E-mail letters, May 3, 2011

Oil shale and tar sands
are just tax write-offs

Water should be the most important and most well-guarded resource that we have in Colorado and the West. Water is especially more important than oil shale and tar sands development here in the West.

Our precious water supplies are already disappearing rapidly with population growth. Oil shale development may waste millions of acre-feet of water in this development that is being pushed by the BLM. Yes, being pushed by the BLM.  BLM pushes most of the energy developments in this country on behalf of the big energy companies.

Tar sands are a devastating environmental nightmare. I have followed tar sand development for almost 40 years, and big oil has never come close to making it either scientifically or economically viable.

This proposed development of 2 million acres is nothing more than another gimmick by big oil to gain another sizable tax write-off.  Basically, that is all that these two far-off energy sources have been now for decades is millions and billions of lost tax dollars. We, as a country, can no longer afford the subsidies and lost tax dollars for these two long-time bogus energy schemes. 
BLM has a long history of ignoring the environmental concerns voiced by. Overall, BLM officials seem to have forgotten who pays their salaries. It is almost like they have two salaries, one from us and one from big oil

I am very disappointed that our own Colorado native, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, would even consider opening these Western lands to oil shale and tar sand development. Has he now been bought and paid for by the big energy companies? 
Randy Fricke
New Castle

Haggerty column was
historically inaccurate

In the April 24 article, “The Cloud Forest,” written by Bill Haggerty, it was reported that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was “assumed” to a descendant of William Walker (who had been executed in Honduras in 1860).

It should be noted, the William Walker referred to in the article never married and had no children (at least none bearing his last name). Many books and articles have been written about his life and exploits. Also, his brothers accompanied him on this operation and did not survive (no evidence exists they ever married or had children). All of this could be easily checked.

Furthermore, (according to the 2000 US Census) the last name Walker was the 28th most common name.

Haggerty should do better research on historic political events or just stick to being an outdoors expert. This cheap-shot against Gov. Walker was unnecessary, inaccurate and inappropriate for an “Outside” feature article.

I am familiar with this William Walker because my direct ancestor (Captain Frederick Chatard-USN, commanding the USS Saratoga) was instrumental in his arrest in 1857 during his first “filibuster” in Central America. And, I have many Walker relatives and ancestors.
Please edit your articles more carefully for accuracy.
Lori Parrott
Grand Junction

We can’t afford to continue
government hand-out system

Letter writer Hans Croeber has, once again, put his prose right on the button: He talks of “...personal responsibility….” for ourselves and families.  But, I am sure, one of the “hands-out-for-more generation” will again castigate him for advocating the killing of children and seniors by supporting painful budget cuts.

Croeber is on the mark with Karl Krauss’ definition of a demagogue, which defines Washington politicians. Common sense seems to have evaporated amongst the “government-owes-me” bunch.

Let’s assume you have one or more credit cards. You charge a ton, and then make only the minimum required payments, but keep on charging. Eventually you will not even be able to afford those minimum payments, so something has to change. You can always go bankrupt and live with a crummy credit rating. How about living within your means?
Hand-out programs within the government’s control must be changed. Spending on non-productive programs must be drastically reduced if not eliminated. But somebody out there will still want their subsidy.

Why not means test for Social Security and Medicare? Gee, what a drastic idea!

President Obama must at least embrace the ideas that his own commission came up with. Why not a simpler tax code?

I watched my parents care for my grandparents way before Medicare. They seemed to feel they had a responsibility to them. We cared for my wife’s father.
Creighton Bricker
Grand Junction

Rep. Tipton distinguishing
himself on energy issues

In what continues to be a difficult economy, our congressman is working to help find solutions. By working to improve the permitting processes for energy development in western Colorado and supporting an all-of-the-above energy strategy that encourages development of all domestic sources of energy, newly elected U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton is quickly distinguishing himself in Washington.

Tipton helped pass three bills through the Natural Resources Committee that encourage the responsible development of offshore resources. These bills (HR 1229, 1230 and 1231) will be heard on the House floor in the next few weeks and, if passed, would set timelines for the Interior Department to consider permits to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, require the administration to move ahead promptly with offshore lease sales and require the development of a five-year plan for leasing in the offshore areas known to have the most oil and natural gas resources.

If these bills become law, America will be one step closer to an energy policy that reduces our dependence on foreign sources of energy while still protecting our own environment and creating jobs at home that will contribute billions of dollars more to America’s economic recovery. 
Mike Suek
Grand Junction

Fight over birth certificate
simple as black and white

This is in response to Mr. Habecker’s letter to the editor in the May 3 edition of The Daily Sentinel.
Haybecker claims not to be a “birther,” while demanding to see President Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

As his question as to why it took so long to produce this document. This question has been
answered. But, I’ll answer it again. The state of Hawaii in 2001 stopped issuing these types of certificates in response to the ever-increasing problem of identity theft. This is the first time one has been issued in 10 years. And according to Hawiian officials, it will be the last.

It’s curious that Habecker, and other non-birthers never wanted to see Sen. John McCain’s long-form certificate. In the 1960s, nobody wanted to see Sen. Barry Goldwater’s long form certificate. It’s curious because they were not born in the United States. They are not “natural born citizens” by the birthers’ definition. Sen. McCain was born in the Canal Zone in Panama! Former Sen.
Goldwater was born in Arizona, before it was a state!

Why would this movement not demand the white candidates provide long form certificates? Why only black candidates? Now that the long form issue is finally settled, is President Obama more qualified? Is Sen. McCain now less qualified? Of course not.

If Habecker is not a birther, just what is he? It’s as simple as black and white. It always has been and always will be.,
John A. Ijams
Grand Jct.

Effort to close Palisade
dispensary about impacts

The Citizens Initiative to ban marijuana shops from Palisade has nothing to do with the good intentions of Jesse and Desa Loughman (owners of Colorado Alternative Health Care) or their acts of community service. We commend them for that.
The Citizens Petition addresses the negative impacts on communities that the retail marijuana trade has produced. It is common knowledge that availability has increased dramatically since the pot shops arrived in Colorado two years ago. Availability increases use and abuse. The number of card holders has increased from 4000 to over 130,000 in those two years. How can we believe all of these are for truly debilitating medical conditions?
We want Palisade to join the dozens of other Colorado towns that have banned pot shops. We are in favor of keeping medical marijuana limited to its constitutional boundaries. We want to build a community that has a bright and healthy future for our kids.
Diane Cox
Safe and Healthy Mesa County
Grand Junction




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