E-mail letters, March 19, 2010

Health care bill won’t be
death knell for America
The argument goes that President Obama and the Democrats will pass their unpopular health care bill by hook or crook with the idea in mind that once an entitlement takes root it becomes impossible to “repeal”. Not so many years from now it will be appreciated.
Certainly that was the case with Social Security and Medicare, but you have to keep in mind that there was initial popular and bipartisan support for those bills. Creating another entitlement by “raiding” an existing loved entitlement (Medicare) is quite another matter.
Some say this means the end of private insurers, that government will strangle them. Actually, there is law to protect those companies. The parallel is electric utilities. The insurance providers will seek that protection and insurance costs will continue to rise.
The plan is to then call for the public option, but by then Democrats will have lost control of at least the House. I predict that eventually this monstrosity will be reformed with lean and focused solutions. My only question is will it take three years and a new president.
This legislation will not be the end of America as we know it. I have more faith in the majority of Americans who love their liberty and have no interest in bigger government.
The time it takes to implement this plan gives us time to pull the plug (the death panel).
Dave Kearsley

Clifton/Fruitvale residents
just didn’t wan to sign petitions
It is interesting that the County Commissioner Janet Rowland sees our response to their petition as being ambivalent.
Is it possible that the Board of County Commissioners chose the petition process so that if they were unable to collect enough signatures they could invoke such an argument?  Is it also possible that we didn’t sign their petition simply because we did not want to?
I see us all as activists.
David Foster
Grand Junction

Toyotas remain very
dependable vehicles
It didn’t take long after the government bailed out the American auto companies for the focus to shift from the inadequacies of the American car industry to the glitches of the more popular, quality made “foreign designed” (not assembled) cars.
Although I don’t doubt that there are a few problems with the newer model Toyotas, I highly doubt that there is the widespread panic by consumers, as is continually reported by the media. I think it is an attempt by the new owners (aka government)  to tarnish the reputation of Toyota, or at the very least, an attempt to put doubt in the minds of American consumers.
Toyota cars and trucks have been leaders in dependability and economy for some time now and the American people have taken notice.
We are a family of four who own five Toyotas. Our extended family all drive Toyotas. We have learned over the years that you get what you pay for with Toyota. We work hard for our money and we want to be able to trust our vehicles.
If you offered me a new Ford or Chevy or an old Toyota, I’d take the Toyota and, while the value of the other car steadily declines, my Toyota will always have a value higher than the others.
A good automobile should be an investment, not an expense. We are capable of producing such investments but we continue to make excuses for why we should settle
Linda Saunders-Martinez
Grand Junction

Old guard proved
they still control caucuses
In Delta, Montrose, and Mesa counties caucus night was a very sad night. 
The tea party people mainly stayed home while the old guard came out and once again elected delegates who will go to the county assemblies and to the state assembly and once again select the traditional candidates.
My husband spent hours on the phone encouraging people to come to our caucus and try to get some fresh, Constitution-loeight 8 of the 50 he called out of 559 in our precinct had shown up things would be different. 
There was nothing more important a person should have been doing that night!
The old guard are mostly not bad people, but they will perform the same as they always have: hire more government employees; make more government regulations and rules and mazes for people and businesses to get through.
This will continue the stagnation of the economy with the sludge of government intervention with fees and rules and regulations.
We have spent lots of time interviewing the spectacular, brilliant new candidates, Bob McConnell, Dan Maes, David Cox, Bob Rankin, Mark Rodgers, Cleve Tidewell and Ken Buck and were quite enthused that perhaps a new day was dawning for our state and the United States.
Thankfully other counties did select these more freedom-loving, rights-protecting delegates. So we will hopefully see some of these candidates on the ballot and then actually in office.
Judy Mason

Salazar acts like
‘cowardly lion’
I read with interest the article from Congressman John Salazar’s office in the March 18, edition of The Daily Sentinel. We are lucky that such a lion of a man represents us in Congress. It’s just to bad that he is the same type of lion that was in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. Yes, the cowardly lion.
First, John Salazar is just posturing before he will make a commitment on how to vote on any and all bills. If Nancy Pelosi needs a “yes” vote, she will get it from Salazar. If Nancy Pelosi needs a “no” vote she will get a “no” vote. It is all about re-election!
If the majority of folks in the 3rd Congressional District don’t like a bill, like health care, Salazar will look for a way to cast a “no” vote. But the indecision comes about when Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have a total count of support with her fellow Marxists. Remember, Salazar supported the house health care bill and has stated his support in the press on numerous occasions.
It should be fun to watch how Salazar twists in the wind on how he will eventually vote. The good people of the 3rd Congressional need a representative who serves at the will of the people, and not Nancy Pelosi.
There are two other points that Salazar brought out in the Sentinel’s article. Salazar’s office said “Salazar was working to see “special favors” for Nebraska and Louisiana removed from the Senate bill before it goes for a vote in the House.” Shame on John Salazar! He knows that the Senate bill cannot be changed without violating the Constitution of our great country. Does re-election come to mind once more?
The other thing that is stated in the article said that “Federal law prohibits federal funds being used on abortions and the Senate bill does nothing to change this prohibition. No federal dollars will be spent on abortion.” Shame on John Salazar! The thing that they don’t say is the fact that the Senate bill doesn’t mention abortion. It says that federal dollars will go the all medical procedures. They purposely didn’t use the word “abortion.”
I think that it is time for our “cowardly lion” to start telling the truth to all us that live in the 3rd Congressional district.
Doug Thompson
Grand Junction

Nuns support for health bill
doesn’t represent Catholic view
The AP reported recently that a group of catholic nuns support Obama’s health care legislation. These “nuns” are Catholic in name only, not unlike Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius and the late Ted Kennedy.
The only true voice of the Catholic Church is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who have repeatedly spoken against this legislation and recently sent a letter to Congress speaking against this because it does support abortion with taxpayer funds
and has no conscience-protection clause.
The Catholic Healthcare Association has also given its support. Like the nuns, these people are naïve, are uninformed or they represent the liberal left of the church working under the cloak of “social justice,” aka “socialism-Marxism.”
Patti Brown
Grand Junction

Health care bill isn’t
about real compassion
The headlines should read “Obama willfully kills 102,200 Americans because it’s the right thing to do.”
We are told by “officials” that 70 to 126 people die each day without health care insurance. We are made to feel guilty and that the progressives and Democrats are the only compassionate ones to save the uninsured. And yet, if this bill is signed, it will not go into full effect until 2014. So if my math is correct, 70 (Americans) X 365 (days/year) X 4 (years until implementation) = 102,200 Americans ...will die by the time Obama-care kicks in. This bill is not about compassion for the uninsured. This bill is about what Obama promised five days before the election and that is the “fundamental transformation” of this country. This bill is a transition to government-controlled health care, i.e. single-payer.
He has said in his own words that he wants a single-payer system. Now he knows he can’t get it because it’s off the table. So he wants anything, something to sign.
This bill will be a foot in the door to socialized medicine. Period.
Solution: scrap the bill or whatever it’s called these days and start over with tort reform and interstate competition for openers. Second, we need representatives who actually listen to their constituents.
By the way, Obamacare requires immediate payment in the form of higher taxes, fees and/or contributions to the IRS for four years before any services can be rendered.
The president has made many comparisons with health care insurance to auto insurance. Can you imagine paying for car insurance for four years before driving your new car?
Detlef Hoffmann
Grand Junction

Anonymous attacks are
unfair to Bob Hislop
Last Tuesday while attending our local caucus I noticed a young man come to the check in table, leave some material and quickly disappear. Upon looking at the material I found three printed pages with hand printed comments. The material was a vindictive anonymous attack against Bob Hislop, one of the Republican candidates for House District 54, Bob’s wife Krysstine and their religion. Numerous other caucuses also received this same material.
From the material it was obvious that this attack either originated with one of the other candidates and or their supporters. This is not the first of these attacks. There are numerous opportunities for debate and discussion of the issues offered to all the candidates, but I do not believe there is anyplace in the political process for such cowardly attacks on an candidate, his family or his religion by unnamed “sources.”
I believe both of the other candidates for House District 54 need to disassociate themselves from this type of attack by their supporters and offer sincere apologies to Bob, his wife, and to the voters of House District 54. We all deserve better from those who would become our leaders.
Paul Rundle
Grand Junction


Obama ignores his oath
to uphold Constitution
It seems that the oath of office does not mean anything to the president. He has said in the past that the Constitution is an obstacle to the government in that it gives rights to the citizens, but not to the government.
When he was questioned on Fox News March 17 about the unconstitutional move the Democrats are trying and the unconstitutional provision that required citizens to purchase health insurance from a private company he said “That is someone else’s worry, not mine.”
We remember that all presidents swear to uphold the Constitution of the Untied States. He must have had his fingers crossed.
Those of you who voted for change, we hope you are happy with the change.
Bob and Mary Kline
Grand Junction

Salazar and Markey repeat
Democratic talking points
House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer mentions that voting for the health bill will be a vote for the biggest deficit reduction bill any Congressperson could ever cast. John
Salazar suddenly says the same thing, nearly word for word, as does Betsy
Do these people have any thoughts of their own? Now, Hoyer is
cautioning members not to discuss costs, only focus on deficit reduction.
Apparently, the reduction estimate was reached using some highly suspect
Time to move these clowns out.
Pat Hunt





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