E-mail letters, August 4, 2011

Push to cut spending has bureaucrats worried

I think it is interesting that as reported in The Daily Sentinel, the School District 51 survey phone interviews will also ask if the person being surveyed is a member of the tea party. While I am not a member (how does one join a non-organized organization), I have mentioned this to several   neighbors and they too, wondered why that would make any difference or even be in the survey. Will the survey also ask if the person being surveyed if they are an independent, Democrat or Republican: nope. Wow, this cut-taxes/quit-spending thing has money-burning bureaucrats really   terrorized. I like it

Grand Junction

Tiny reduction in ozone will do little good

Shouldn’t we be able to expect that decisions made by our national leaders will help improve our lives, not make them worse? I’m not averse to making sacrifices for the common good, and I believe that most Coloradans feel the same way, but what exactly is it that we’re being asked to sacrifice for here? The EPA’s proposed reduction in ozone levels that’s so miniscule — 15 parts per billion — as to be utterly insignificant?

I can’t help translating that figure of 15 parts per billion into commercial terms. Imagine if you were thinking about buying a building for a billion dollars. If the owner offered to knock $15 off the purchase price, would that make any difference to you? Of course not. Fifteen out of a billion is nothing.

And why the urgency? Why must we tighten ozone standards now when times are so tough? What’s the rush? Why not wait until things get better? How many jobless people will be consoled knowing that ozone levels have gone down 15 parts per billion?

Americans are being asked to pay $90 billion for that? Actually, we’re not being asked, are we? If we were being asked, we could say no. Instead, we’re being forced, against our will, to pony up for this foolishness.

Spending an exorbitant sum like that and getting so little in return would be absurd even if our economy were booming and we had money to burn. Under current conditions, it’s positively insane.


Government jobs cost private sector jobs

I am writing in response to Jim Spehar’s commentary about our complicity in the rise of the public debt. He mentions the traditional political parties and their “fractious tea party and progressive wings.” He talks of one faction, obviously the tea party, that sees government as oppressive, “instead of the way we band together to do things none of us can handle individually.” The choice of the words “instead of” seems to imply either, or, but not both. If government is oppressive, then all government should be opposed.

I view government as frequently oppressive and I’m for limiting its scope and power so we can afford the necessities like national defense and infrastructure. Many of us in America hold this view because we have seen not only the federal, but state and local governments, getting out of hand. We have run up unbelievable debt and crippled free enterprise with thousands upon thousands of pages of regulations. We look to the private sector for debt payment and see that this producer of wealth has been shot through the heart. We no longer look at our government as being of the people and for the people. We see it as a growing cancer. 

Sure the private sector loves to sell goods and services to government entities. Government funds do create jobs. However, these funds come directly from the wealth held by the private sector. When this money comes back, it has not been multiplied by two or three, it has been multiplied by point nine. For those of you who are math challenged, this means that for every job created by government funds, more than one job is lost. Look around and see the results of this experiment for yourself.

Grand Junction

All politicians involved in debt deal should be ashamed

After having witnessed the fiasco for the past months concerning the national debt and deficit spending argument, I, as probably most other Americans, am completely fed up with the politics and politicians involved with the whole process.

I and my wife live off our Social Security plus a very small pension, and I, too, served my country in the United States Marine Corp. But after this latest show by our supposedly elected officials, I am completely ashamed of what our country has turned into.

I think every politician that is supposedly serving, and I do not care what party they are with, needs to hang their head in shame and be made to go on national television and apologize to each and every person in America for putting all of us through this show of political posturing just to gain their 15 minutes of fame.



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