E-mail letters, December 28, 2010

Right to free speech
carries a responsibility

How can The Daily Sentinel publish a letter that insists that any president, whether it’s Obama or Bush, Clinton or Reagan, intends to “wipe out a generation of patriots?” Are there really individuals who believe that Obama is out to murder Americans and hand out free nukes to the Russians?

Indeed, we have the right to say what we want at any time, and to believe every word of it. But in an era when every point, true or false, can be “confirmed” via the Internet, we all have a responsibility to actually pursue truth in our perceptions of the world around us.

In other words, saying or believing a thing simply won’t make it true. If America is to remain in any kind of competition with the rising nations of the world, we have a responsibility to keep our heads where the sun shines and pursue a rational approach to our society, to our environment, and to our selves. If we each believe our own stories without comparing our ideas with history and the present, and if we choose to stubbornly disbelieve the facts we are presented in public and higher education, America will never again be the great source of innovation, of diplomacy, or of economic prowess. Instead, America will be looked at as a source of amusement, laughs, and disgust.

For your kids’ sake, no matter your political affiliation, either think or don’t speak.
Thomas Nelson
Grand Junction

Consider consequences
of all of your actions

Recently, my car was struck in Grand Junction by an anonymous driver in who graciously drove away after the incident.

The individual(s), who tried to replicate a scene out of “The Dukes of Hazard” astonishingly did not destroy life or large pieces of property. This is the only positive piece of the accident (no pun intended), and due to the pending investigation, I will not dive further into the details of the incident.

The purpose of this letter is not to dwell upon negative aspects of this situation but to focus on the need to claim responsibility for our actions. This is easier said than done because no one is perfect. In fact I can count some small improprieties as I write this letter.
I think we don’t grasp the magnitude of our actions and the unintended consequences that may follow, let alone the ability to admit we did something wrong. Claiming responsibility for our actions should not be a New Year’s resolution that we forget three weeks into the New Year, but a constant practice.

The constant practice of claiming responsibility for our actions will strengthen not only our selves, but our community as well. It will allow us to grow and become more aware of the actions we take in the future.

Despite the frustration and monetary loss, I have learned a valuable lesson from this experience, which is that we (including the author) all have to rethink the way we carry ourselves. If we do not have this personal and collective awareness of how we carry ourselves then we will fall short of moving forward.
I know this advice may fall upon deaf ears, but please take into consideration your next action because you never know how many dominoes will fall behind it. I certainly will become more aware of what I do in the upcoming year.
Scott Lewandowski

Support Bob McConnell
for Senate District 8 vacancy

There is a matter of great importance taking place on Monday, Jan. 3 at the Moffat County Courthouse in Craig.

A replacement will be selected to fill the Republican Senate District 8 seat recently vacated by Al White. The vacancy committee of nine people, including the chairs from the six-county district, will meet to make the choice. These counties are Garfield, Routt, Moffat, Jackson, Rio Blanco, and Eagle.

This decision will affect all of us. It is fundamental to the conservative cause that we have appropriate people representing us in our state Legislature, regardless of the district in which we reside.

Bob McConnell is the right choice to fill the District 8 Republican seat, primarily because he is the candidate of the people, not just the party. To clarify, Bob is a dedicated Republican, he’s just not a member of the so-called establishment.

The November election proved that conservative principles are in demand by we, the people, and McConnell’s principles of limited government, free market and fiscal discipline are much needed in our state government.

We here in Senate District 7 are indeed fortunate to have Steve King representing us, and I urge those who want to help McConnell’s worthy cause to contact the chairpersons in the above-listed counties to voice support and instill confidence with those involved in the selection process.
Regardless of your District it is still “our” state Legislature!
Richard Doran

‘Birthers’ won’t easily
give up their beliefs

The new governor of Hawaii plans to settle once and for all the “birther” agenda. Good luck, Governor, the “birthers” like their conspiracy theory. That and the “terrorist” and “dictator” labels they’ve attached to President Obama.  They’re even planning to pass laws barring him from running in 2012.

I think these people’s brains got flipped so far to the right that it fried them. Or maybe they simply failed civics class in school.  For heaven’s sake go to the Internet or the library and get some “lernin”.

First, his birthplace doesn’t matter. A child born anywhere to a U.S. citizen is born a U.S. Citizen.
Second, his official birth certificate is the same one any citizen needs to get Social Security.  They don’t accept the hospital copy. Third, a Hawaiian official has already checked the actual hospital birth certificate. Finally, reporters have found his birth announcement in old Hawaiian newspapers.

Do people seriously believe that his parents and the state of Hawaii concocted this plan to take over the United States nearly 50 years ago?

This is another form of character assassination. And, since these folks are so determined to conspire, let’s delve into history and come up with another one.

Since Franklin Roosevelt died, we’ve had only one Democratic president get elected for two terms: President Clinton. And the Republicans did everything to get rid of him. President Truman served one full term after taking over from Roosevelt. President Kennedy didn’t complete one term (hmmm). President Johnson served one full term after taking over from Kennedy. President Carter served one term.

Could it be that the tea party and the Republicans who are so sure President Obama is a dictator are truly the ones trying to be the dictators?  Now there’s a planned dictatorship that’s really scary.
Eileen O’Toole
Grand Junction




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