration

On Tom Tancredo and immigration, a letter Aug. 1 seems to confuse legal immigration and the invasion of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico.

The U.S. Constitution, Article I Section 8, declares that Congress “shall have power to establish uniform rule of naturalization. Mr. Tancredo’s immigrant kin — as well as my own, who came from Ireland and Germany — came legally. They did not sneak in, nor were they smuggled in illegally. The issue is not now, nor has it ever been, any call to cease legal immigration.

The problem is the federal government has adopted policy that, in essence, says it will not enforce federal immigration law. And Congress has not yet given our president what he wants —  rewriting of immigration law. So, President Obama violates our Constitution and does his community organizing thing, applying the Communist dialectic of pressure from above/pressure from below.

And “useful idiots ” enable him by pretending Tancredo and the rest of us are being racist, or xenophobic and the U.S. Constitution and existing federal law are violated by those entrusted to preserve, protect and defend such.
Robert James Burkholder

Are Muslims filling ranks
of anti-drilling groups?

I often wonder what percentage of the environmentalists always filing suits to expound their agenda of “never drill anywhere, any time” are Muslims, Arabs or are from other oil producing countries. Could it be that they are mixed in with our tree huggers, financing lawsuits and really enjoy us being at the mercy of the Middle East?
R.M. Sherman
Grand Junction


Rowland ignores key info
about Tipton and McConnell

Janet Rowland’s letter encouraging a vote for Scott Tipton reminds me of Republican Party traitors whose 2002 Daily Sentinel ad encouraged voters not to support Republican pro-life candidate Shari Bjorklund. House District 55 got tax-and-spend Democrat Bernie Buescher as their legislator, thanks to them. The ad came from a group fearful of losing control over Mesa County Republican Party politics.

Rowland encourages people to vote for Scott Tipton, the candidate of the party. She doesn’t remind readers that Tipton lost to Congressman John Salazar, the Democratic candidate this November, four years ago. He lost big – Salazar received 62 percent of the vote. Tipton hasn’t and won’t beat John Salazar. McConnel can and will.

Bob McConnell isn’t the candidate of the party – he’s the candidate of the people. I won’t imitate Rowland, telling people for whom they should vote. Instead, go to each candidate’s website. Watch the videos. You’ll see why Tipton lost this same congressional race to Salazar four years ago.

Tipton site is: http://www.votetipton.com. McConnell site is: http://www.mcconnellforcongress.com.

Rowland also fails to mention that McConnell has been endorsed by Sarah Palin (I know that traumatizes liberals and Republicans afraid of losing control of the party but… it’s true). Tipton is endorsed by Dick Morris (Tipton’s been advertising on Bill O’Reilly – I wonder where a small
business owner in Cortez gets that kind of political funding?). Morris has always been a “party” guy. No surprise there.

If you want to know what Bob McConnell thinks about the Second Amendment, why he wants to do away with the Federal Reserve, the actual plans he has for job creation, go to his website. It’s much better than listening to politicians worried about loss of party control.
I support McConnell.
Marilyn Barnewall
Grand Junction

Bradford deserves thanks
for fine job representing us

I want to commend and thank Rep. Laura Bradford on an outstanding job in representing people in Mesa County and, for that matter, the Western Slope. While only a first-term legislator, Rep. Bradford was a quick study and proved very effective in addressing the issues facing the state, as well as the interests and concerns of her constituents.

In the past session, she actively worked to control spending at the state level and ensure that our tax dollars are being spent wisely. She also sought to streamline government and prevent additional unnecessary regulations and mandates, which would have adversely affected the economic recovery in our state.

As a small businessperson I, and others like me, could not ask for a better and more effective state representative.

Thank you, Rep. Bradford for your commitment to the people in our area, along with our state.
Jaynie Searcy,

Tancredo cannot derail
Scott McInnis’ campaign

Tom Tancredo was nothing when he left Congress and he is nothing now. He is as worthless as boobs on a boar hog. If he thinks he will derail Scott McInnis, he is wrong!
Larry Borgard

Bennet distorts the truth
about Andrew Romanoff

Hearing Sen. Michael Bennet distort the truth about Andrew Romanoff convinces me that I don’t want Bennett and his corporate sponsors in Washington.

Bennet claims Romanoff was for privatizing Social Security and cutting senior benefits. That’s not true. Romanoff opposed privatizing Social Security and has always fought for senior benefits.

Bennet claims Romanoff took PAC money — but that was four years ago, not in this campaign. Now, Romanoff has refused corporate and Wall Street money and has even sold his home in Denver to support his campaign.

Romanoff has an eight-year track record of success in the Colorado House. He fought for and won funding for BEST schools to repair our rural schools, supports good U.S. jobs, a fair wage for all, strongly supports wind and solar and clean coal energy. When Romanoff wins, all of Colorado wins. My vote is for Romanoff.
James Ciletti
Colorado Springs

If Rangel isn’t removed,
all of Congress will suffer

Thanks for The Daily Sentinel editorial on Charles Rangel. I strongly agree with your statements.

If Rangel is not removed from the House, the message to all citizens is: “There are laws for Congress and laws for the rest of us.”  Every member of Congress should be angry, and their reputation and trust will be further damaged.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is not involved, but a call from her to the Ethics Committee could ensure that Rangel is punished and made to pay his back taxes and penalties, pay his back rent on the House garage and face all the same penalties every other citizen would be faced with.
Could you please publish the names of the members of the Ethics Committee?
Dave E. Brown
Grand Junction




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