E-mail letters, June 22, 2010

McInnis is more experienced
gubernatorial candidate

In the article by Charles Ashby titled, “Itemized fees annoy customers, Maes contends,” on Page 7A Maes that Xcel Energy and other power suppliers should pay to build their own transmissions lines, just as natural gas producers should finance their own pipelines.
I find that statement rather odd, coming from a self-proclaimed businessman. I know of no business that does not build into its cost of operation the costs associated with expansion, growth, R&D, etc.

When the company puts together its budgets for one year,  two years or five years, those costs are always included to determine what should be charged for their products and/or services.

While I agree with some of Dan Maes’ position on various platforms that he is touting, I feel the experience and knowledge that Scott McInnis has in both private and government sectors, is extremely important for the state of Colorado. Putting the experienced person in the governor’s office, such as Scott McInnis, is the right step in going forward, returning the state to the people of Colorado.
Robert D. Brown

Teaching climate change
will show its strengths

Richard Udd’s contention that “climate change is (merely) a theory, not a fact” flies in the face of myriad observations and accumulated evidence. And his “tens of thousands of scientists” who doubt that “mankind is having any significant impact on climate” melt away — like the disappearing Arctic ice — on close examination. A survey by the University of Illinois of 3,146
individuals showed that 97 percent of actively publishing scientists (as opposed to non-publishing scientists) agree that human activity is a significant contributing factor to global climate change.

Mr. Udd is correct that China and India must markedly reduce their CO2 emissions if there is to be worldwide mitigation of harmful effects. But the United States should not wait for their joining in the international effort; with our 20 percent contribution to the global overload we have an obligation to scale back our dumping rate and be the leader, not a follower.

As for advising students to “find means to accommodate it (i.e., global warming) and not futilely attempt to stabilize climate,” that is the counsel of despair. Tell that to the Inuit in northern Alaska who see their coastlines eroding because of the warming Arctic, to the polar bears whose
domain is steadily shrinking, to blackcap birds which have changed their wintering grounds to warming Britain from too-hot Spain and Portugal, and many other documented cases of humans, wildlife and plants having to adapt to their rapidly warming environments.

Finally, as an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal opined, “fixing global warming won’t be a drain on the economy. It will unleash one of the greatest floods of new wealth in history. Entrepreneurs and inventors will find the capital they need to solve global warming — and a lot of people will make a killing.”
Earle Mullen
Grand Junction

Who are real ‘doubt-mongers’
with climate-change theory?

In a June 20 column, Richard Alward applauds the school board’s decision to reject a petition requiring the schools to teach that man-made climate change is a theory with opposing points of view. While Mr. Alward is described as an environmental scientist, he seems to be ill informed about scientific methods and inquiry.

Scientific inquiry requires that scientific investigations be objective to reduce bias and that scientists archive and share all data and methodology for the scrutiny of other scientists. In this
instance, Mr. Alward opposes such scientific inquiry and proposes instead to teach human-caused climate change as a fact.

He cites overwhelming scientific consensus (i.e., agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole) for this view, completely ignoring the fact that over 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition saying there is no substantial evidence that human release of greenhouse gasses will cause catastrophic heating of the Earth.

He denigrates those seeking to expand scientific knowledge of the effects of greenhouse gasses as
“doubt-mongers” who are promoting a fake controversy.

I must ask, who is really the “monger” here — those who seek scientific knowledge or those, like Mr. Alward, who would indoctrinate our children with theories portrayed as facts.
Richard Udd

Mother Earth is sending
a message to humans

Whatever human beings have damaged, human beings must correct.

Mother Earth herself is a living source of energy. She is bleeding internally from the oil spill, contaminating all of life, and not just in the Gulf. There is scientific potential right now for more intense volcanic-type activity to occur, as the shifting in the ocean floor continues to take
place. Some experts say a huge and very toxic gas bubble has formed and extreme pressure is building — fissures have already developed. They are predicting real possibility of volcanic like explosion producing tsunami and other major events. This situation is far more toxic than we are being told by the negligent oil industry.

The leeching of chemicals in the air, the killing off of marshlands, dying irreplaceable coral reefs, the death of ALL marine life, is affecting every other living cellular structure; us.
This spill and after affects of additional shifts, may have the potential to
be detrimental to our very existence, plain and simple.

Greed cannot sustain itself forever as the universal laws of cause and effect (karma) are also at
work here.

Mother Earth has a message for us and it is a clear one: Stop the drilling and find other alternative sources of energy that do not harm the waters, the air and all of its living inhabitants. Is anyone listening to the message that she is now giving us? Are we as individuals and as a country courageous enough to move forward into a new direction that benefits everyone?

The process of using cleaner sources of energy will not be a fast-moving transition but your voice must be heard in order to leave this beautiful place in better hands. If we focus on leaving our individual job and money fears behind, there will be enough abundance and jobs in the “new” energy resource fields for everyone. They will then be more in alignment with balance and harmony with all living beings- life will “flow” in more joyful ways.

In the meantime, sending your love, white light and prayers to her will help empower us all.

Karmel Astarae
Grand Junction





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