E-mail letters, May 28, 2010

Global warming is not proven and should not be taught as fact

I’m afraid there is some confusion over Rose Pugliese’s presentation to the District #51 School Board.  While teaching climate science is appropriate, the teaching of man-made global warming should be balanced, with both sides of the argument. 

Since Al Gore issued his first “The time for discussion is over” proclamation there has been only one side.    When I heard him use those words I was stunned. The time for discussion should never be over, not in the United States of America where freedom of speech is one of our most cherished freedoms. And yet, it was.  For almost 10 years anyone who ventured to disagree was demonized, put right in there with Holocaust deniers.
Look back at Science 101 as taught to elementary, middle school and high school. It begins with the scientific method. First a theory posed in a hypotheses, and it remains a hypotheses until it is proven. Thus we have the Theory of Evolution, over 150 years old, with the great majority of people believing it, but it is still a theory. 

The great majority of scientists believe in man-made global warming. When did we start voting on scientific theories? Does that mean we shouldn’t present opposing theories? Some would say our planet has experienced climate change for almost 5 billion years, others might point out that any warming taking place may well be a sign of our planet moving out of the Little Ice Age. Four of the highest temperatures in the 20th century occurred during the 1930s and the last high temperature year was in 1998.

How many of those eminent scientist know, but may not admit, that the British High Court found that “An Inconvenient Truth” contains up to eight major errors? Florida is not going to disappear, while some glaciers are melting, others are growing and the polar bears are not drowning.

The unsung heroes of the 21st century may well be those unknowns who made public hundreds and hundreds of e-mails from” reputable” Climate scientists that contained false or manipulated data. A dam was released as all of those who were questioning the scientific methods used, the politicization of environmentalist policies as well as the silencing of independent thinking, began to speak up. Not to worry, say those eminent scientists, it really is warming even if fraudulent reporting has taken place.

So teach the subject but provide and encourage independent thinkers. A test in which it is obvious that global warming is the “correct” answer should not be tolerated in our schools. Copernicus would not have fared well in this debate.

Grand Junction

Neighborhood to be inundated with truck traffic

I want to say that Vicki Felmlee’s letter dated May 25, “Orchard Mesa neighborhood is being sacrificed for gravel,” is right on the money, except for one item.

It is 150 loaded trucks, 300 trucks total in that 12-hour period. That is going to be a truck past my house in about every 2.4 seconds. My neighborhood is being forced to sacrifice our peace, quiet, children’s safety, air quality, property value and all for one company’s profit.

Grand Junction

BP is not to blame for deaths on rig

The more and more I see the deaths of the roughnecks in the gulf, the more I find myself disgusted. I do understand why the families of the ones who died; however, I don’t agree with them suing BP for personal damages.
The reason of those men working on the rig were no doubt because of the pay. They are paid more because they put themselves in danger. Now the danger bites back and lives are lost. Don’t you think the 10 bazzilion dollars they will get for future income of the roughnecks would be enough? Nope.

Just like everything else in this country, someone needs to be the victim and someone needs to blame big business.

Remember, BP is in no way responsible for the deaths.

Grand Junction

ICE should not be selective in their enforcement

I noticed in the Daily Sentinel’s May 22nd police blog that ICE refused to get involved in a traffic stop in which Mesa County deputies suspected the occupants of the vehicle were illegal immigrants. Is this incident business as usual, or a reaction to the Arizona law?

A high-ranking DHS official, John Morton, has stated that ICE will not necessarily process referrals from Arizona authorities. What? Not necessarily enforce the law. Are we living in America or a banana republic?

This selective enforcement policy is essentially holding America hostage until this administration’s ‘solution’ to illegal immigration is enacted. It’s amnesty or anarchy.

The rule of law and public opinion be damned.

Selective enforcement of the law leads to disrespect and disregard for all law. It necessarily follows.

Grand Junction


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