E-mail letters, June 1, 2010

Where’s the Memorial Day recognition

What is The Daily Sentinel thinking? Memorial Day is honored for a very good reason. Our nation has men and women in harm’s way and there was no mention of the day, or those people, or those who have sacrificed for our liberties until almost the last page of the May 31 paper.

The Sentinel should be ashamed. Without the efforts of our military they would not even be in business.

Thank a soldier for freedom of speech, certainly not a JUCO player.

I hope more grateful and reverent thinkers will edit the front page in the future.


Clover Cemetary in terrible shape

On May 30, we returned from a trip up to the Clover Cemetery in Collbran to decorate the stones of friends and loved ones with flowers and flags for Memorial Day.

Much to our horror, the ground was unwatered and hard as rock with dandelions in full bloom throughout. Digging holes was impossible. The only functioning sprinkler we could see was in a corner of the cemetery, presumably where they need to dig the next grave. The rest being dry as a bone and too hard for a backhoe.

This otherwise beautiful cemetery filled with Collbran’s historical people from every walk of life was in complete disarray and a disgrace to their memories and the friends and family who visit.
There were quite a few other people at Clover visiting graves and complaining about the condition it was in.

Clover used to be a lovely, quite well kept cemetery. I used to think that it was such a nice place to rest that I would like to be laid to rest there. No more. I’ll be cremated thank you.

I lived in Collbran 15 years and one of my sons worked at Clover, so I know what I’m talking about. I went to the town hall a year ago and voiced my complaint, but it went in one ear and out the other.

The economy is bad, yes, but that doesn’t justify this level of neglect. If someone is being paid to maintain Clover Cemetery, they better get back to work, or Collbran should find someone willing to do the job. I bet someone up there is out of work and would love to have the job.

On Memorial Day in particular we gather to remember those who made sacrifices for our freedom. How sad if the places where we choose to let them rest fall into shambles and disrepair. Where is our country heading if we let this happen?
Shame on you Collbran!


It turns out that the underwater oil channel in the Gulf is made of reinforced plastic, not metal, so threading the end and screwing on a valve won’t work. They could pinch the end like a balloon, but only if it’s pliable. The only other course open is to wedge a funnel inside the existing tube and adapt the small end to fit the suction tube.

Grand Junction


Facts about oil spill and oil use

Here’s some fun numbers to consider:

The ongoing oil spill in the gulf has dumped an estimated 400,000 barrels of oil so far. This spill is from a single well, when there are of course thousands globally.

Over the coming months and years we will get a really good idea what the environmental devastation from a 20-plus million gallon oil spill looks like.

Here’s the amazing part: Global oil consumption is about 80 million barrels per day. That’s right, 200 times the total gulf spill is consumed every day. A vast majority of the oil consumed is burned, thus the byproducts dumped into the air we breathe.

And then there’s the 9 million tons of coal burned every day.

In relative terms, the atmosphere on earth is the same thickness as a coat of paint on a basketball.

It’s remarkable that the inability to see the byproducts of burning oil and coal leaves many believing that our current energy habits do not have significant negative environmental impacts.

Isn’t it about time to consider alternatives?


Editorial misrepresented Pugliese’s petition

In the editorial from May 26 titled “District 51 shouldn’t warm to this idea,” The Daily Sentinel offers a complete misrepresentation of the petition in question. As the petitions author, Rose Pugliese, has stated in several interviews, and as the wording on the petition itself states, the idea is not to remove teaching of any science, but to remove the politics from it, which the writer of the editorial ostensibly agrees with.

The petition simply calls for facts to be presented as facts, and hypotheses and opinions, in turn, to be presented as such. It also asks that opposing hypotheses, equally supported by evidence and the application of scientific method, be presented as well; something that would be done anyway, had not a political dimension already been attached to the subject.

It would be disturbing to think that The Daily Sentinel would believe that it is “noxious to have one group of citizens attempt to dictate what may be taught in science classes in the district, based on what they think is politically appropriate,” only to bestow that privilege on another group of their choosing.

I, for one, choose to believe that this is not the Sentinel’s true position. This suggests, however, something nearly as distressing; that the writer was negligent in doing his due diligence in terms of discerning what the aims of the petition actually were. Such sloppy research may pass muster among the climatologists at East Anglia, but I hope The Daily Sentinel would hold itself to a higher standard, one to which we are all accustomed.

Grand Junction

Some fans are disrespectful at JUCO

I really want to cheer for the tremendous Nevada team at JUCO. We all want to root for the 17-year-old who made it big. Really they are outstanding. We local JUCO fans love to support fantastic ball.

At the Memorial Day game, I found it hard to want to cheer the near-perfect young men because their fans were so incredibly disrespectful. They poured beers in Starbucks cups and laughed it off asking us to remember the “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” Yeah, it was kind of funny if all our kids around them didn’t see it.

And then there were the ladies in pink. Forget about the stereotyped Vegas hair, skin, nails and clothing. Nope. Let’s just say that at nine-up they berated a close call by the umpire by screaming in hoarse voices “You suck” and every variation of those brilliant words. Their teenaged- and 4-year-old daughters got to witness the very best of parenting models.

If it were just these few ladies we’d politely hope they respect our field more, but the Vegas fans cheered these women on like they were celebrities. At one point one of them yelled “You suck” 11 times to the whoops of the Nevada fans.

So, mainly I want to say if you have kids with you at JUCO don’t sit in the Vegas section unless you want your youngsters parroting the classy, “You Suck.” I have no idea what will happen if they have a close game or an ump makes a truly bad call.

And Nevada, please, we’d love to support you, so please be respectful of our field, our hospitality, our umpires and our tradition of fair play and good sportsmanship.
Your amazing team deserves some honorable support.

Grand Junction



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