E-mail letters, March 22, 2010

Endorsement of Tipton
came after much research
Letter writer Jerry Hunsinger apparently believes he speaks for the membership of the Western Slope Conservative Alliance. I would like to share however, that we have had tons of postive feedback and “thanks” for speaking up for Scott Tipton from our group.
No we haven’t made every person happy but we stated very clearly that we didn’t speak for our membership but solely as a board.
The grassroots, tea party folks are strong independent thinkers and that’s great, but we believe we do in fact “have a responsibility” to our membership to present what our research has concluded. Individuals have the responsibility to do their own research and come to their own conclusion.
We also realize that other groups have endorsed before meeting each candidate, and that certainly doesn’t seem to be fair to its members. However, our board endorsement came only after much thoughtful consideration and only after we had met extensively with both candidates. The WSCA also held a candidate forum, had them both complete written questionnaires and took into account scores from the I-Caucus questionnaire and various straw-poll results done by other grassroots groups in the 3rd Congressional District.
Scott Tipton is a very well-respected, 30-year businessman, family man and 2-year state legislator from Cortez. That hardly makes him a part of the “good ol’ boy” network.
It was the people in his district who urged him to run, not the establishment, and he was a Fair Tax loving, constitutionally minded conservative long before many of us were even awake to the direction our country was headed.
He has served his district well and we believe he has real constitutionally based ideas with true substance and will represent the values of the 3rd District with honor.
I must also add that Reagan and Lincoln went on to be legends after being defeated previously and we believe wholeheartedly that Scott Tipton will as well!
Jennifer Bailey, President
Western Slope
Conservative Alliance
Grand Junction

Tipton should step aside,
let McConnell fight Salazar
This is in response to the article, “3rd District in play, GOP candidate says; Salazar not convinced.” Has anyone told Scott Tipton that losing to Salazar and bragging about it is
not a good campaign strategy?
Right now, my black lab could beat Salazar by a wide margin and Tipton is walking around saying, “Hey, I’m only losing by two points!” in a poll of 300 people taken in early December by a Republican polling firm. That out-of-state campaign manager he hired knows nothing about the wild West
We don’t brag about losing. We don’t say, “Hey, I’m still losing to the most unpopular representative in 3rd Congressional District history.” Are the Republicans serious in thinking this is a good party guy to back?
Bob McConnell is all over the district, talking and behaving like a leader, telling folks he will send Salazar packing. Bob is a retired Army Ranger colonel. Once you jump out of an airplane you’re not really scared of anything.
Bob’s going to win, win big, and send a message to both parties: Don’t ever ignore the people again.
No wonder Tipton does not want to debate Bob.
Mr. Tipton, should do our district right, step out of the way and let the real leader, Bob McConnell, take over
Rev. LeAnn Leffler
Grand Junction

Emergency crews showed
unmatched professionalism
I would like to thank all the law enforcement, firefighters, and paramedics who responded to the injury accident at 30 and D1/2 roads in the evening of March 15.  Their professionalism is unmatched.  My daughter and her boyfriend were both injured as a result of a mindless driver under the influence of alcohol. She also suffered a total loss of her vehicle and property damage.
I would also like to thank the neighbors who chased down the drunken driver who fled the scene as well as the comfort they provided my daughter until my wife and I arrived.
Special thanks go to Officer Tyler Simonson of the GJPD for the tenacity he displayed doing his job at the accident scene as well as his unwavering compassion he provided to both victims and their families during our stay at St. Mary’s emergency facility.
Mark Sondgeroth
Grand Junction

Caucus materials were
what Hislop himself wrote
The material left at precinct caucuses last Tuesday was not from an anonymous source
or other candidate but from Bob Hislop and his wife. These documents just stated the facts that both of them wrote.
The information handed out is from public-domain Web sites. It would be nice to just reference a Web site for House District 54 voters to view from two years ago. However, it
was suddenly removed after the initial information made it back to Hislop and his supporters. Knowing this would happen, I saved the Web sites and, using my First Amendment rights, I believe the voters need to know this already public information from 2008.
Someone would have to have known back in 2008 that Bob Hislop was running for House District 54 in order to   claim he was set up. I did my homework and spoke with the publisher (Kim Doyle) of the Obama Web site on which Bob Hislop posted his comment. She is a very proud liberal Democrat and stated she knew Bob. I told her Bob Hislop made a comment to a Daily Sentinel reporter about being a wolf in sheep’s clothing when posting information on her website. She stated, “I feel sorry for Bob since one of his pictures won and it wouldn’t be published anymore but that he would make a good politician because of his liberal social views.”
See his winning name on the following Web site
This all adds up with Bob Hislop’s choice of affiliations which again were made public through himself and his wife’s statements.
I have no animosity toward the Hislop family and have no objections to his freedom of religion or associations. However, I am tired of politicians telling us conservatives what we want to hear and then find out they are not the person they claim to be.
Bob Hislop has changed his story several times now regarding his statement on Web sitee that funds Democrats, supports ACORN and other liberal organizations.
Mr. Rundle, why doesn’t your candidate stand up for what he wrote or at least apologize for writing it on an Obama website? The ones I support and vote for will!
Kevin King
Grand Junction

Low-wage earners
always get short shrift
Rick Wagner, along with the Fair Tax proponents, needs a few reality checks.
Recently, Rick wrote about those payday loan businesses being put upon by the state legislature. I guess Rick never faced an emergency that he couldn’t pay for. Many such places charge so much in fees that it’s little better than loan-sharking.
Low-wage earners get soundly punished for having low wages. They pay higher interest on cars or houses. It’s the same with furniture or any loan.
And if they can’t afford housing, they can get cheap motel rates for $700 to $800 per month. It’s the best some can do because for one they don’t have to come up with first and last month’s rent, plus damages and the current month, which can run way more than the motel.
And if they get a bad credit rating, which is really easy, it creates huge disadvantages.
It’s incredibly costly to have low wages. Of course Rick would say, “So be financially successful.” But then who would be available to work minimum-wage jobs?
Regarding the Fair Tax, it would be great. That or the “flat tax” President Reagan promised during his first campaign and we never heard about again once he was elected.
No such tax will ever happen.
That’s because the corporate and individual tax deductions now available to the wealthiest corporations and individuals are a far better deal than either a fair tax or flat tax.
If that weren’t the case, they’d be stumping for it.
Eileen O’Toole
Grand Junction

Salazar is math challenged
regarding health care bill
In The Daily Sentinel’s March 19 article, “Congressman says he’ll cast ‘aye’ vote on bill,” U.S. Rep. John Salazar said he would vote for the health bill before Congress because he feels this measure is “probably the single largest deficit-reduction measure I will probably ever vote on.”.
Salazar must have missed the course in basic math where they taught the difference between plus versus minus signs. How can a conservatively estimated $1.4 trillion program create a deficit reduction, especially when every program in the history of the U.S. government has always exceeded its budget because projected cuts in programs or tax increases never materialize?
I have to confess. It is partly my fault that we face irrational exuberance in Congress because I voted for this mathematically challenged individual and some others like him
This bill is so complex, and so compromised that it is beyond the understanding of those who will vote on it, and even by those whose careers are intertwined in it. How can this bureaucratic morass create efficient dispensing of health services at reduced costs, let alone reduce the deficit?
Robert A. Tallarico
Grand Junction

Salazar deserves credit
for voting for health reform
Thanks to Rep. John Salazar for his vote in favor of health care reform. Now our country will finally be able to begin the process of making health insurance available to the millions of hard working Americans who have been left out of the health care system.
The bill that was passed by the House of Representatives was not perfect, but it finally allows us to move forward in the attempt to insure more citizens and to eventually
control the cost of health care.
David S. Herr, MD
Grand Junction

Salazar’s rude staff shows
he doesn’t care what we think
If you ever wondered how much 3rd Congressional District Rep. John Salazar cared about what people think, I just got our resounding answer on Saturday.
I called his office to speak about his support of this bill. I explained to the young woman who answered the phone that my family will most likely lose our insurance with this plan. We have what the Democrats are calling a Cadillac plan and it will be taxed to the hilt. We have just the right amount of insurance, but cannot afford to pay more for this plan. We will therefore be forced into another insurance plan.
I asked her why Rep. Salazar would lie to the public and say we can keep our plan. She said she can’t speak for the representative and we should go to his Web site. I then asked why he wanted to nationalize the student loans with this, since my wife and I needed private loans to get our degrees. She said the Website has all he had to say.
I was trying to ask why she was being paid to just direct us to the Web site when she hung up on me. How can a representative’s staff member hang up on a voter?
This gives me all I need to know about how much he really cares about me and my family. That is all the reason I need to work as hard as possible to make sure he loses his job in November (as well as the rude young woman who is working in the D.C. office).
Michael Schwerin

Supposed health savings
evaporating in special deals
Finally, it’s over! Health care reform passed the House and Congressman Salazar may have provided the deciding vote, but we will never know because the cowardly Democrats refused to take a roll call vote.
Salazar described the bill as “the single largest deficit reduction measure I will probably ever vote on.” The CBO report of deficit reduction of $138 billion over the next 10 years has been widely heralded by proponents. But half of that amount is savings from student loan program restructuring and totally unrelated to heath care reform (How dishonest is that?) The other half appears to be disappearing in special last-minute deals to buy votes,
such as boosting Medicare payments to rural California, a program in Illinois to broaden coverage for the poor, a Wisconsin plan to restructure the way Medicare pays doctors and hospitals, a special provision for New York that adds tens of billions to the overall cost, and special funding for hospitals in Tennessee to treat the poor.
So what are we getting for all this? Fifteen million people will be added to Medicaid and another 15 million people will be forced to buy health insurance, whether they believe they need it or not, to help pay for those added to Medicaid.
If you have a pre-existing condition, you will be able to get insurance. If you have insurance, your premiums will be increased to cover those new claims.
Insurance premiums will be subsidized for low-income families while Medicare expenditures will be drastically cut to help pay for these benefits, significantly reducing payments to doctors and hospitals treating the elderly, assuming you can still find doctors and hospitals willing to treat the elderly at a loss.
Elections matter – and your vote in November will make a difference.
Richard Udd

Bills passage ensures
move toward socialism
Health care victory for whom? All I see is that enough bribes were finalized to ensure the passing of socialism.
Merrideth Sieckert

Salazar and Obama ignore
will of most of the voters
Congressman John Salazar called the bill passed Sunday night “probably the single largest deficit reduction measure I will probably ever vote on.” The idea that this massive entitlement scheme will reduce deficits depends on massive tax increases and huge cuts that won’t occur unless a future Congress has the political will to pass them.
Salazar and his colleagues won’t do so in this election year, but expect us to believe that those in the future will.
Voting for this bill against the wishes of the clear majority of his constituents shows Salazar’s ongoing arrogance and dishonesty.
President Obama, in his victory speech Sunday, called the passage of the bill a vindication of the unsung Americans who made phone calls, wrote letters and sent e-mails, hoping their voices would be heard. Really? The passage of the bill against the opposition of the clear majority looks like a slap in the faces of most who hoped their voices would be heard.
The president recently decried the use of reconciliation to pass major, sweeping legislation as a gimmick of those incapable of governing. By promoting its use to begin the government takeover of 1/6 of our economy, he has shown himself clearly incapable of governing. Surely, he can rule, but govern? Fuggetaboudit!
Finally, remember candidate Obama’s promise that 95 percent of citizens wouldn’t see their taxes increased by one dime? Look at your pay stub. Are you one of the 5 percent of people who pay Medicare taxes? I am, and didn’t realize I was in such a minority.
Among the many new taxes and “fees” to be imposed up to four years before “benefits” begin to flow are the extension of the Medicare tax to nearly all income, including those from savings and alimony, not just payroll. How’s that no tax increase promise working out for you?
Mark Vejraska
Grand Junction

Guess who will pay
to cover the uninsured
Now the poor person will be faced with a choice:  Bread and milk for hungry children or health insurance.
Most American’s will be required to purchase health insurance and will face penalties if they don’t. Sure, the government is saying there will be “assistance” for those who cannot afford it, but the question is how much assistance. And guess who will be paying for that assistance.
Of course, the poor person can refuse to purchase the insurance. Would one of the penalties be incarceration?  At least there he would know his family would be taken care of and he would be getting three square meals, a cot, color TV, library, rec. room and free medical. All at government expense. Again, guess who will be paying for that.
Larry M. Head

3/21 will prove to be
as disastrous as 9/11
What does 3/21 have in common with 9/11? Medical and Economic disaster.
Both will be associated with the loss of life! 3/21 will cost the lives of tens of thousands of the elderly as doctors and hospitals will no longer be able to provide specialist care to those of us over 65 years old.
9/11 cost the lives of over 3,000 U.S. citizens (more than Pearl Harbor attack) and brought us into war with terrorists.
Both will cost the United States trillions of dollars. Following 9/11 the banking industry
missed total collapse by only a few days because the airlines were all grounded and there was no way to move checks for clearance through the Federal Reserve Bank. The banking industry was rescued by the implementation of Check 21.
The 2010 Obamacare health plan will cost nearly $1.4 trillion.
As a cancer survivor over the age of 65, I have a bleak outlook for health care. Additional surgery or chemotherapy will not be allowed by Obamacare due to my age.
The only saving grace from Obamacare is the public will be able to get rid
of many of the progressive (Democrat) do-gooders who voted for this abortion of a health plan, in November 2010. The rest will be gone in the 2012 election.
I grieve for the soldiers who gave their all in all the wars to have the republic of the United States’ freedom wiped out by Obamacare.
Just like 9/11, when it comes to 3/21, “We will never forget.”
Gil Jungert
Grand Junction

When November arrives,
remember health votes
March 21, 2010, was a black day for our republic.
Obama, Pelosi and Reid, with the help of Sens. Udall and Bennett and Rep. Salazar, have passed a government-run health care bill that will make our health care worse, raise our taxes and increase our national debt (Along with having the government take over student loans!).
We must not forget this day next November, and we must vote in people to represent us who will listen to us and not the Washington insiders.
Richard Blosser
Grand Junction

Guns will be next target
of health care reformers
Well folks, the camel is in the tent now. The health care reform act has passed.
What is next, you might ask. How about private gun ownership.
“We are seeing way to many gunshot wound victims in the emergency rooms,” someone may say. “We need to eliminate the cause of that.” And under the health bill we must contain costs. That will be the rally call to “get rid of the evil guns.” Never mind that
that it is criminals with guns who break laws.
Next will besmaller cars with more safety devices to protect stupid people from their own stupidity. Then eliminate swimming pools. Too dangerous.
I believe the Democratic Party has shown its true colors once again by, ignoring the majority of the American people and doing what they want, the heck with the people. We know what is best for them.
Welcome to the Socialist Republic of America, folks.
Charlie Nuttall
Grand Junction

The worst government
that money can buy
The health care reform bill was finally passed by highly questionable tactics on the part of our president, who then wants us to believe it was by the will of the people.
The entire democratic process was greatly tainted by The Second Louisiana Purchase, The Nebraska Corn Husker Kickback, the apparent arm twisting behind closed doors, which convinced resistant legislators to support this massive government takeover of our health care system.
Personally, I don’t like these Chicago-style politics and believe we lost a lot of our rights with this legislation. The elitist superiority from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in ramming this legislation through by claiming they know what is best for the American people, shows how out of touch they are with the voters.
Will Rogers once wrote, “We have the best government money can buy.” I normally agree with what Will wrote, but in this case I believe we have the worst government that money can buy.
Hopefully there will be a lot of new faces after the next election.
Neal A. Ward


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