E-mail letters, May 26, 2011

Tipton’s voting record doesn’t
support his Medicare claims

A recent publication mailed to constituents from Congressman Scott Tipton, which highlights his support of preserving and protecting Medicare, is contrary to his voting record.

The Paul Ryan budget plan that was passed by the House of Representatives and supported
by Tipton radically transforms Medicare as we know it.

As a typical politician, he votes one way in Congress and talks a different message at home. The congressman needs to be specific on what part of Medicare he wants to change.

I find the publication superficial in content and misleading in substance.
Al Salazar

All generic drugs
are not the same

I have always been in favor of generic drugs until recently. They cost less and are “supposedly” the same as the brand-name drugs.

Reading a news story in The New York Times, I discovered that not all generics work the same or are delivered into the body the same way as brand-name drugs.

I experienced this myself when the generic drug I have been taking started to produce unsatisfactory results. As an experiment, I purchased a prescription for the brand-name drug (which is much more expensive) and all my negative symptoms disappeared quickly.

Guess sometimes you do get what you pay for.
Wendy Grudin

Israel has only fought
wars of self-defense

President Obama, Daily Sentinel letter writer Alice Stover, and all others who call for Israel to return to 1967 borders are ignorant on the facts.

Israel does not occupy the land of any other nation. Israel has never invaded another sovereign nation. Every war that Israel has ever fought with its neighbors since it was created in 1948 was a defensive war. The surrounding nations attacked Israel first, unprovoked. Israel simply defended itself and pushed its attackers back, claiming new territory in the process. Once the war was over Israel offered to return the land in return for one thing and one thing only — for the Muslim nations surrounding it to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Those nations would not make such a claim, and so would not get their land back. Israel has long maintained it’s position that if the Muslims acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and promise to never attack Israel again, then Israel will give their land back. Only Egypt has made that acknowledgment, and Israel gave back Sinai.

Some people maintain that the Palestinians, a people who did not exist as a group before 1948, only want their land back, and that if Israel would show good faith and give the land back, then the Palestinians would stop the attacks.

Israel did that a few years ago with the Gaza Strip. Did the Palestinians stop attacking Israel? No. They stepped up the attacks. Why? Because they do not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Hamas, the terrorist organization that also serves as the democratically elected Palestinian government, maintains that Israel must be pushed into the sea. How can Israel ever hope to negotiate peace with those who call for its unilateral destruction?
Jeremiah Habecker
Grand Junction

Security measures aren’t
appropriate for remote airport

This is in response to the May 25 article by Amy Hamilton on new TSA airport perimeter security
fence measures. The TSA is in error in demanding airport perimeter fencing at Grand Junction, or
any remote airport or any airport outside a mode C transponder area circle due to the lack of proximity or nearness of any large population center. Both Salt Lake and Denver are hundreds of miles away; the only population centers a terrorist stealing an aircraft would consider going after.

The cost benefit of a perimeter fence at any substantially remote airport center does not and cannot justify any perimeter fence. The distance, being hundreds of miles from a large population center,
would allow officials to scrutinize, check, and scramble interceptors before any suspicious aircraft could get close to any large population center or a suspicious aircraft enter a mode C transponder area circle without an operating or shut off mode C transponder; where 90 plus percent of all potential terrorist targets are located. These mode C transponder area circle aircraft procedures are already part of FAA procedures and only need to be shared with the TSA.

The TSA should be looking over the shoulder of the FAA large population center and approach radar controllers for anything anyone thinks looks suspicious in a large populated area; and only within the mode C transponder area circle of a large population center because that is where nearly all
the potential terrorist targets are located.

Anything of high value outside the mode C transponder area circle either has or should have anti- terrorist aircraft protection on the ground already and does not need further protection. All other population centers outside a mode C transponder area circle not having anti-terrorist aircraft protection can assume to be not needing protection because they are too small and not a
terrorist target.

The above plan should be implemented in place of any perimeter fencing at any remote airport or any airport outside a mode C transponder area circle.

Focusing on likely target locations in large population centers and within mode C transponder area circles has been missed by the TSA by looking at remote airports or any airports outside the nearest mode C transponder area circle. Any terrorist threat is almost exclusively at large population
centers or mode C tranponder area circles exclusively. Practically all other areas have insufficient population or the value is so spread out as to not be a terrorist target.
Terry D. Welander
Chisolm, Minn.


Avoid circus because
of treatment of animals

This weekend the Shrine Circus comes to town yet again. I want to urge anyone who has the courage to speak out against it. Circuses are well known for their animal cruelty and the Shrine Circus is no exception.

How can we keep telling our children that abuse and torture of animals is OK as long as it’s for entertainment? There is no honor in paying money to watch animals be beat and tortured for human amusement.

Please do not go to the circus this weekend.
Kellie McKeehan
Grand Junction



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