E-mail letters, July 16 2010

Right wing should demand
that Hickenlooper withdraw

So The Denver Post calls for our local Gubernatorial candidate to withdraw? Are you kidding? Seriously? What’s a little plagiarism among legal scholars anyway? This is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot dome. Scandal? Not!

Unless you or Rick Wagner or Antonin Scalia, in a written majority opinion, can show me where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights it says “plagiarism is unconstitutional,” then I say the entire state of western Colorado, after we secede, demand that the Post print a retraction, and
apologize, to all of us over here, post haste. By that I mean in westcolo non-legalese speech “PRONTO!!”

And another thing, why don’t we, and by “we” I mean Rick Wagner and his band of merry tea partiers and all the rest of the local Republican rabble pining for the overthrow of the elitist democratically elected liberal do-gooders who are running this great country in a way that shockingly offends, immediately demand that The Daily Sentinel demand that Mayor Hickenlooper
withdraw? This seems more than fair. Anybody that thinks otherwise is
invited to debate me or Rick Wagner or appear on the Rush Limbaugh show and
explain otherwise.

In closing, let me add: Is it to soon two impeach Hickenlooper? He is, after all is said and done, a libral, aint tht gud enuf fer us?
David Mueller
Grand Junction

Attacks on McInnis
smell like a plot

Seems like everyone wants to get on the bandwagon and put Scott McInnis down for a so called plagiarism some five years ago. Isn’t it amazing how this information suddenly crops up after all this time now that Mr. McInnis is doing so well in the polls?  You have to wonder if the people who are against him running weren’t waiting until the right moment to release this information? Do I smell a plot?

Even if there was a small part of the report he did that might have been plagiarized, so what? We are not talking about a author here getting the Pulitzer prize for journalism, just a man trying to help the people of Colorado have some good government for a change.

Let’s talk about who would like to see Mr. McInnis fail. The Democrats for one, all the people who backed other Republican candidates, and anyone with a grudge.

Scott, we will always have the backstabbers and little people who want to see you fail, but the good people like yourself who are willing to put it on the line to help other people and serve the public are few and far between. Keep up the good work and don’t let your opponents scare you off.
Richard Gerhardt

Plagiarism is wrong for
professors or politicians

The plagiarism charge that is affecting the Republican candidate for Colorado governor, Scott McInnis, also was attributed to Professor Ward Churchill. The University of Colorado called it “research misconduct” and fired him. A jury found he was wrongly fired and the case is being appealed.

Plagiarism is an act of cheating and the theft of intellectual property and it speaks to the character of the person and his integrity. Plagiarism is plain wrong if you are a professor or politician.
Alfonso Salazar

McInnis has been the
victim of a hit job

I am glad to see Scott McInnis staying in the race for governor. He is a strong candidate and is the best choice for Colorado. This is the only “dirt” that anyone has on him.

Get back to the issues and you will remember why he is leading in the polls and why independents and moderates embrace him. He’s going to be stronger than after Aug. 11 and everyone will see that this was just a hit job to get him to lose the primary.
Jenn Bender

Plagiarism cannot be
dismissed as frivolous

Plagiarism is a serious accusation and must not be taken lightly. A person who blatantly steals the professional wordsmithing of another, claiming it as their own, is not only a thief but a liar. What is even more disturbing is the fact that McInnis, against whom these horrific allegations are alleged, is an attorney.

Attorneys must be held to a higher standard when it comes to upholding the law. This is the profession that acts in the defense of persons who have been victimized or as the prosecutor of persons accused of such acts. Can one who knowingly breaks the law expect to ever be trusted again?
What is even more troubling is the fact, as reported in the July 15 Wall Street Journal, is the researcher Rolly Fischer, whom McInnis blames for the plagiarism, states that “Mr. McInnis was responsible for it.” If you receive money for a contracted job and your name is the primary author you are the responsible party.

Having acted as a stakeholder and final reviewer for cancer-research grant applications at the national level, I know firsthand the importance of author ethics when submitting a proposal. Honesty is the “cardinal rule,” and violations result not only in denial of funding but sanctions against the university where the scientist works.

These allegations are serious and should not be dismissed as frivolous.
Ruth Y. Michels
Grand Junction

Maes not celebrating
Scott McInnis’ troubles

Republican Dan Maes declared his candidacy for governor in March 2009. When Scott McInnis entered the race, he called Maes, strongly encouraging him to step down in deference to a man with name recognition and a well-funded war chest. Maes staunchly refused and vowed that his strategy for victory would be connecting with the people of Colorado.
In October 2009, Maes and McInnis both promised to conduct their campaigns with honor and dignity and without maligning their opponents. Unfortunately, Maes has already taken his share of “friendly fire” from recognized McInnis supporters. Throughout the recent ordeal, Gentleman Dan conducted himself with professionalism and restraint. He took full responsibility for the mistakes made by others, never pointing fingers or naming names.
The Maes campaign is not celebrating the troubles McInnis encountered this week because they are an early indicator of the Dems’ “take no prisoners” approach to politics, and a sad commentary on how quickly Republicans scatter when the squeeze is on.
Dan Maes is the top-line gubernatorial candidate on the Republican primary ballot. He earned that position with old-fashion shoe leather, visiting every corner of this state to better understand Coloradans and their local issues. Dan continues to attract loyal supporters because of his ready availability and genuine personality.
Maes’ Republican challenger is a formidable opponent, but Dan is a proven business leader with the skills to lead Colorado into true economic recovery. This “David” will not shrink from the “Goliath” awaiting him in the general election, and will make you proud that you cast your vote for the right man, at the right time, for the right reasons.
Carla Johnson
Mesa County Chair
Dan Maes for Governor Campaign
Grand Junction

Dirty politics emanate
from Hislop’s campaign

Regarding Susan Bejamain’s letter about dirty politics in House District 54:

There is only one candidate involved in dirty politics and that is Bob Hislop.

Candidate Hislop’s supporters have spread malicious rumors regarding their opponent, starting back in March. These rumors were so bad, that an attorney had to get involved to stop them.

Meanwhile, every allegation against Hislop has come from his own actions. He is the one who called himself an RID.

Kevin King has challenged anyone to disprove what he has found. Guess what? There have been no takers. Why is that? It couldn’t be because what he found is true, could it?

Finally, we have the fact that Bob has been endorsed by the Colorado WINS/SEIU Union. Bob has dismissed this as an endorsement he did not want.

Do you think WINS would have posted the endorsement unless Bob agreed to it? Do you think that an powerful labor union like WINS would not fully vet their candidate choice before endorsing?

I would need the better part of the website to list all of the reasons Bob Hislop should not be the Representative in District 54. Suffice it to say where there is smoke there is fire, and there is an awful lot of smoke around Bob Hislop.

Ray Scott is the only choice for some one who wants to be represented by an honest, conservative representative.
Kevin McCarney
Grand Junction

More taxes are coming
unless voters fight back

Are you looking forward to paying more taxes? At the end of this year, the Bush tax cuts expire and Democrats, who control both legislative houses and the executive branch, have shown no interest in reinstating them.

Income tax rates will increase 3 percent to 5 percent, depending on income levels. The “death tax” will be reinstated. If you die in 2011 or later, your heirs may have to pay up to 55 percent of your estate value in taxes. Capital gains taxes will dramatically increase. Child credits will decrease. And then the first wave of taxes from the health care bill will hit.
The administration has appointed a panel to find additional taxes to fund the spending programs (health care, TARP, stimulus, etc.) that have been implemented in the last year and a half. The panel is looking at a value added tax (federal sales tax) and a net worth tax (to ensure that no one accumulates wealth). These would be added to income taxes, inheritance taxes and health care taxes.
Taxes impede growth and employment. This is not the time to increase taxes.
In November, vote for candidates who will lower government spending instead of increasing taxes. ‘Government by the people’ only works if people participate!
Angie Many

McConnell acts like a
politician in trashing Tipton

Third Congressional District candidate Bob McConnell has frequently expressed his commitment to an honest exchange of ideas, as well as his willingness to accept and endorse the winning candidate, should he lose. Why, then, is he unable to refrain from personal attacks on his opponent, Scott Tipton, while Scott has never so much as mentioned his name?

As a newcomer, McConnell may be unaware of the bitter primary race in 2004 that resulted in the election of John Salazar and that his actions might well result in Mr. Salazar retaining that seat.
McConnellBob’s web page contains numerous derogatory references to Scott.  He             never fails to mention Scott’s loss of the 2006 race.  Is this newcomer unaware that in 2006 John had only been in Washington, D.C. for two years, that Republican financing was not forthcoming,  and that western Colorado citizens had yet to encounter the incredibly shrinking and invisible nature of Salazar’s leadership?

He mentions Scott’s “middling” legislative success in the Colorado Legislature. From what elevated source does this status report derive?

The crowning example occurred recently at the Western Conservative Summit rally in Denver. When a large conservative petition was presented for signatures, Scott was not in the hall and Bob was well aware of the fact. He then signed the petition and almost immediately sent a message to his followers that Scott “wasn’t willing to put his name down in support.” This was in the morning and it was late evening before he was confronted by several individuals and he then promised to send a “correction” to his supporter list. Did he? Only those individuals know.
While claiming that, unlike Scott Tipton, he is “not a politician,” this newcomer has lived up to every political trick in the book to discredit his opponent, a tactic that Americans across this country have strongly rejected this past year.

If you want an honest, knowledgeable and accessible problem-solver to go to Washington on our behalf, then I urge you to cast your vote for Scott Tipton for our 3rd Congressional representative.
Marcia Neal
Grand Junction

Try a rotting carcass test
for body-farm site

How about putting a large dead (and removable) animal on the proposed body
farm site and let it decompose for a few days in this heat?

If no one complains about the smell, Mesa State College has found its new site. If even one person
does complain, try finding a site a whole lot further out of an inhabited area.
Mary Anne Denney
Grand Junction


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