E-mail letters, July 19, 2010

Endangered birds will benefit
from work of tamarisk beetles

This letter is regarding The Daily Sentinel editorial of July 12, “Species vs. species.”

Thank you for presenting a very informative and thoughtful viewpoint concerning the tamarisk leaf beetle, tamarisk and the endangered southwestern willow flycatcher. The editorial was very much on point for all of the issues and very much appreciated by those of us who are involved in
tamarisk management.

I have two minor corrections that in no way change the content of your editorial. First, the agency that has banned interstate movement of the tamarisk leaf beetle is the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, not US Fish and Wildlife Service. Second, the Tamarisk Coalition runs a privately funded program to monitor movements of the tamarisk leaf
beetle, but they don’t release beetles. The Colorado Department of Agriculture, Palisade Insectary is responsible for the beetle release program in Colorado.

Tthere is no evidence that in the long run beetles will harm the birds; in fact as tamarisk is brought under control the birds may benefit from the return of willows and other native plants.
Dan Bean, Director
Palisade Insectary
Colorado Department of Agriculture

Scott a true conservative
to represent District 54

The Daily Sentinel would have you believe there is no difference between Ray Scott and Bob Hislop. This, like the Sentinel editorial endorsing Hislop, could not be further from the truth.

Here are the differences:

Ray Scott is a 40-year resident of the Western Slope. Bob Hislop is a 4-year transplant from Boulder.

Ray Scott has 25 years energy and mining experience. Bob Hislop has none.

Ray Scott has 15 years of residential and commercial real estate construction and infrastructure experience. Bob Hislop has none.

Ray Scott has 25 years experience running small businesses on the Western Slope. Bob Hislop sold hair apray in Canada.

Ray Scott is endorsed by conservatives like former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo; conservative groups like the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association. Bob Hislop has the support of Colorado WINS/SEIU Union.

Ray Scott has brought fresh new ideas to this campaign, like the proposed Energy and
Technology Center, the privatization of state government, and the selling of some of the wasted state assets ($9.5 Billion) to plug the hole in the budget and create a Rainy Day Fund. Bob Hislop thinks that part-time state employees deserve part-time benefits.

The question in this race should not be who best plays well with others, but who is best positioned to represent the Western Slope in Denver.

House District 54 is the most conservative district in Colorado. Its residents deserve a true conservative to represent them — a Second Amendment conservative; a pro-life conservative; a fiscal conservative; A 10th Amendment conservative.

Ray Scott is the conservative choice for House District 54.
Kevin McCarney


Conservative alliance has
done much in short time

Thank you to the Western Slope Conservative Alliance for bringing the nationally renowned Heritage Foundation representative to Grand Junction.

As a local grassroots, non-profit organization of conservative voters, your members have demonstrated what average Americans can accomplish when they become involved and work with positive intention.

During the past 18 months, the WSCA produced a Town Hall meeting, a rally against Obamacare, assisted with funding and organizing the April tea party and co-sponsored several Americans for Prosperity events. The WSCA was also responsible for having organized, funded and hosted five conservative candidate forums, which they paid to have aired on Channel 12 for voters who
could not attend. Last month, the WSCA brought Helen Krieble from The Red Card Solution to the valley to speak on immigration.

The considerable amount of money required to produce and participate in these events has come solely from donations given by the generous WSCA membership.

For an organization still in its infancy, the WSCA has accomplished a great deal. Thanks to all of you who participate. Keep up your good works!
Theresa Schoenradt
Grand Junction


It’s too bad McInnis fails
to see moral problems

I had hoped Scott McInnis would go quietly — after admitting to something and offering some sort of apology — in the plagiarism scandal.  Plagiarism, beyond cheating, is taking something that belongs to someone else and claiming it as your own. Unfortunately, we have had too many politicians who treat themselves to the money of others.
In the course of his plagiarism, it would seem that he also took $300,000 for work that he did not do. And, according to reports in The Daily Sentinel, his campaign tried to get a third party to take the fall in the form of a mea culpa letter. His lawyerly attempts to dissemble are Clintonesque.
These are not single pecadillos. It was not long ago that McInnis was the subject of unfavorable reporting for abusing his campaign funds after he decided not to seek re-election in 2004. He was named along with Congressman Tom DeLay of Texas in this unsavory business. The issue: He paid his wife $145,000 out of campaign funds. This was a complaint brought before the Federal Election Commission but was considered a low priority compared to other violations.
It saddens me that McInnis chooses not to see the moral aspects of these errors. If he were a cadet at the Air Force Academy, he would be subject to dismissal for having violated the Cadet Honor Code. It will indeed be an unfortunate end to a career in which, as a young congressman, he slept on a cot in his office as a sign of his frugality and identity with the taxpayers.
Stephen M. Davis
Grand Junction

How can McInnis think
no one cares about plagiarism?

The plagiarism issue that Scott McInnis says is a non-issue is clearly dishonest and unethical. You get kicked out of college for stealing other people’s work. Why should real life be any different?

How can he possibly think that “(Colorado) Voters don’t really care about this issue”? I don’t want a liar, thief, impostor or whatever politically correct term McInnis calls himself (e.g. innocent. It was someone else’s fault because I didn’t write the document. I just took the money, and now that I’ve been caught I’d gladly give it back) representing me.

McInnis could learn something from the following quote: “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” – Dennis Janson.

Sure, if elected he might be able to deregulate for the gas and oil monopolies and indirectly create some jobs, but the ultimate cost is negative impact the precious Colorado ecology and American self-sustainability.
Scott Wegs
Grand Junction


What did Hasan foundation
seek from Scott McInnis?

One has to wonder what the Hasan Family Foundation thought it was buying when it paid Scott McInnis the whopping fee of $300,000 to pen a series of essays, “Musings on Water.”

There must be a number of legitimate experts on Colorado water law who would have been delighted to write such a book for a fraction of that amount. Of course, none of them had an eye toward running for governor some day.

Is it possible that the foundation has known for some time that some of these essays were lifted from other sources but only decided to make it an issue and retrieve the money when recent poll numbers made McInnis look increasingly like a long shot to win the upcoming election?

In any event, this fiasco will serve to remind us, whenever driving by the signs announcing McInnis Canyons, why it is a good idea to wait until someone has “shuffled off this mortal coil” before bestowing that person’s name on a local landmark.
John Woodruff
Grand Junction

News media have
belittled Dan Maes

Dan Maes won the majority of delegates in the State Assembly for the Republican Party.  That assembly consisted of more delegates, and more new delegates than had never participated in any other State Assembly.

The news media overall has belittled Maes and, as a non-politician himself, he and his staff have made some small paperwork errors, totally free of any intent or for selfish gain.

I, like most Coloradans, have accepted that the national media has an anti-conservative agenda, but with local media I believe we all expect higher and more fair standards in covering our issues and news. Coloradans can decide for themselves what is right and wrong, what is better, socialism or capitalism, and we do not want the media involved in the decision, only the facts.

We want both parties covered equally, and fairly. The candidates may be too numerous at times, but after the caucus and state assemblies they are thinned down to a reasonable number and people want and need fair impartial information about the candidates.

The free press — a right granted by God not government — has a responsibility to the people for that right. I am not a journalist and I have a bias just like every American.  Convince me of alternatives with fair facts, not untruths, omissions, and only part of the truth being misrepresented as the whole truth.

The press owes nothing to government, political parties or unions. You provide both facts and points of views to the public. Just make sure to separate the two when they are printed.

When news is biased, the reader doesn’t always know that important facts were left out, incomplete truths were included, and whether the writer has a known or unknown bias.

We, the people, have been too lazy to search out the truth at times, and too trusting in our news sources as being truthful and honest, but locally we expect our neighbors to be a little more honest.
Daniel Davis
La Junta

Sentinel should demand
Biden’s resignation also

The Daily Sentinel’s editorial outrage over the discovery that Scott McInnis has been
charged with the most heinous of all transgressions, plagiarism, is certainly understandable. And your demand that he immediately withdraw from the governor’s race was swift and decisive. After all, how could any one serve in this high office with this stain on his record.

I applaud the Sentinel for its high standards and pursuit of morality for all our elected officials.
Being the “fair and balanced” unbiased source of public opinion that you are, I can’t wait for you to apply the same standard to our sitting vice-president, Joe Biden who also has been exposed as a plagiarist, and demand his immediate resignation.
Jack Houseman
Grand Junction

McInnis needed to help
halt destruction of our nation

I’m a baby boomer born and raised in Colorado. My family made their living in ranching, oil and mining, construction and small businesses ranging from restaurants to truck dealerships across the state. All of my family and close friends through the years have been hard-working folks, possessing real abilities and the propensity to produce real results. Honesty, integrity and
ethics were the stock in trade. Truth and accountability were the benchmarks, a constant by which character was measured.

Much to my chagrin, I have observed a quarter century or more of debilitating political cancer viciously eating away at the very fabric of this once-great nation my forefathers worked and bled for to pass on as their legacy. The cart is now driving the horse, the stewards of public trust have looted the treasury coffers, individual rights and private property are vaporizing before our eyes.

This once-proud nation is traveling at warp speed into the abyss of a totalitarian, socialist state, ruled by a morally defunct group of political pimps and thieves.

I followed Scott McInnis’s congressional career with interest. Not only did he do an impressive job of properly representing his district, he left office without becoming a political harlot much like far too many of his fellow representatives.

The citizens of Colorado will be well-served to resist the current attempt at demonizing Scott over the plagiarizing issue he is facing. He is taking the issue straight on. Isn’t accountability what we value first in our representatives?

Scott McInnis is quite frankly our only hope at stemming the tide of destruction forces that are totally trashing life as we know it. I urge readers to take the time and effort required on balance to guarantee the rights we expect to be preserved. Don’t measure a candidate’s worth on propaganda and spin. The opposition is depending on an apathetic electorate swinging in lock step reaction to negative press reports rather than independent-minded voters who take the time to consider and evaluate the broader view of a candidate’s history.

I urge readers to take the time to inform themselves and make the responsible decision on their own. Our future demands it.
Mike Sterling


Penry step up,
McInnis step aside

Josh Penry, It is time for you to stand up and take control of the GOP You are the man for the job.

Scott McInnis, it is time for you to step aside. You are a good man but you made a huge mistake and your credibility has been impugned.
Joe Cernius
Grand Junction

Voters still have full
confidence in McInnis

As a new voter and fairly conservative college student. I am glad to see that Scott McInnis is going full steam ahead with his campaign. He should. There is no reason for him to bow out when the going get’s tough. If anything it speaks to his credit as a leader.

He obviously made a mistake, but he has shown that he can take responsibility for it, move on and focus on more important issues, like how he is going to help Colorado bounce back from this financial crisis we are in and get people back to work. Which is a concern for me since I want to work in Colorado!

The sad part is the GOP shooting themselves in the foot with this talk of “replacement” after the primaries. They need to just take a few deep breaths and weather the storm. Scott is at the helm and I know I am not the only one who still has full confidence in his ability to lead Colorado.
Maritza Boswell
Grand Junction

Sentinel editorial position
won’t change this voter

It seems the editorial board at The Daily Sentinel has conveniently forgotten one of the most famous plagiarists of all, Joe Biden, who is now vice president of the United States.

Scott McInnis has done the honorable thing in returning $300,000 to the Hasan Foundation, and he has taken responsibility for his actions. He is the best candidate to be the next governor of our fair state.

Whether The Daily Sentinel endorses Mr. McInnis or not, he will still get my vote in November.
Janet Blackman
Grand Junction

Medical marijuana dispensaries
are basically head shops

Who would have thought dope would be legalized in this country.
I remember when I arrested people in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, for possession of the magic weed, seeds in the ash trays in their cars, residue, joints found in plain sight, a baggie with perhaps an ounce or slightly more, watched the pot heads weaving and high stepping, or found them sleeping in alleys, in cars, on the beach etc.
The flower children and our young people were getting high on it because it was so cool. They grew up and became our professional, representatives, lawyers, judges, legislators and Supreme Court justices.
Legalization is justified because it has redeeming powers, relieves pain, gets you high and makes one feel good. So goes the world; we are in the enlightened culture now and it’s OK. Perhaps the enlightened ones in our Legislature should consider forgiving all the persons arrested for possession of marijuana infractions and misdemeanors, and clear their records.
The sales, distribution and possession of large amounts should be subject to taxes, licensing fees, transportation fees, perhaps federal tax and so forth. There’s lots of money to be made.
Alexander Varas
Grand Junction



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